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News and updates about David Tennant, the Scotish star of Doctor Who and Broadchurch.

Broadchurch: Will David Tennant be back for series 2? Jodie Whittaker seems to think so….


Hmmm, while bosses over at Broadchurch have remained very tight-lipped about which characters will be returning when the show films its second series, one of them may have let a big secret slip!

Broadchurch captured this nation last year with its tale of the sleepy seaside town rocked by the shocking murder of eleven year old Danny Latimer.
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Doctor Who: Tenth & eleventh comic series released by Titan & Peter Capaldi included in new interactive Doctor Who Experience adventure!

doctor who matt smith comic

Doctor Who comic giants, Titan, have released two new publications in their popular Doctor Who series, one for each of the tenth and eleventh Doctors!

This news comes after the publisher’s acquisition of the Doctor Who license from previous publishers IDW, and both are expected to be released on July 23rd!
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David Tennant on FOX ‘Broadchurch’ remake ‘Gracepoint’: ‘It’s a very peculiar experience’


It was revealed a couple of months back that FOX has acquired the rights to the hit UK drama, Broadchurch and will be adapting it for US audiences.

However, one thing that’s staying the same is that star of the original British series, David Tennant will be taking on the lead male role in the US version, and he’s said that it’s a very peculiar experience to have taken part in the original, but also taking part in the remake.
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Broadchurch: Creator Chris Chibnall hints no David Tennant for series 2!


It seems that David Tennant’s decision to leap across the pond to star in the US version of Broadchurch was more tactical than anything else, as he has revealed that he isn’t hopeful at being hired for the new UK series, and now the writer has hinted he may be right!

Tennant lead an all-star cast when Broadchurch hit our screens last year, playing Lead detective Alec Hardy as the small sleepy seaside town tried to come to terms with the horrific murder of one of its children.
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Broadchurch’s David Tennant, Olivia Colman & Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch go head to head in National Television Awards 2014!

sherlock benedict cumberbatch martin freeman

With police and villains swarming our TV screens, The National Television Awards panel have this year introduced a new category – TV Detective. Voted down to a final six nominees, this category along with a further twelve, will be in contention at the star-studded ceremony on Wednesday 22nd January at The 02 London.

Nominees up for the TV Detective award are David Tennant and Olivia Colman from Broadchurch, the gripping crime thriller that had millions on the edge of their seats, Idris Elba from Luther, Bradley Walsh from Law and Order: UK, Scott and Bailey’s Suranne Jones and perhaps the world’s most renowned detective, Sherlock, played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

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‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary episodes breaks Guinness World Record

Doctor Who Panel 2013

The following article will not contain any spoilers regarding last nights 50th anniversary episode of ‘Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor’ so you can continue to read if you haven’t seen it yet.

‘Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor’ aired last night on BBC One in the UK but also aired in 94 other countries around the world, simultaneously.

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Matt Smith & David Tennant say Day of the Doctor is “biggest and best that we’ve done!”

Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary Special

With the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who only days away, two of its main stars have revealed that they think it will be the biggest and best episode the show has ever seen.

The Day of the Doctor, which is due to be shown in homes and cinemas around the world at 7.50pm on Saturday (November 23), is set to feature current Time Lord and companion Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, as well as their predecessors David Tennant and Billie Piper and a special appearance from John Hurt as a never-before-seen version of the Doctor too.
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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: David Tennant admits he had to re-watch himself to get back into the role of the Doctor

Doctor Who

Former Doctor Who star David Tennant has revealed that he had to re-watch the hit BBC drama before filming his role in the highly anticipated 50th anniversary special.

The countdown is well and truly on here at Unreality Towers as the special 50th anniversary special is just around the corner, and it’s safe to say we don’t need any recaps!
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Anna Gunn cast in FOX Broadchurch remake ‘Gracepoint’

Anna Gunn

Anna Gunn is set to take on yet another post-Breaking Bad project in the form of brand new FOX drama ‘Gracepoint’.

Gracepoint is of course the US adaptation of the hit British TV show, Broadchurch. The drama took the UK by storm when it aired earlier this year and execs are hoping it’ll have the same effect stateside.
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The Escape Artist: David Tennant shines in a gripping and clever final episode (Spoilers)

David Tennant

Though it has divided critical opinion, I personally have really enjoyed The Escape Artist as I have found it one of the most surprising dramas of the year. Sure some of the plot points have stretched credibility, but realism isn’t always want you from a gripping thriller like this. The amount of twists in tonight’s final episode means that I have waited till after the drama has finished in order to publish my review. But, if you are yet to watch tonight’s finale, maybe it would be best to leave reading this till after you have done.

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BBC release Day Of The Doctor Who 50th teaser video – Zygons, Rose, Clara, Matt Smith & David Tennant! SPOILERS

doctor who the day of the doctor matt smith

So the new Doctor Who promo may only be 40 seconds long, it’s a teaser trailer and boy does it tease! It’s perfection. I watched it and I couldn’t stop myself from squealing like a little girl!

With The Day Of The Doctor just two weeks away, BBC have been keeping Whovians on their toes! This trailer starts with a voice-over from the current Doctor (Matt Smith) and then shows footage of John Hurt, when it suddenly jumps to footage of both the 10th and 11th doctor. Everyone you’ve been waiting to see is shown in action, you get to see Rose, Clara, all three doctors, the Daleks and the Zygons. The Zygons may I add haven’t been seen since the 70′s! If this doesn’t get you excited i’m not sure what will

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Doctor Who: Watch first clip from The Day of the Doctor and David Tennant says fans always expected him to return! (VIDEO)!

doctor who the day of the doctor david tennant

With the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who featuring the return of the tenth Doctor, David Tennant has hinted that fans always expected him to make a return to the show!

Ever since it was revealed that a celebratory episode of Doctor Who was to be made to celebrate the shows landmark birthday it was rumoured that some or all of the previous Doctors would make an appearance in it.
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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Steven Moffat says John Hurt is part of show’s ‘mythology’ now!


The excitement is really intensifying as the countdown to the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who airs on November 23rd, and according to show executive Steven Moffat were are in for a real treat!

On November 23rd The Day of the Doctor will be shown in homes and cinemas around the world simultaneously, and will see three Doctors coming together to save the universe.
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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: New pictures released from The Day of the Doctor and fans can unlock clips on website! (PICTURES)

doctor who the day of the doctor matt smith

With the 50th anniversary celebrations almost upon us the BBC and BBC Worldwide have launched a new Doctor Who interactive website which is to be powered by fans.

Fans are invited to use the site,  to upload content, and in doing so are rewarded by being given the chance to unlock five small clips of the anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor, which stars current Tine Lord and Companion Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman and their predecessors David Tennant and Billie Piper as well as a guest appearance from British acting legend John Hurt who is starring as a never-before-seen version of the Doctor, thought by many to be 8.5.
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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Official trailer for The Day of the Doctor to air this Saturday!

the day of the doctor 2

As the countdown continues for November 23rd’s hugely-anticipated Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, the BBC have revealed that a full trailer for it will be aired on BBC1 on Saturday night!

People across the world are counting down the days (16 to be precise) till The Day of the Doctor is finally shown in homes and cinemas across the world on the iconic shows 50th birthday, November 23rd.
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