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News and updates about David Tennant, the Scotish star of Doctor Who and Broadchurch.

Uh oh! David Tennant’s in trouble because of his Virgin ad again!

david tennant virgin ad 1

The war between digital television providers continues and Sky has had a Virgin advert banned from broadcast, after complaining that it was misleading to customers.

‘So what?’ we hear you cry. Well, it was an advert which starred David Tennant, which we think you will agree changes things somewhat!

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Broadchurch US remake ‘Gracepoint’ to air on UK TV this autumn!


Following its mixed reception over in the US, the American remake of the hit ITV murder mystery drama, Broadchurch, is heading our way soon!

Broadchurch – the second series of which is currently in production here in the UK – will go down in history as one of the biggest surprise TV hits of the decade, so much so that even our friends across the pond fell in love with it too.
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Doctor Who’s David Tennant Supports The HeForShe Campaign

david tennant heforshe

David Tennant has become the latest celebrity to show his support for the HeForShe campaign.

The HeForShe campaign was thrust into the media when Harry Potter star, Emma Watson delivered a highly charged speech about gender inequality at the United Nations last week.
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Doctor Who: Strictly time slot & David Tennant gets his own box set!

doctor who deep breath 5

You would have thought, after a combined lifespan between them of 71 years, The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and Doctor Who would have come to some sort of routine around each other by now.

Every year, notoriously, the BBC and ITV go head to head in a ratings war as two of their most lucrative shows, Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor, prepare to clash during the autumn months – But this year Doctor Who is being dragged into the game too!
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Doctor Who: Overwhelmed David Tennant sympathises with Peter Capaldi over what?


Being Doctor Who is arguably one of the most prestigious jobs in the world, and one only 12 men can say they have had the pleasure of carrying out, so it stands to reason that with such huge responsibility comes a lot of attention from both the fans, and the media.

According to tenth Doctor, David Tennant, the spotlight that follows a stint on the show is intense to say the very least so perhaps this is why no actor has ever lasted more than seven consecutive seasons in the role.
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WATCH David Tennant & Anna Gunn in new Gracepoint teaser!


Gracepoint, the US remake of the hit UK murder mystery Broadchurch, has released a new teaser trailer featuring our hero David Tennant and co-star Anna Gunn, introducing their characters.

When Broadchurch arrived on our UK screens last year, nobody could have predicted the phenomenal reception it would receive.
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Doctor Who: Sylvester McCoy LOVES Peter Capaldi & his Scottish accent!

Sylvester McCoy Doctor Who

On Saturday night everyone finally got to see Peter Capaldi in his Doctor Who debut, but what did we all make of his performance?

There was a huge anticipation surrounding Capaldi’s casting as the iconic space and time traveller, with the general consensus being that he was perfect for the part.
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Doctor Who Spoilers: Peter Capaldi is “still finding his feet”!

doctor who deep breath

With his Doctor Who debut only four days away, new Time Lord, Peter Capaldi has revealed that he isn’t completely ready!

The Doctor is probably one of the most iconic, and sought after roles that any actor could hope to be cast as, but with great history and reputation comes an even greater responsibility for any new actor to get it right.

No pressure then!
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David Tennant challenged by John Barrowman & taught to swear by Billy Connolly!

john barrowman, scott gill

Former Torchwood star, John Barrowman, has challenged former Doctor Who actor David Tennant to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

This new Ice Bucket Challenge, which is sweeping through the world of celebrities – One Direction singer Niall Horan has been issued with the challenge – sees one celebrity tipping a bucket of iced-water over their head, then challenging another celebrity to do the same, or donate to the ALS Association charity within twenty four hours.
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Broadchurch novel to include series 2 spoilers!


With Broadchurch fans everywhere wondering not just what will happen in the second series, but what it will even be about, the answer may be on its way to us in book form.

The UK was gripped by the surprise blockbuster drama, when it hit our screens last year, as we watched the murder mystery of an eleven year old boy unfold, rocking the sleepy seaside town where he lived with his family and close knit community.
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Broadchurch star David Tennant couldn’t turn down Gracepoint role, but will his character be killed off?


David Tennant was of course the obvious choice for the casting directors of the US remake of Broadchurch, which is entitled Gracepoint, having already played the same role in the UK.

British fans were hooked on the six part drama, Broadchurch, which saw Tennant playing the lead role of DI Alec Hardy, the inspector heading the investigation into the shocking murder of an 11 year old boy in the sleepy seaside town…
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Doctor Who Spoilers: David Tennant excited by “enthusiastic” Peter Capaldi & talks leaks!


One of the best parts of taking on a job like Doctor Who is that there is usually a string of people who have been exactly where you are, all eager to advise and support you along your Tardis driven way.

Peter Capaldi is being inundated with support and words of wisdom it would seem and we can reveal that his predecessor David Tennant has been in touch with the 12th Time Lord ahead of the premiere of the eighth series of Doctor Who next month.
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David Tennant explains differences between Gracepoint & Broadchurch characters


Former Doctor Who star David Tennant, has spoken out about the differences between his character in Broadchurch, and his counterpart character in the US remake, Gracepoint.

When it was announced that the US wanted to make their own version of the hit Chris Chibnall penned drama, Broadchurch, we all scratched our heads about how this would work.

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David Tennant to star in Hannibal? Executive Producer Bryan Fuller hopes so….

david tennant converse

Hannibal executive producer Bryan Fuller has never tried to hide the fact that he desperately wants former Doctor Who star David Tennant to make a guest appearance on the show!

But you have to remember that David Tennant is a very busy man!
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Broadchurch US remake Gracepoint coming to UK & Mr Selfridge to end after series 4?


The US remake of the Chris Chibnall blockbuster drama Broadchurch is heading over to the UK, The Daily Star newspaper reports!

US network giants FOX picked up the rights to remake Broadchurch, along with its writer and main star David Tennant, and put together Gracepoint which, apart from a few accent related issues, has been the buzz of excitement over the pond.
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