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Downton Abbey Series 5 spoilers: Big stories for the Dowager & Lady Mary, and Anna Bates’ rape will be addressed!

Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2013

The only good thing about the end of summer is the fact that it brings with it autumn, which as we well know, is the best season in the world of television!

And, for the past few years, the highlight of autumn premiere season has been the epic and magnificent ITV period drama, Downton Abbey, and this year is no different!
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Emmy Awards 2014: Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman go head-to-head & Game of Thrones has 19 nominations!

sherlock johns stag do

It looks set to be a good year in terms of awards for the cast of Sherlock, given that its two main stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, have picked up five Emmy nominations between them, one of which will see them go head-to-head for the same award!

Freeman’s new series, Fargo, is up for the award for Outstanding TV Miniseries, whilst Sherlock is nominated for the award in the category of Outstanding TV Movie, with both Freeman and Cumberbatch competing for the prestigious combined award of Lead Actor in a TV Miniseries or Movie category. Freeman has also received a nod for the Supporting Actor Award for his role as Watson in Sherlock!
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Downton Abbey: Cast told to stop snacking after being nominated for 12 Emmy Awards!


That Mrs Patmore has a lot to answer for, given that it’s been reported today that the cast of Downton Abbey have been told to lose weight ahead of the new series, and just to make sure they do, the show’s bosses have apparently reduced their snack time!

According to The Sun newspaper, all of the show’s cast - and even Downton writer Julian Fellowes – are “addicted” to the sandwiches that are provided for them to munch on between takes during filming…
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BBC launching The Last Kingdom – Game Of Thrones rival?

the last kingdom

Could there ever really be a show to rival Game of Thrones? The BBC obviously thinks so!

When Game of Thrones first hit our screens back in 2010 it literally took the world by storm as even the most unlikely of fans became hooked on the battle for the iron throne and the ownership of the Seven Kingdoms that came with it.
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Hollyoaks picks up 5 nominations in TV Choice Awards 2014 (FULL NOMINATION LIST)

hollyoaks bsa winners 2014

After bagging four awards at this year’s British Soap Awards, including the gong for Best Soap, Hollyoaks have the chance to bring home another five awards at this year’s TV Choice Awards.

We all knew it had been a great year for Hollyoaks, during which it celebrated its 18th birthday, but as traditionally considered the underdogs of the soap world, we weren’t expecting them to be rewarded accordingly.
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Downton Abbey series 5 spoilers: Is Julian Fellowes killing more characters off?

Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2013

For goodness sake, we had only just finished celebrating the fact that there would be no major deaths in the new series of Downton Abbey, and now Julian Fellowes has hinted that he might have changed his mind.

As we previously reported one of the hugely popular ITV period drama’s stars, Lesley Nicol – who plays head cook Mrs Patmore – had revealed in an interview that there were no plans to kill off any main characters when the show returns this autumn.
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Downton Abbey Series 5 Spoilers: Mr Carson reveals worrying times for the Crawleys! VIDEO

Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2013

The wait is almost up, Downton Abbey series 5 is heading our way, and to whet our appetites ITV have released the first teaser trailer.

As far as teasers go, you couldn’t actually get one with less information than this one. We don’t even see a single character in, with the camera panning round the estate much like we see in the opening credits.
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Downton Abbey Series 5 Spoilers? Lady Mary’s beau Charles Blake in wartime action?

julian ovenden instagram 2

In the last series of Downton Abbey, we viewers – though still mourning the passing of Matthew Crawley – were happy for Lady Mary when she finally threw off her widow’s weeds and had her pick of not one but two potential new suitors…

And those love interests were Tony Gillingham and Charles Blake, roles played by actors Tom Cullen and Julian Ovenden respectively, and it’s Julian who may have hinted that there’s some wartime action ahead for his character in the new series of Downton. Read more & comment »

Downton Abbey: Lesley Nicol discusses the show’s future & what do the cast get up to on set?


As we have previously reported the future of Downton Abbey is still looking bright with no end to the hit period drama in sight, and there’s even talk of a possible movie spin-off…

But amid talk of a cast reshuffle, actress Lesley Nicol, who has played head cook Mrs Patmore in the award-winning ITV period drama since it first began back in 2010, has revealed that despite being aware that the show will have to come to an end one day, she has no intention of going anywhere until it does.
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Downton Abbey to be made into a movie? 5th season will NOT be the last

Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2013

As seems to be the case in so many of our favourite TV shows these days, talks of Downton Abbey being made into a movie have begun, but in case you thought this was just another tired rumour, show boss Gareth Neame has admitted that a film version of the period drama is a definite possibility.

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Downton Abbey Series 5 Spoilers: Michelle Dockery insists she’s going nowhere, but who may be killed off?


With excitement growing for the new series of Downton Abbey – which is due to hit our screens this autumn – rumours about departures and returns among the show’s cast members have been rife…

But one person who is definitely not going anywhere is Michelle Dockery, despite rumours to the contrary that have surfaced in the media of late.
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Downton Abbey: PM David Cameron presents Chinese premier Li Keqiang with signed script from show!

Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2013

When we go on our jollies, we all like to get a souvenir, but while the rest of us have to make do with a stick of rock or a tea towel, Chinese premier Li Keqiang has a signed copy of a Downton Abbey script to take home with him, which was a gift from our Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Cameron, made Downton creator Julian Fellowes a Tory peer back in 2010, presented Li Keqiang with the super special gift – which is a script of the very first episode of the hugely popular ITV period drama that’s signed by Fellowes himself – after learning that the head of state was a big fan of the show!
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Game Of Thrones’ Kit Harington ‘f*cking’ HATES Downton Abbey!

kit harington game of thrones

When we think of Kit Harington we imagine him to be a dark, brooding but mild mannered man, one who thinks carefully before he speaks and very calmly delivers his well thought out opinions when they’re fully formulated.

In a new interview the Game Of Thrones star proved that he’s much more feisty than we could have thought and all it took to bring out his fiery side was the mention of Downton Abbey.

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Benedict Cumberbatch describes his Imitation Game’s character, Alan Turing as an “exceptional man”

benedict cumberbatch

When you are as famous as Benedict Cumberbatch it is safe to say that when it comes to film offers you have the pick of the choice.

And knowing just how intelligent and insightful the great man is, it also stands to reason that he would only take on roles that he truly believed in, in films that he thought worthwhile.
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Broadchurch beats Downton Abbey & Mr Selfridge to most memorable drama moment!


Broadchurch has topped yet another poll and it’s season one finale was chosen as the most memorable ITV drama moment, according to a survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of ITV to celebrate the launch of new channel, ITV Encore.

The survey asked more than 2,000 viewers to choose a top three, from a selection of memorable moments, from recent ITV dramas. A total of 25% of respondents picked the moment the murderer in Broadchurch was revealed, as their top ITV drama moment.

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