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News and updates on Doctor Who, the long-running BBC time travel series currently celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Find out more about Matt Smith and 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi reveals Day of The Doctor secrets & Christopher Eccleston on his ‘tortured’ scenes

doctor who the day of the doctor peter capaldi
At the time of the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who we were all super excited to see the first appearance of the newly appointed 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, as he looked menacingly into the camera that the end of the episode. We had assumed at the time that this was the writer’s clever way of making sure he was included in the episode which had seen every single Doctor to date make an appearance in one way or another, but it would seem that it had more meaning than we thought. Peter Capa

Doctor Who Series 9 Spoilers: The Doctor is being stalked & Sylvester McCoy DOESN’T want a female Time Lord!

doctor who davros
As the arrival of the ninth series of Doctor Who gets ever closer, to help get us all in the mood The Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi, has been hinting about what we can expect. Of course The Doctor wouldn’t be The Doctor if he just came out and gave us spoilers as they were so we have gotten used to trying to read between the lines and think we may have found a rather tasty hidden message in one of the Scottish actor’s comments. When asked during the recent San Diego Comic Con whether or

Doctor Who Spoilers: Jenna Coleman’s character, Clara, to be killed off?

doctor who christmas 2013 clara
Just when we had finally accepted that Jenna Coleman wasn’t leaving Doctor Who anytime soon, now reports have emerged claiming that she might be killed off in the next series. Fans of the hit BBC family sci-fi entertainment show will know that last year, we were told in no uncertain terms that The Doctor’s current companion, Jenna Coleman, had decided to quit her role as Clara Oswald. This sparked fierce speculation that Clara would be making her exit either during the series eight f

Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi gets drenched by uranium shower on set?

doctor who flatline 3
Now, we would have thought that Doctor Who would be used to mysterious doors and well prepared for what may lie behind them by now, but it seems that Peter Capaldi, the actor who plays the latest incarnation of the Time Lord, isn’t quite as street wise as his alter ego! The Sun newspaper has reported that the Scottish actor, who took over as the 12th Doctor last year, managed to walk in to an unexpected shower during a recent filming session. According to the paper, the actor had taken a

Doctor Who: Jenna Coleman supports female Doctor campaign & Peter Capaldi agrees with her!

For years Doctor Who fans have been speculating about the possibility of a female Time Lord taking over the Tardis, and now one of the most influential female cast members of the show has spoken out in support of this. IT was probably between Doctors 11 & 12 that the hype about a female Doctor Who was at its peak, with names such as Dame Helen Mirren and Miranda Hart being thrown in to the ring. But, with Peter Capaldi well established as our current Doctor Who, nobody could argue that the c

Doctor Who Series 9 Spoilers: See Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman & Maisie Williams in first teaser trailer here! (Complete with release date!)

“Every time I think it cannot get any more extraordinary, it surprises me.” This is the chilling opening line in the new, one and a half minuet trailer for the highly-anticipated ninth series of Doctor Who – And from the montage of darkness, monsters and zombies it would seem that we are in for one hell of a ride! “It’s impossible, it is evil, I hate it!” The Doctor can be hard exclaiming, before adding “It’s astonishing….I want to kiss it to

Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi BEGGED Jenna Coleman not to quit & Weeping Angels to appear in The Witcher 3

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We were all left a tad confused when, after announcing her decision to leave Doctor Who at the end of series 8, it was revealed that Jenna Coleman would in fact be back to reprise her role of Clara Oswald later this year – But just what changed her mind? Fans of the hit BBC family sci-fi series were left on the edge of their seats both for the series 8 finale, and the subsequent 2014 Christmas Special, expecting to see the popular companion making her exit. But when no such exit came, it w

Doctor Who Spoilers: As dark new teaser is released, Peter Capaldi hints at “cataclysmic” error in series 9!

doctr who series 9 teasrer
With the wait for the ninth series of Doctor Who getting shorter by the day, the BBC has released a new, dramatic teaser image ahead of the adventures. In the new picture, which you can see at the top of this article, we can see 12th Time Lord actor Peter Capaldi stepping out of the iconic TARDIS on to what looks like a derelict wasteland. This comes after the powers that be on the show have come out in force to drop hints at an “epic” new series, featuring enemies old and new with

Doctor Who Series 9 Spoilers: Peter Capaldi teases “central” conflict & 60’s tributes for opening episodes!

