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News and updates about David Tennant, the Scotish star of Doctor Who and Broadchurch.

Doctor Who Spoilers: David Tennant excited by “enthusiastic” Peter Capaldi & talks leaks!


One of the best parts of taking on a job like Doctor Who is that there is usually a string of people who have been exactly where you are, all eager to advise and support you along your Tardis driven way.

Peter Capaldi is being inundated with support and words of wisdom it would seem and we can reveal that his predecessor David Tennant has been in touch with the 12th Time Lord ahead of the premiere of the eighth series of Doctor Who next month.
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David Tennant explains differences between Gracepoint & Broadchurch characters


Former Doctor Who star David Tennant, has spoken out about the differences between his character in Broadchurch, and his counterpart character in the US remake, Gracepoint.

When it was announced that the US wanted to make their own version of the hit Chris Chibnall penned drama, Broadchurch, we all scratched our heads about how this would work.

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David Tennant to star in Hannibal? Executive Producer Bryan Fuller hopes so….

david tennant converse

Hannibal executive producer Bryan Fuller has never tried to hide the fact that he desperately wants former Doctor Who star David Tennant to make a guest appearance on the show!

But you have to remember that David Tennant is a very busy man!
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Broadchurch US remake Gracepoint coming to UK & Mr Selfridge to end after series 4?


The US remake of the Chris Chibnall blockbuster drama Broadchurch is heading over to the UK, The Daily Star newspaper reports!

US network giants FOX picked up the rights to remake Broadchurch, along with its writer and main star David Tennant, and put together Gracepoint which, apart from a few accent related issues, has been the buzz of excitement over the pond.
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Doctor Who: David Tennant still loves “magnificent” Billie Piper! Who doesn’t?

david tennant billie piper

Billie Piper really has come a long way from her teen pop star days, and even her weekend long pub sessions with ex-husband Chris Evans days, in fact it is fair to say she has matured into one of the biggest, and brightest stars that this country has to offer.

Not only was she a Doctor Who companion (not even the Queen can issue an honour that big), but she is also now starring in an incredibly popular period series, Penny Dreadful, in which she has had rave reviews.
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Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch is THIS popular & David Tennant weighs in on Scottish referendum

benedict cumberbatch

Well, we knew that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch was popular, but it would seem that his popularity is so intense that he has actually increased the sale of a restaurant magazine by a whopping 5,000%!

Square Meal, which is a publication aimed at helping eaters in and around London find the best places to dine, featured Benedict Cumberbatch on the front of their spring issue, along with an interview inside with the actor himself, discussing parts of his life ranging from his ordeal at the hands of armed terrorists whilst filming in South Africa, to the end of his relationship with fellow actor, Olivia Poulet.
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The Vampire Diaries’ Kendrick Sampson defends David Tennant’s Gracepoint performance!


Whilst you may be expecting Gracepoint to be an exact replica of Broadchurch, one of its stars, Kendrick Sampson has revealed that this will not be the case.

Broadchurch took our nation by complete surprise as, for weeks, we were glued to the murder mystery of a young boy from a sleepy seaside town, with viewers speculating over and over again about who the killer might be.

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Doctor Who: Billie Piper’s final scene voted top sci-fi moment! Do you miss Rose Tyler?


One thing that sci-fans are not lacking in is passion, so it makes perfect sense to us that the scene they have voted in as their favourite of all time, is Billie Piper’s last moments on Doctor Who.

The hit BBC show was always sure to feature highly in the chart, but we were surprised by some other results and the lack thereof. It may surprise you is that not a single Star Trek moment was listed, whilst Star Wars only just made the top five, for scenes which saw Luke Skywalker finding out about his Darth Vader parentage in The Empire Strikes Back.
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Doctor Who Series 8 Spoilers: Peter Capaldi to face The Master? But it’s NOT John Simm!

doctor who the master

The new series of Doctor Who is only a couple of months away and so far all the information leaked about it has given us more than enough to get excited over, but this news might be the best so far.

The Daily Star has reported that series 8 of the hit BBC family sci-fi series MIGHT be bringing back a very familiar face… The Master!
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Broadchurch’s David Tennant blasted for accent in US remake Gracepoint BUT….


As we have previously reported Broadchurch star David Tennant had been having a few issues trying to adapt an American accent for US drama Gracepoint, but it seems his efforts were in vain as he has been blasted for it by critics.

Gracepoint is the US remake of the hit ITV murder mystery Broadchurch, which starred David Tennant as DI Alec Hardy, who was sent to a sleepy seaside town rocked by the murder of a young local boy.
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All time FAVOURITE Doctor Who actor & episode and Foxes joins series 8!

Doctor Who

It is one of those conversations that Doctor Who fans everywhere have had at least once in their lives, either down the pub on some random Saturday, or for the diehard Whovians out there at one of the conventions – but now a poll has been conducted to try and find who is the most loved Doctor Who incarnation and what was the best episode.

We have had several to choose from, with an abundance of stories to showcase each one, so Doctor Who magazine has no shortage of options when they composed their popular and far reaching survey.

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BBC slammed for favouring David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Capldi etc


The BBC has come under heavy criticism with regards to some of its recent casting decisions, we can report this morning.

The actors’ union Equity has claimed that bosses at the Beeb, which is home to shows such as Doctor Who and Sherlock, seems to send details of all the major roles to a select number of agents who look after the industry’s biggest names, leaving many lesser known actors without a look in!
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Steven Moffat reveals Doctor Who was almost axed when David Tennant quit!

Doctor Who has only gotten better in the years since its resurrection back in 2005, but it’s been revealed this morning that when David Tennant quit, bosses actually considered cancelling it altogether.

It was always going to be a big deal when he left. David spent five years in the role and became one of the most popular actors to ever play the famous Timelord and insiders have revealed execs were so concerned when he announced his departure from the hit BBC series, that they considered calling time on the format altogether.

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Broadchurch cast and crew will be FIRED if they spill series two storyline secrets?!


Following the popularity of the first series of ITV police drama Broadchurch, it’s no wonder that the powers that be behind the scenes of the show are reportedly insisting that all of those involved in the production of its second series keep all the details of the plotlines to themselves.

But we have to admit that the punishment awaiting any of those who do leak behind-the-scenes information is a tad harsh, given that it’s been claimed today that anyone responsible for revealing spoilers will be fired!
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David Tennant’s Gracepoint coming to ITV UK? Broadchurch twice?


David Tennant will soon make his TV debut in Broadchurch remake Gracepoint in the US and there has been some talk of the show coming to the UK soon after its premiere.

The former Doctor Who star must really love the format and storyline, because it was announced this week that he’s signed up for a second series of the British original and the actor took part in his first script read through in London earlier today.

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