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Silent Witness: Emilia Fox returns in a mediocre instalment of the crime drama

Silent Witness

Silent Witness is one of those programmes that has been on our screens for years and has been one of the BBC’s biggest success stories. Despite two major cast changes over the last couple of years, the show has maintained a loyal fanbase and has consistently performed well in the ratings. However, I can’t confess to being a particular fan of the crime drama and have often found it needlessly graphic and sometimes fairly unbelievable. But, with a new cast member joining tonight in what is now the seventeenth series of the programme, I thought I’d give it another chance and see if I could see what others like so much about it.

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Silent Witness star David Caves on his role as Dr Jack Hodgson and “fascinating” dead bodies! (VIDEO)

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Silent Witness returns to BBC1 tonight at 9pm with the first of a two-part story entitled, True Love Waits, and will see David Caves starring as Dr Jack Hodgson…

And ahead of it, David has been speaking to TV Biz about his role, and also about the admiration he has for the artists who created the prosthetic dead bodies that we see on the show.

He also revealed that they’re often so convincing, he has the urge to “prod” them to see if they’re real!

David – who’s also currently filming his role as Berenger in Ironclad: Battle for Blood which is the sequel to 2011 movie, Ironclad – explained, “I’m not particularly squeamish, so the dead bodies didn’t bother me… Read more & comment »

Tom Ward quits Silent Witness and his role as Dr Harry Cunningham, but two new characters hop on board

Fans of hit BBC crime drama Silent Witness will doubtless be sad to hear that actor Tom Ward is quitting the show this month, having played the role of Dr Harry Cunningham for the last 10 years.

His exit storyline will first see him finally “making a go of things” with Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) but after they move in together, he is offered a professorship in New York, and she will realise she doesn’t want to go with him.

So as he sails off into the sunset, Nikki will be left heartbroken.

While speaking to the Daily Mirror, BBC drama chief Kate Harwood said of Tom’s departure, “Silent Witness owes a great debt to the talented Tom Ward who has given us our beloved Harry with wit, style and passion for 10 seasons.

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