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With the ninth series of Doctor Who almost done, dusted and ready to start being played out on screen, Peter Capaldi has been teasing the drama we can expect this autumn. So far series 9 of the hit family sci-fi series is promising to be quite the event, with more guest stars and exciting storylines lined up than you can shake a stick at. But of course the two lots of episodes that people are just bursting to get a glimpse of are the opening, and closing two-parters, their importance in the show

Doctor Who spoilers: Steven Moffat reveals new monster – Internet trolls!

steven moffat
Over the years Doctor Who has met more than his fair share of monsters and nemesis’, meaning that those who write the scripts for him have met their fair share too – but the latest ones currently tormenting the hit BBC family sci-fi show are out of everyone’s control! Ever since Doctor Who was first brought to life over 50 years ago, one of the most prominent features of the show were the monsters that the epic Time Lord encountered along the way. From the simplistic Daleks bac

Doctor Who Series 9 Spoilers: Death in Heaven director Rachel Talalay to return for next finale!

doctor who dark water 3
As the excitement for the ninth series of Doctor Who reaches fever point, we have some very exciting news to share with you which is that Rachel Talalay, the first ever female Doctor Who director, is returning to pen just not one episode of the new series, but both episodes of the double-part finale! The Tank Girl director is already renowned by fans for her contributions to the last series – which was the first with Peter Capaldi as the Time Lord – as she brought to life the epic

Doctor Who Series 9: So, what does NEW teaser clip tell us? VIDEO

doctor who series 9
Well, to answer the question above, the new teaser clip for the ninth series of Doctor Who tells us… Squat. Nil. Nada. Zilch. But hey, it’s new and it’s Doctor Who, so it can’t be anything but good news right? And while the woefully short and spoiler free clip – which you can see below – doesn’t shed any light on what’s to come, it does feature the TARDIS, and again, who doesn’t love that? Ok, fact is, we were as disappointed as every other Doctor Who fan in the wor

Doctor Who Spoilers: Joivan Wade to return as Rigsy in series 9?

doctor who flatline 6
With the anticipation ever growing for the ninth series of Doctor Who more spoiler leaks have emerged…. Fans will recall that we were introduced to the character of Rigsy, a self-appointed pseudonym of a graffiti artist from Bristol, during the series eight episode, Flatline, when he joined forces with The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Louise Coleman) to fight off The Boneless aliens. Overturning The Boneless was a personal mission for Rigsy, whose aunt was o

Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman splits with Game of Thrones hunk Richard Madden! Does Prince Harry know?

Doctor Who - Series 7B
After nearly four years together, Doctor Who actress Jenna Coleman has split with her former Game of Thrones partner, Richard Madden! Coleman, who plays current Doctor Who companion Clara Oswald, began dating Madden, who played True King of the North Robb Stark in the hit HBO fantasy series, back in 2011 and they had seemed to be one of the strongest celebrity couples we had ever known. However, if reports in this week’s tabloids are to be believed, the pair decided to go their separate wa

Doctor Who fan festival announced as Peter Davison says show will “go on fairly indefinitely”

peter davison
Oh we have some exciting news for Doctor Who fans this morning – The three day festival is coming back! Back in 2013, the year which saw the epic BBC family sci-fi series turn 50, the powers that be decided to hold a Doctor Who festival so spectacular it would make every other convention seem like a Weight Watchers meeting! This first ever London based three day festival saw fans from all over the world coming together to witness and celebrate the show’s most remarkable special effec