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News and updates on Doctor Who, the long-running BBC time travel series currently celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Find out more about Matt Smith and 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who Spoilers: New pictures of Peter Capaldi & Tom Riley & Jenna Coleman as Maid Marian!

doctor who tom riley 2

As the excitement over the eighth series of Doctor Who increases by the day, new pictures showing our new Doctor Peter Capaldi and guest star Tom Riley have merged!

As we have previously reported Riley, best known for his part in the hit series Da Vinci’s Demons, has landed himself a guest role on the hugely popular BBC family sci-fi series, and from the looks of the pictures he is thoroughly enjoying it!
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Doctor Who: Tom Baker considers return to the show?

doctor who the day of the doctor tom baker matt smith

Following our report yesterday about Tom Baker’s thoughts on the future of Doctor Who, the legendary actor has revealed that he could consider a return to the show!

Tom Baker is the actor to play the infamous Time Lord for the longest period of time in history, so it was only fitting that he should get an appearance in the show’s 50th anniversary episode, the Day of the Doctor, last November.
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Doctor Who: Tom Baker says Peter Capaldi will be “fine” & Matt Smith was “Charming”!

tom baker

In the lead up to vintage Doctor Who episodes being launched on the Horror Channel this Easter, fourth Doctor Tom Baker has spoken out about the past, and future of the show!

As we have previously reported, the Horror Channel are to show a selection of vintage episodes, in a deal secured with BBC World Wide, starting over the Easter period, including the reigns of First Doctor William Hartnell back in 1963 through to Sylvester McCoy in 1989, and the five Doctors, Patrick Troughton who starred from 1966 – 1969, Jon Pertwee who held the part from 1970 – 1974, Tom Baker who played the Time Lord from 1974 – 1981, Peter Davison 1981 – 1984 and Colin Baker 1984 – 1986, in between!
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Sherlock: Benedict Cumberbatch rules out Star Wars VII … AND Doctor Who!

benedict cumberbatch

To say Benedict Cumberbatch is hot property at the moment would be a bit like describing the second world war as a bit of bickering, but there are two projects that the extremely popular actor has ruled out!

Ever since taking on the lead role of the global phenomenon that is Sherlock, the Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat modern-day twist on the classic works of Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, Cumberbatch has been in high demand.
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Doctor Who: Karen Gillan speaks out about “surreal” Christmas return!


Following her brief return to Doctor Who last Christmas, Karen Gillan has spoken out about the “surreal” experience!

Fans of the hit BBC family sci-fi series will know how Gillan played companion Amy Pond alongside 11th Time Lord Matt Smith from 2010 till 2012 when she bowed out of the show.
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Matt Smith in fan farewell special – Doctor Who: Farewell Matt Smith (VIDEO)

doctor who matt smith 2

A new Doctor Who special has been filmed for Watch, featuring former Time Lord Matt Smith paying tribute to the shows fans!

The special, well clip really as it is only 2 minutes long, is due to air on Watch at 5pm next Friday (April 18) and will show the actor, who was the youngest ever Doctor Who having secured the role at the tender age of just 26, thanking the abundance of fans that the hit family sci-fi entertainment show has.
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Doctor Who Spoilers: Death In Paradise’s Ben Miller cast as baddie in Mark Gatiss episode!


Following the recent news that both Tom Riley (Da Vinci’s Demons) and Keeley Hawes (Line of Duty) are to guest star in new episodes of Doctor Who, Ben Miller has now been announced as playing a new villain also!

Miller, who is most recently known for his lead role of DI Richard Poole in the hit BBC crime comedy-drama Death In Paradise, is a self-confessed Whovian who is quoted by Digital Spy as saying that he cannot believe his luck in being asked to play opposite 12th Time Lord Peter Capaldi, adding:
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Former EastEnder Steve John Shepherd says kids run away crying when they see him!

eastenders michale moon murder 1

He played one of the most villainous characters that EastEnders has ever seen, so it is no surprise that his legacy lives on.

Steve John Shepherd played Michael Moon, the cheating, womanising, manipulating, calculated attempted murder for just over three years, and in that time he gained quite a following of loathers.
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Doctor Who Spoilers: Tom Riley “excited” to make a guest appearance in Gatiss episode!

Tom Riley

British star of TV and film, Tom Riley, has confirmed that he will be making a guest appearance in Doctor Who!

The actor, whose previous credits include Twenty Twelve, Monroe and Da Vinci’s Demons, made the announcement via social networking site, Twitter, yesterday.
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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi to make uncredited cameo in Shetland & Matt Smith does the washing up! (PICTURE)

doctor who the day of the doctor peter capaldi

Peter Capaldi seems to be everywhere at the moment, and he is just about to make another cameo, in the most obscure way to date!

When Peter Capaldi was announced as being the replacement for Matt Smith in Doctor Who back in September last year, the world’s eyes turned to him, and have remained on him ever since.

And he certainly hasn’t made any of his onlookers bored, that is for sure!
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Doctor Who & Dynasty actress Kate O’Mara has passed away!

kate o'mara

It is with a heavy heart that we report to you that British actress of Dynasty and Doctor Who fame, Kate O’Mara has passed away.

O’Mara, real name Francess M Carrol, was probably best known for her role as Caress Morell, the scheming sister of Alexis Colby in the 1980s classic US soap Dynasty.
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Doctor Who director Derek Martinus has died, aged 82!

Ice Warriors 6

It is a sad day for Doctor Who lovers, as we have the regretful duty to report the death of one of the shows dearest directors, Derek Martinus!
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Doctor Who: Sean Pertwee says Peter Capaldi will be “stupendous” as new Time Lord!

doctor who the day of the doctor peter capaldi

One of the men who was named a front runner in the race to replace Matt Smith in Doctor Who has come out to praise the winner!

When 11th Time Lord Matt Smith announced his decision to leave the hugely and globally popular BBC family sci-fi series last June, many a name was thrown into the ring with regards to who could replace him.
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Sherlock, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey go head to head at Freesat Free TV Awards 2014

sherlock benedict cumberbatch martin freeman his last vow

Freesat, the subscription free TV service, announced today the channels and programmes that have been shortlisted for the Freesat Free TV Awards 2014.

Freesat offers over 200 TV, radio and interactive channels and with more entries than ever before, the 2014 Awards sees 50 shortlisted entries competing across ten categories, which includes one new category for 2014, Best TV Drama.

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Sherlock writer Mark Gatiss working on Doctor Who again as ratings rise for the BBC detective show!


It’s been revealed this week that Sherlock writer Mark Gatiss is once more working with Steven Moffat to pen new episodes of Doctor Who, and as fans of the show will know, the new series of the iconic Doctor Who features Peter Capaldi in the role of the Time Lord.

Speaking to the Radio Times about returning to work on Doctor Who, Gatiss said, “I’m writing for Peter Capaldi – two episodes, in fact.” Read more & comment »