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News and updates on Doctor Who, the long-running BBC time travel series currently celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Find out more about Matt Smith and 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who: Did Jenna Coleman just snub Peter Capaldi & Matt Smith?

doctor who flatline 4

Current Doctor Who companion, Jenna Coleman, has revealed who her two favourite Time Lords are and they aren’t the two we were expecting!

Every Doctor Who fan has a favourite Doctor, and companion too for that matter, and we would have expected that someone who fulfilled that role would have a special place in their heart for the leading men they worked with so closely.

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Doctor Who Spoilers: Steven Moffat worries about change & will Santa be evil in Christmas 2014 special?

doctor who clara santa

With every regeneration of the Doctor in Doctor Who, there is the risk that the change will rock the formula that makes the hit BBC family show what it is today, so of course, the man behind such a decision would be a little apprehensive about making it, to say the least.

And that’s precisely what showrunner, Steven Moffat has admitted to feeling when introducing us to the twelfth incarnation of the iconic Time Lord, Peter Capaldi.
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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi turned down Doctor Who role!

doctor who flatline 1

Now, with his first series under his belt, Peter Capaldi is Doctor Who in everyone’s eyes – But did you know he could have been him a lot sooner?

Of course with every new actor taking on the iconic role of the most famous space and time traveller on the planet, there is anticipation and nerves waiting to see if he will fit in or not.
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Sherlock & Doctor Who Spoilers: Steven Moffat categorically rules out a cross-over – Expect that soon then!

steven moffat

Ever since Doctor Who head honcho Steven Moffat brought us the epic modern day twist on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock, there has been excited whisperings of the possibility between a show cross-over.

Of course, for The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) this is no mean feat seeing as he can travel through both space and time, but for Sherlock this seems highly unlikely seeing as he usually opts for a London cab in the real world rather than a flying Tardis in a land of make believe.
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Doctor Who: Did you see Missy twist coming? Steven Moffat doesn’t think you would have….

doctor who dark water 5

Did you see the big twist in Doctor Who coming during the penultimate episode of series 8? Steven Moffat doubts it.

Fans tuning in to Dark Water would have, according to show-runner Steven Moffat, been shocked to learn that Missy (Michelle Gomez) was in fact The Master in female form.
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Doctor Who Death in Heaven Spoilers: Box set delays over finale classification & watch a clip from it here! (VIDEO)

doctor who death in heaven 1

Oh dear, it would seem that the release date of the Doctor Who Series 8 DVD & Blue ray box set has been put back by a week over a dispute over the age classification of the double-part finale.

Digital Spy reports that the British Board of Film Classification was unhappy with the rating that the BBC had given last week’s episode, Dark Water, and have consequently now reissued it with a 12 classification, meaning that fans can now not purchase the series 8 box set till Monday November 24, one week later than originally planned.
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Doctor Who director joining Sherlock series 4! Production must be starting soon then…

sherlock martin freeman benedict cumberbathc

We already knew that production of the 2015 Christmas Special of Sherlock was due to begin around February time next year, but could this be the biggest indication yet that series four will follow quickly after?

Doctor Who director, Douglas Mackinnon has announced on Twitter that he signed up to direct an episode of Sherlock and he has given some teasers away.

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Doctor Who finale complaints! BBC defends dark, cremation storyline…

doctor who dark water 3

While the majority of this country’s Doctor Who fans are waiting excitedly for the series 8 finale this Saturday night, it would seem that some people’s minds are still fixed on last week’s instalment.

Dark Water, which was the first part of a double-bill finale, saw The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his companion Clara (Jenna Louise Coleman) dealing with the afterlife en route to tackle the main threat of The Cybermen.
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Doctor Who Series 8 Finale: Missy is FURIOUS! Death in Heaven PICTURES

doctor who death in heaven 1

We literally couldn’t be more excited about this Saturday’s Doctor Who Series 8 finale, and now those glorious people over at the BBC have released some new pics for us to feast on while we wait.

This Saturday will see the last instalment until Christmas and the episode is the second part of a finale double-bill, which began last week with Dark Water in which we learned that Missy (Michelle Gomez) was in fact The Mistress, the regenerated female version of The Doctor’s most frightening nemesis, The Master.
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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi gatecrashes fans wedding – Kind of! (VIDEO)

peter capaldi jenna coleman doctor who

When you are marrying the person of your dreams, and want them to know how serious you are about them, there aren’t many gifts you can present that are truly original.

Sure, you could have their name tattooed on you, or have a star named after your chosen life-partner to be, or even go as far as to chasing a lost locket around the country like Ted did in How I Met Your Mother – But they are all old cliché’s in comparison to what one groom did for his future wife!
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Doctor Who finale spoilers: Peter Capaldi LOVED Missy kiss! Rachel Talalay on Dark Water

doctor who missy the doctor j=kiss

Following reports yesterday that Micelle Gomez jokingly said that kissing Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who was like “hell on earth” the episode’s director, Rachel Talalay has now spoken out about that kiss and said Peter Capaldi loved it!

Fans tuning in on Saturday night would have seen Missy (Michelle Gomez) and The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) locking lips just before she revealed her true identity to him – She was actually a regenerated version of his most fierce nemesis, The Master.
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Doctor Who Series 8 Finale Spoilers: Missy returns in Death in Heaven trailer! (VIDEO)

doctor who dark water 3

The series 8 finale of Doctor Who is but days away, and to help get us in the mood those lovely peeps over at the BBC have released an official trailer teasing all the drama ahead in Death in Heaven.

Of course, after last weekend’s shocking revelation that Missy was in fact The Master, we are all expecting even more twists and turns when the next episode hits our screens – But even we weren’t expecting THIS!
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Doctor Who: Peter Davison to host ‘Symphonic Spectacular’ UK tour!

peter davison

With the much-anticipated Doctor Who ‘Symphonic Spectacular’ tour getting closer by the day the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison has signed up as a guest presenter for this fabulous event when it arrives in the UK.

As we have previously reported, The Doctor Who ‘Symphonic Spectacular’ UK tour is due to hit UK arenas next year and now BBC Worldwide and Vision Nine have announced that Davison, who was The Doctor 1981 and 1984 and who is the father-in-law of the 10th Doctor David Tennant, will be hosting the tour in May 2015 when it comes to Wembley.
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Doctor Who: Michelle Gomez says kissing Peter Capaldi was “hell on earth!”

doctor who missy the doctor j=kiss

Now that the truth about her Doctor Who character is finally out, Michelle Gomez has opened up about filming the series 8 double-part finale of the hit BBC family sci-fi series, including THAT kiss with The Doctor!

Fans who tuned in to watch Dark Water on Saturday night would have seen Missy’s real identity revealed as being that of a regenerated version of The Master, The Doctor’s biggest nemesis in the history of the show.
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Doctor Who: David Tennant reveals he will always be The Doctor!

david tennant david letterman

As we have previously reported, David Tennant made a recent appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, where the iconic US chat show host brought up the subject of Doctor Who.

After explaining to Letterman the concept of the show, Tennant went on to discuss other projects of his, mainly Gracepoint, the US version of our hot murder mystery Broadchurch.
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