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Jennifer Saunders says BBC can’t afford a new French & Saunders series!


Iconic British comedian, Jennifer Saunders, has put rumours to rest that there will be a remake of her hit comedy sketch show, French & Saunders, by saying that the BBC couldn’t afford a new series.

French & Saunders ran for 20 years from 1987 – 2007 and featured Saunders, who is married to fellow British comedian Ade Edmondson, and her comedy partner Dawn French.
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Homeland’s Damian Lewis cosies up to Dawn French for Vicar Of Dibley Comic Relief special!

We are quite jealous of Dawn French already but by the time we see her on Comic Relief tomorrow night, we’re pretty sure that we’ll never want to see the comedienne on our screens ever again.

Much as we loved the buxom funny woman, it hardly seems fair that she’s already got to snog Johnny Depp, Hugh Grant and George Clooney is ready to add yet another Hollywood star to her list, while we can’t even get within touching distance.

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Heading Out: Joanna Scanlan (Toria) discusses sharing a bed with Sue Perkins and what the series has in store for us ahead of tonight’s second episode! (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

Tonight sees the second instalment of new BBC2 sitcom, Heading out, starring and written by British comedy genius Sue Perkins, and Unreality TV were privileged enough to catch up with one of its main stars, Joanna Scanlan, to find out all the goss for the rest of the series.

Heading Out tells the story of Sara, a veterinarian who is given an ultimatum by her friends to tell her parents that she is gay.

In order to help her ‘come out’, Sara’s friends buy her 6 weeks’ worth of sessions with a life coach in the form of eccentric netball player, Toria (Joanna Scanlan), before her parents are due to visit so that Sara can come clean to them at last.
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Dougray Scott joins cast of James Corden’s The Wrong Mans!

Following the BBC’s announcement last month that they have commissioned Gavin & Stacey star and creator, James Corden’s new drama, The Wrong Mans, it has now been revealed that Dougray Scott will be joining the already all-star cast.

The Wrong Mans, written by and starring James Corden and Mathew Baynton, follows the story hopeless pals Phil Bourne & Sam Pinkett (played by James Corden and Matthew Baynton) whose pointless lives are turned upside-down by a chance phone call and a case of mistaken identity.
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Superstar – The Final: Roger Wright, Rory Taylor and Ben Forster fight for the role of Jesus

So here we are tonight for the final of Superstar and everyone was in their finery – Amanda Holden was dressed like an extra from Starlight Express, Jason had a tux on, Dawn was wearing a lovely sparkly top and Andrew had one too many buttons on his shirt. The opening song this night was Hosanna from Jesus Christ Superstar and it was good to hear the boys sing a song from the show but once again I feel that Roger has the presence to play Jesus but at this point I feel it’s definitely going to be Ben.

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Superstar: The Final Five Predictions

Ben Forster
The Story So Far: Sunderland’s own Ben Forster, a former musical star who got through to boot camp on the X-Factor back in 2009, has impressed throughout the competition. Mel C in particular has praised his honest performances while Andrew Lloyd-Webber has complemented him on his consistency.
Best Performance: Ben’s performance of R.E.M’s Everybody Hurts bought Mel to tears and it made her say that she really wanted to act beside him in the production of Jesus Christ Superstar.
Worst Performance: Ben’s performances have universally been praised by the panel however his first night performance of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know was criticised by Andrew as he didn’t think Ben connected with the lyrics.
What are his chances?: Ben is one of only two never to have been part of the sing-off before so he obviously has a lot of audience support and the judges’ unanimous praise also adds to the fact that he goes all the way. I personally think that at the moment he has to be the favourite as the combination of positive comments and viewer votes usually add up to the winner of the show.
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Dawn French says her weight loss was “nothing to do with self-esteem”

Comedienne Dawn French never had a problem at poking fun at herself, particularly where her weight was concerned, and in her hit sitcom Vicar of Dibley, many of the show’s gags surrounded her character gorging on sweets and ice cream.

However, Dawn, having lost around seven stones in weight, is quite literally half the woman she was a few years ago, but in an interview with the Daily Mirror, she revealed that he weight loss had “nothing to do with self-esteem” or worries about how she looked.

Instead, Dawn said she decided to lose weight simply because of the health risks associated with obesity, and especially those that pertain to middle-aged women.

Dawn began the interview by pointing out that she doesn’t keep a precision track of her weight, and isn’t a “scales gazer.”

So when asked what her current weight loss tally is, Dawn told the Mirror’s Rachael Bletchly, “I really don’t know. I’ve never been a scales-gazer.”

She added, “I had lost about seven-and-a-half stone but then I put a bit on because I ate at Christmas and I haven’t really weighed myself since… Read more & comment »

Dawn French says she misses her “old body!”

Comedienne Dawn French has slimmed down by a massive seven stones, yet despite the fact that she’s fitter and healthier than she has been for many years, Dawn reckons she misses her old body.

Speaking to Woman magazine, Dawn – who weighed twenty stones before her weight loss – explained, “I have a great fondness for that other body. I knew it very well and I don’t know this one as well, not yet.

“I was never actually unhappy then so it’s not the case that I was miserable and I’m happy now.

“The fact is, I’m still a fat woman. I’m still stones over my BMI index or whatever it’s called.

“I never even knew such a thing existed until people started telling me there was a weight you’re supposed to be…” Read more & comment »

Dawn French and Caroline Aherne and Sally Lindsay on wish-list for Loose Women

The Daily Mirror today reports that comediennes Dawn French and Caroline Aherne are on ITV bosses wish-list as replacements for Kate Thornton and Zoe Tyler on daytime show Loose Women.

And former Corrie star Sally Lindsay is also “being wooed by bosses” who’re said to be desperate to save the show.

The paper adds, “Dawn, 53, Caroline, 47 and Sally, 37, are vying with former Countdown host Carol Vorderman, 50, and Men Behaving Badly star Caroline Quentin, 51, for prestigious spots on the daily lunchtime chat show.” Read more & comment »

Dawn French isn’t worried about her weight

dawn french
Comedian Dawn French has told Woman’s Weekly magazine that she has “body blindness” which she reckons stops her losing weight.

At just 5ft tall, 51 year old Dawn is a size 20 – she was a size 16 when she was just 13 years old – and despite having been told by doctors that she’s risking life threatening illnesses, she says she finds it impossible to diet. And she claims she’s not worried about what her weight may be doing to her health.

“I can honestly say that it doesn’t bother me, though I do worry that I’ll get so comfortably fat that I won’t be able to walk any more.

“Sometimes I’ll get out of bed and think, ‘Oooh, I need to do some exercise’ – but that’s probably about once a year, if that.

“I think the medical term for my condition is called ‘body blindness’. I may ultimately regret not looking after myself more, and plenty of people would line up to tell me that, but it doesn’t concern me.” Read more & comment »

The History of Christmas Specials: French & Saunders and Vicar of Dibley

The path of telly history is littered with Christmas specials and for many of us, it simply wouldn’t be Christmas without them, so today, we’re taking a look at the contribution that Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders have made to this grand old tradition.

In 1987 Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders launched their own sketch show which would go for six series and would produce some of the funniest Christmas specials of all time. We’ve gathered together a few clips for you to enjoy again the magic that is F&S.

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