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Downton Abbey: First pics of George Clooney on set & which character is one fan’s fantasy?

©ITV Plc / Carnival Films

Most people at some point in their lives have indulged in a little role play during their ‘adult’ time, and the stereotypical versions of this when portrayed on TV and films always seem to be of a period costume nature…

So it makes perfect sense that Downton Abbey has become a bit of a category of its own in such activities.

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Downton Abbey Christmas spoilers! Alun Armstrong joins, Anna’s in jail & more!


ITV have finally announced details of the Downton Abbey Christmas episode which is to be set in the autumn of 1924, when the drama returns to our screens on the 25th December. The two hour episode will be shown on ITV on Christmas Day.

There will be a number of new additions to the cast for the special instalment, including cast Alun Armstrong (New Tricks, Braveheart, Sleepy Hollow), who will take on the role of Stowell, the Sinderbys’ butler. Also joining is BAFTA Award nominee, Jane Lapotaire (Blind Justice, Shooting Fish, There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble) who will play the much talked about Princess Irina, wife of Prince Kuragin (Rade Sherbedgia).

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Downton Abbey: Japanese students watch the show to perfect their English

downton abbey

There is no denying that Downton Abbey has become a worldwide phenomenon, but it seems that Japanese devotees are going one step further and rather than just watching the show with subtitles, education authorities have reportedly introduced the show into the national school curriculum!

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Downton Abbey Spoilers: Mr Selfridges Jeremy Piven to join? Who is being axed? Rob James Collier spills….


While the majority of the nation faces the gloomy fact that Downton Abbey is now over for another year, it is some comfort to know that rather than just one Christmas Special to look forward to next month.

As we have previously reported, this year the cast of the hit ITV period drama will be coming together to make a special episode of Downton for the very worthwhile Text Santa fundraising campaign.
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Downton Abbey WILL return for sixth series in 2015! Matthew Goode joins cast as Lady Mary’s new beau

downton abbey

There’s joyous news for fans of Downton Abbey today as ITV have confirmed that they’ve re-commissioned Julian Fellowes’ period drama for a sixth run which will air in the autumn of 2015.

And it seems that storylines for the show’s sixth outing are well in-hand as it’s also been reported today that The Good Wife star Matthew Goode has been cast to play the role of yet another of Lady Mary Crawley’s would be suitors. Read more & comment »

Downton Abbey: Lady Rose’s new man Atticus Aldridge was named at auction!

downton atticus matt abrber

It would seem that Game of Thrones author, George RR Martin, has passed his goodwill on to one of Britain’s finest writers, as Julian Fellowes has revealed that the newest Downton Abbey character was named by a fan after a charity auction.

The world went a bit crazy when George RR Martin told fans that they could name a character in his next book in the series of A Song of Ice and Fire to be killed most gruesomely by himself.
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Downton Abbey spoilers: George Clooney joining full time?


It would seem that the appearance of a very famous face on Downton Abbey has got everyone in the cast and crew so excited that the show’s writer has offered them a full time role.

Unfortunately for one person in particular this isn’t great news, as the role he has suggested for this Hollywood A-lister is currently held by none other than Dame Maggie Smith.
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Downton Abbey’s Sophie McShera for Game of Thrones?

downton daisy hs

With talk of hers, and all her co-stars futures in Downton Abbey being questioned both on, and off screen at the moment, it is no wonder that Sophie McShera has been considering her options.

Fans of the hit ITV period drama will know how, after the dawn of Britain’s first ever labour government this series, everyone in the great house is worried about what the future holds for them.
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Downton Abbey: The Queen honours Dame Maggie Smith (again) and Michelle Dockery says Mary is a Soprano!


We all love Dame Maggie Smith, but it has (arguably) been her role in Downton Abbey which has seen her become admired by pretty much the entire planet, so no wonder the Queen wants to honour her – again!

The Dame part of her name gives away the fact that this is not the first time Maggie has been given the royal nod from Her Majesty, and she was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in the 1990 New Year Honours for services to the performing arts.
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Downton Abbey being axed? To end after series 6?

downton abbey series 5 title

Downton Abbey has, in its five years in service, become one of this country’s biggest and best institutes and exports, but right from the very start we knew it would have a shelf life attached at some point.

After all, having started in the 1910’s and jumping on average 3 years between each series, much in the same way the reruns of EastEnders did on UK Gold, the show ran the risk of catching up with us and apart from The Queen perhaps, there is nobody living the way they did at Downton these days.

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Downton Abbey spoilers: Which actor hangs out with the Royal family?

downton abbey chalres blake

It is no wonder Julian Ovenden looks so comfortable amongst the high-end aristocracy in Downton Abbey, he is used to hanging out with royals.

The actor, who plays Charles Blake in the hit ITV period drama, has revealed that he is more than used to swinging in such elite circles, as his father used to work for the Queen.
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Downton Abbey: Stephen Fry blasts show as “ghastly snobbery”

downton abbey series 5 title

As far as the quaintness of Downton Abbey goes, we didn’t think there would be a person in the land who would appreciate its traditionally English ways more than traditionally English Stephen Fry, but we couldn’t have been more wrong!

The delicious and delightful take of the English aristocratic Grantham family in the 1920’s has captured the hearts of an entire planet… Well almost all of it, anyway!
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Downton Abbey to release a 2014 Christmas album!

downton christmas

As if having a feature length Downton Abbey on Christmas Day wasn’t exciting enough, it’s been revealed today that the show is now going to release its very own Christmas album too! Read more & comment »

Downton Abbey spoilers: Lady Mary’s alibi, Lady Portsmouth is whose friend?

downton abbey series 5 title

Some of you who were tuning in to Sunday night’s Downton Abbey were quite surprised by a new character, Lady Portsmouth, being mentioned as you felt she didn’t sound quite Downton enough.

In fact one reviewer even went as far as to declare that a Lady Annabel Portsmouth was improbable, but there is a rather interesting story behind such a choice of name.
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Downton Abbey Spoilers: Is Bates going to prison for murder? Or did Anna kill Green?

Bates and Anna Downton Abbey

Mr Bates & Anna

We have to admit that we are more than a little impressed with Downton Abbey and its new found sneakiness!

Fans tuning in to watch the second episode of series 5 last night would have spent the first 57 minutes thinking how pleasant and charming the episode was…..
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