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Matthew Goode leaves The Good Wife! No more Finn Polmar?

The Good Wife - Matthew Goode
Fans of CBS drama ‘The Good Wife’ were just dealt another big cast blow, which follows on from the news that Archie Panjabi (Kalinda Sharma) is leaving the show. The drama is now losing yet another cast member as, according to a new report by TVLine, Matthew Goode (Finn Polmar) will not be returning to the show as a series regular for the show’s upcoming seventh season, which is expected to begin airing on CBS this Autumn. But Matthew’s departure may not come as such a big surprise for

Downton Abbey Series 6 Spoilers: There is a wedding! But who gets married?

We were already super-excited when filming for the new series of Downton Abbey started, but since we were told that this would be the last ever series, we have been on the edge of our seats wondering just what farewell treats we will have in store. Fans of the hugely popular ITV period drama will know that at the end of the last series Mr Carson (John Carter) finally popped the question to housekeeper Mrs Hughes (Phyllis Logan). Of course she said yes, leaving us all waiting excitedly for the ne

Downton Abbey writer Julian Fellowes returning to ITV with new period drama, Doctor Thorne!

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We are starting to understand now just why Julian Fellowes was too busy to keep Downton Abbey going any longer than series five as he has been linked to yet another period drama. Lord Fellowes, who is the sole creator and writer of ITV hit Downton, announced that this year’s series would be the last as he had embarked on a new US period drama, The Gilded Age. But it would seem that Fellowes isn’t done with the UK, or ITV in fact, just yet as he has yet another period drama in the mak

Downton Abbey: A younger Lord Grantham & Dowager Countess to feature in The Gilded Age?

downton dowager lord grantham
Ever since it was announced that this year’s series of Downton Abbey would be the very last, there has been much speculation about whether or not a spin-off series would follow. This idea was supported by the show’s only writer, Lord Julian Fellowes, who even hinted that somewhere down the line we might see our favourite aristocratic family catapulted in to the 1970’s! This, coupled with the hint of a follow up film in the pipelines too, made us all quietly optimistic that this

Downton Abbey Spoilers: Lord Julian Fellows considering a 70’s spin-off show?

Following the devastating news that Downton Abbey would indeed be coming to an end at the end of series 6 this year, news that a 70’s style spin-off may be in the pipelines has emerged. It was Lord Julian Fellowes himself who made the decision to call time on the hugely popular ITV period drama, deciding to quit while he was ahead rather than hand over the writing responsibility to someone else when he jumps across to the US to pen a new period drama, The Gilded Age. But now it seems that

DOWNTON ABBEY Could Continue… As A Movie?!

The PBS series Downton Abbey just didn’t engage me at all.  That’s not to say I think it is a bad show.  It just didn’t connect with me the way I’d hoped it would.  Nevertheless, there’s no denying that the show’s unprecedented success has placed it firmly in the cultural zeitgeist, and not to mention the fact that it has become a mainstay during the television awards season. So it was with great sadness that the shows creators announced late last week that

Downton Abbey Cancelled! ITV confirm that series 6 will be the LAST – Show to end THIS Christmas!!!!

downton abbey
After what seems like years of speculation, ITV has just confirmed that the next series of Downton Abbey will indeed be its last! Ever since the hit ITV period show burst on to our screens almost five years ago, fans across the globe have mused over just how long the series could follow the prestigious Grantham family and their staff at the great estate. This was made even more worrying by the announcement that the show’s sole creator and writer, Julian Fellowes, had signed up to write a s

Downton Abbey Series 6 Spoilers: Where are Edith & Mary taking the staff?

downton mary edith
Now that filming for the sixth series of Downton Abbey is well under way, we are all  eagerly awaiting gossip and spoilers to emerge, and today, we may have our first installment… When we left the gorgeous Grantham family last Christmas, Lord and Lady Grantham were preparing to say goodbye to two members of their family as their son-in-law Tom Branson (Allen Leech) started packing bags for a new life in Boston, and their niece Lady Rose (Lily James) got married and headed off to start her

Julian Fellowes bans questions about Downton Abbey axe & the Dowager’s age!

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We have to admit the constant speculation and questions over the end of Downton Abbey have started to irritate us somewhat, so we can only imagine just how the show’s creator Julian Fellowes must feel. Ever since it was announced that Lord Fellowes, who is the only writer for the hit ITV period drama, had signed up to write The Gilded Age, a new series for American networks, we all wondered just how he would manage to juggle both shows from both sides of the pond, without compromising, or

Downton Abbey Spoilers: Hugh Bonneville discusses “saying goodbye” to Lord Grantham

Lord Robert Grantham
Since the end of series five of Downton Abbey, there has been much talk about just when the show will come to an end. Of course, with every new series jumping anywhere between two and five years at a time, we viewers knew there was always the chance that the Grantham family, who we left in the roaring 20’s last year, would eventually catch up with us time-wise, and so an end would indeed come… But when the show’s creator and writer, Julian Fellowes, announced that he wished to

“Honoured” Downton Abbey stars welcome Duchess of Cambridge on-set

duchess of cambridge downton abbey 5
Yesterday, the Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed a day on the set of hugely popular ITV period drama Downton Abbey… And despite the fact that she’s due to give birth to her second child in just a matter of weeks, Kate looked remarkably svelte and totally at ease during her visit to Ealing Studios where the show is, in part, filmed. Highclere Castle is also used during filming for the show.

Downton Abbey spoilers: Hugh Bonneville teases 2015 Christmas Special!

downton abbey christmas special 2014 (2)
It just wouldn’t be Christmas without Downton Abbey to look forward to, so the thought of it not being commissioned for a seasonal special this year had not even crossed our minds, for fear that the planet would implode! So it is very good news indeed that the show’s leading star, Hugh Bonneville, has confirmed that there will indeed be a Christmas trip to the great estate.

From Downton Abbey to Beauty & the Beast! Dan Stevens joins Harry Potter’s Emma Watson

Following the massive hype surrounding the new live-action Cinderella out in cinemas this spring, former Downton Abbey star, Dab Stevens has dropped a huge hint that he might be taking part in the follow up film, Beauty and the Best! Of course this news would be in keeping with Disney’s new regime of bring the popular cartoons to real life, with very English mains stars – The actress cast as Cinderella was Steven’s Downton Abbey on-screen cousin-in-law, Lily James!

Downton Abbey Spoilers: Has Julian Fellowes sold show? Could there be a series 7 after all?

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It wasn’t that long ago that, posed with the possibility that Downton Abbey would end after the next series, the show’s producer Gareth Neame suggested that the creator, Julian Fellowes, hand over the reins to a new writer when he decided to head off to pastures new. For the last few series of the hit ITV period drama fans have been watching the clock, wondering just how many series’ we could squeeze out of the creative mind of Lord Fellowes, who is the sole writer of the show,