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Join us down in Walford for updates on EastEnders, the long-running BBC soap opera. Spoilers, storylines and cast gossip waiting for you inside!

EastEnders Spoilers: Alfie goes to visit Kat, but will he admit the truth about the fire? (PICTURES)

eastenders - Alfie embargo 18 sept

We think it is pretty safe to say that tonight’s episode of EastEnders is the one that fans everywhere will not want to miss as the aftermath of Tuesday’s near-tragic explosion starts to unravel – And we have the first pictures from it to show you!

Fans of the hit BBC soap will know how on Monday night Alfie (Shane Richie) made the incredibly drastic decision to set what he expected to be a small fire in a waste paper bin in his house to cause enough smoke damage to be able to claim off the house insurance and settle his finances.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Maria Friedman cast to play Linda carter’s mum, Elaine Peacock!

embargo 19 aug eastenders linda

As we have previously reported, the Carter family in EastEnders is set to get bigger as casting directors are on the hunt to find an actress to play Sylvie Carter the absent mother of Shirley and Tina. But they aren’t the only ones who can expected a visit from mum!

The Sun newspaper reports today that Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) is set to have a visit from her mother, Elaine Peacock, too, and musical theatre star Maria Friedman has been cast to play the role.
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EastEnders: Samantha Womack needed a break from the doom & gloom of Albert Square!


EastEnders fans will be seeing a familiar face returning to Walford this month as pregnant Ronnie Mitchell makes her way back to Albert Square.

Ronnie (Samantha Womack) was last seen in EastEnders a few months ago, packing her bags and heading off for a new life after discovering that she was expecting a baby, vowing that she could not bring it up around her criminal family.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Producer on Sylvie Carter’s “Imminent” arrival & big Shabnam storylines!

the carters eastenders

This autumn is shaping up to be a very exciting time for the residents of Walford as EastEnders continues to out-do itself on the drama front!

Last night fans would have seen Alfie (Shane Richie) set the fire at the Moon/Slater residence which left the love of his life, Kat (Jessie Wallace) fighting for her life in hospital, whilst the trailer for the rest of the month see Queen Vic landlady, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) raped by her nephew Dean (Matt Di Angelo), but that is not the end of the drama for the family.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Will Kat & Alfie survive the fire? Shane Richie spills

EastEnders kat alfie

Last night fans tuning in to EastEnders would have seen the heart-breaking scenes as Alfie Moon rescued his badly injured partner, Kat, from a burning building while the rest of Albert Square looked on in horror.

But far from feeling like the hero everyone is declaring he is, Alfie has to live with the truth. It was all his fault.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Lucy Beale murderer list teased & Christmas will be MASSIVE

lucy beale death

We have to admit when we first found out that the current murder mystery running through the veins in EastEnders would not be concluded until February next year, we could see ourselves getting very bored of the storyline, very quickly.

But those clever sausages over at the BBC have taken a few tips from Sherlock and have been drip-feeding us enough information to ensure that we are suitably hooked whilst perching on the edge of our seats.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Explosion blasts Alfie across the Square & Harry Reid talks Ben Mitchell’s return!

eastenders alfie explosion

This is the moment in tonight’s episode of EastEnders when firestarter Alfie Moon is blown away from his home as a massive explosion rips through the property.

Fans tuning in last night saw Alfie (Shane Richie) taking the drastic measure of setting fire to his house in order to claim off the insurance and bolster his dwindling finances.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Nitin Ganatra says show is finally back on its feet!


I think we can all safely agree that EastEnders has upped its game this year, cramming in more drama and suspense than we can shake a stick at, and one of its most popular stars feels the same!

Since the beginning of the year, EastEnders has provided us with thrilling entertainment, no one storyline more so than the gripping who-dunnit surrounding Lucy Beale’s murder over the Easter period which, despite being told we will not find out the conclusion to till next February, has literally kept us on the edge of our seats!
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EastEnders: Bosses deny Matt Di Angelo is leaving over Dean Wicks, Linda Carter rape storyline

embargo 22 july eastenders dean (2)

We thought it was a bit strange when reports in the Daily Star Sunday claimed that EastEnders star Matt Di Angelo would be leaving the show this autumn, and it would seem so did he, and his bosses at the BBC!

Fans of the hit soap will more than likely be aware that this month Di Angelo’s character, Dean Wicks, will subject his aunt (actually sister-in-law but that’s a whole other duff-duff) Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) to an horrific rape, after months of trying to seduce her.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Ronnie’s back and she’s pregnant! Is Charlie Cotton her baby daddy? VIDEO

ronnie roxy eastenders

If you’ve seen the dramatic ‘Coming up in September’ trailer from EastEnders – if you haven’t, you can see it after the jump – then you’ll already know that Ronnie Branning is set to return to Albert Square very pregnant, much to the surprise of her sister, Roxy…

And it would appear that Charlie Cotton (Declan Bennett) is the baby’s father, but as is the way of things for Ronnie (Samantha Womack) we would expect that there’s heartache ahead surrounding her pregnancy and we would also expect that the duplicitous Charlie won’t turn out to be the kind of father she would want for her child. Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: Matt Di Angelo LEAVING after Dean Wicks rapes Linda Carter & Shane Richie pleads with show’s bosses

embargo 24 june eastenders dean linda (2)

As we reported recently, EastEnders bosses are sure to cause controversy with a new storyline in which Dean Wicks rapes his sister-in-law – though as of right now, he thinks she’s his Aunt by marriage – Linda Carter…

And there’s further horror ahead for the residents of Walford when Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) is left disfigured for life by horrendous burns in the wake of an arson attack which is in fact carried out by her husband, Alfie Moon. Read more & comment »

EastEnders star John Bardon (Jim Branning) has passed away aged 75, stars pay their respects


There’s sad news to report today as it’s been announced that former EastEnders star John Bardon has passed away aged 75.

John, who played the legendary Jim Branning, had been suffering ill health since he was the victim of a stroke in 2007, at which time he was written out of the soap, but later the character of Jim returned briefly before – having also had a stroke – moving to a nursing home.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Does Sharon Rickman shoot Phil Mitchell?

embargo 19 aug eastenders sharon phil

After the new September trailer for EastEnders revealed the sound of a gun being shot inside the Mitchell residence, many of you have jumped to the conclusion that it is Phil who shoots Sharon. But what if it was the other way round?

For weeks now Sharon (Letitia Dean) has been plotting to rob her fiancé, Phil (Steve McFadden) of everything he has after discovering that he was the person responsible for her brush with death earlier this year.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Shane Richie talks Alfie’s fire but will it be murder too?

eastendes alfie fire 2

Following the news that Alfie Moon is set to start a fire in EastEnders which could put the lives of his entire family at risk, Shane Richie has spoken out about his character’s motives.

As we have previously reported, Alfie is set to make the drastic decision to set fire to his family home in an insurance scam to try and settle his non-existent finances.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Kellie Bright says Dean, Linda rape will have ‘massive’ fallout!

embargo 29 july eastenders mick linda

Fans of EastEnders may be aware that an upcoming storyline will see Queen Vic landlady, Linda Carter, raped by her nephew / brother-in-law, Dean Wicks.
News of this storyline has been spread heavily, with many involved coming out, understandably, to discuss the care and attention that has gone in to such a sensitive topic.

Yesterday we reported to you about how Matt Di Angelo, the actor who plays Dean, had found filming the tough scenes, which they were given extra rehearsal time for, as well as hinting about the possible outcome of this story.
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