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News and updates on Doctor Who, the long-running BBC time travel series currently celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Find out more about Matt Smith and 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who Spoilers: Jenna Coleman on ‘younger’ Peter Capaldi


In wake of the recent announcement that she is leaving Doctor Who, Jenna Louise Coleman has opened up about the differences between new Doctor Peter Capaldi, and his predecessor, Matt Smith.

The former Emmerdale star joined the show as new companion Clara Oswald after Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and her husband, Rory Williams (Arthur Darvil) left the show back in 2012.
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Rose Leslie, Chris Addison replacing Jenna Coleman on Doctor Who?

rose leslie

Jenna Coleman announced her decision to leave Doctor Who last weekend and already rumours are beginning about who will replace the former Emmerdale actress.

Jenna’s last episode will be the 2014 Christmas special, during which she will appear with Timelord Peter Capaldi for the final time.

Currently, we can report that Rose Leslie is the favourite to become Dr Who’s next companion according to the latest odds from Ladbrokes.

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Doctor Who Spoilers: Peter Capaldi says The Doctor is in his DNA!

doctor who new pics 1

It’s no secret that new Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi is a big fan of the show, but this week, the actor has gone as far as to claim that The Doctor is in his DNA!

As soon as the Scottish Thick Of It star was announced as the actor who would take over from 11th Time Lord star Matt Smith last year, pretty much everyone agreed that he was the perfect choice…
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David Tennant challenged by John Barrowman & taught to swear by Billy Connolly!

john barrowman, scott gill

Former Torchwood star, John Barrowman, has challenged former Doctor Who actor David Tennant to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

This new Ice Bucket Challenge, which is sweeping through the world of celebrities – One Direction singer Niall Horan has been issued with the challenge – sees one celebrity tipping a bucket of iced-water over their head, then challenging another celebrity to do the same, or donate to the ALS Association charity within twenty four hours.
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Doctor Who’s Jenna-Louise Coleman has QUIT as Clara Oswald! She’ll exit in Christmas special


It’s been revealed today that Doctor Who star Jenna-Louise Coleman has quit her role as Clara Oswald, the Time Lord’s companion, and her exit from the show will a major storyline for this year’s Christmas special.

Of Jenna’s decision to leave the show – she’s played the role of Clara for eighteen months and as such, is one of the longest-serving companion actresses – a show source revealed that although her departure was a “mutual decision” made between Jenna and the show’s bosses, the consensus of opinion at the BBC was that, “It’s a part that should change after a [certain] period.” Read more & comment »

Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi admits to burning show memorabilia as a teen!

doctor who new pics 1

We bet this piece of information wasn’t on his CV – New Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, has admitted setting fire to his Doctor Who collection as a teenager!

When it was announced back in September last year that Scottish The Thick Of It Star, Peter Capaldi, was to be the chosen one to replace 11th Time Lord Matt Smith after he announced his decision to leave the show back in June last year, we all thought ‘what a jolly good choice’!
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Doctor Who Series 8 Spoilers: New Time Lord is “frightening” & Clara gets Emmerdale boyfriend!

doctor who the day of the doctor peter capaldi

With the new series of Doctor Who now only a week away, showrunner Steven Moffat has spoken out about the dramatic effect The Doctor’s regeneration will have on the show, and he reckons the difference is “frightening!”

Ever since Peter Capaldi was named as 11th Time Lord, and therefore Matt Smith’s replacement on the hit BBC family sci-fi series, everyone has been wondering just what sort of changes are in store.
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Doctor Who Spoilers: New fan-made title sequence & episode 2 synopsis hints at Dalek demise!

doctor who daleks 2

With a new Time Lord and series, the new era of Doctor Who is also coming complete with a fancy title sequence….a title sequence that has been inspired by one of the shows fans!

Billy Hanshaw, a motion graphics designer from Leeds, created his own version of what he thinks the opening title sequence of the hit BBC family sci-fi series should look like and uploaded it to YouTube.
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Doctor Who Series 8 Spoilers: Director Rachel Talalay teases “emotional” finale!

doctor who series 8 3

The first episode of Doctor Who series 8 hasn’t even hit our screens yet but already we have been given a hint of what the finale has in store.

We were all more than a little excited when it was announced that Rachel Talalay was to head up the two-part series finale of the hit BBC family sci-fi series when it comes to the end of its 12 week run later this year, and then rose to the over the moon stage when we learned that the episode had been written by show runner Steven Moffat too.
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Doctor Who: Steven Moffat up for Sherlock crossover & Capaldi praises David Tennant!

sherlock doctor who steven moffat benedict cumberbatch matt smith

There has been talk of a Doctor Who crossover with Sherlock ever since the hit BBC detective series first hit our screens, but this may be the most promising bit of news to suggest that it might well happen!

Fans of both shows will know that the same man controls them both, Steven Moffat, and it is he who has recently come out to say that he would indeed be up for the two shows crossing paths!
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Doctor Who Series 8 Spoilers: BBC release ‘secret’ Deep Breath trailer, and get fans to promote it!

doctor who series 8 new

Make up your mind BBC! One minute you’re begging Doctor Who fans NOT to spread leaks, now you’re feeding them to Whovians yourselves!

Only a few weeks ago, as the scripts for the first five episodes of the new series of Doctor Who were en-route to BBC Worldwide’s Latin American headquarters in Miami, they were leaked not once but twice on the internet.
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Want a Doctor Who / Sherlock crossover? It’s already happened……



For years now, fans of Doctor Who and Sherlock alike have been hoping and praying that the man responsible for them would arrange a play date for his two most precious of children.

However, despite fans everywhere coming up with flawless scenarios as to how this could happen quite seamlessly, the powers that be have always insisted that this will never take place.

But now it looks like it already has……in a way.
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Doctor Who ‘Deep Breath’ review: Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is moody, demented, and hilarious! He may even be the best Doctor yet…


Doctor Who Series 8 Iconic

Later this month, Doctor Who will burst back onto our screens with not only a brand new series, but with a brand new Doctor at the helm.

Yesterday, Unreality TV was extremely lucky to be in attendance at the London screening of the series 8 premiere of ‘Deep Breath’.

Sat amongst die-hard fans, competition winners, and members of the press, the atmosphere was rife, as genuine fans could not wait to see how the new Doctor was going to be presented to the audience.
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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi will be the Doctor for two years & see all series 8 episode titles

peter capaldi jenna coleman

As we reported yesterday, Doctor Who stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman attended screenings of series eight opener Deep Breath in Cardiff and London, and during press conferences following both, Capaldi revealed that he has signed up to play the iconic Doctor for at least two years.

A show insider told The Sun’s TV Biz, “Peter is the perfect Doctor. He’s a life-long fan of the show and a great actor.” Read more & comment »

Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi says of performing his own stunts, “I was the Doctor and Superman at same time!”

peter capaldi jenna coleman

As we reported earlier, it’s a big day for the cast and crew of Doctor Who as they are premiering the opening episode of series eight – an episode entitled Deep Breath – in Cardiff ahead of attending another screening in London this evening.

And during this morning’s press Q&A with new Time Lord actor Peter Capaldi and his co-star Jenna Coleman, who of course plays the Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald, Capaldi revealed that he’s done all his own stunts for the show, and he loved it. Read more & comment »