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Join us down in Walford for updates on EastEnders, the long-running BBC soap opera. Spoilers, storylines and cast gossip waiting for you inside!

EastEnders: Ben Hardy (Peter Beale) happy to be beaten for world sexiest man title by Tom Daley!


Considering that this time last year EastEnders star, Ben Hardy, hadn’t even joined the show, coming number 31 in the top one hundred Sexiest Men in the World, is pretty impressive.

And the ever humble star has agreed, whilst insisting the best man, Tom Daley, won!
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EastEnders Spoilers: Sharon to leave Walford for good? (PICTURES)

EastEnders sharon

As we have previously reported, when Sharon Rickman finds out that it was her fiancé, Phil, who was responsible for her recent attack in EastEnders, she won’t be happy.

Last month Sharon (Letitia Dean) was subjected to a severe assault when thugs broke in to her new bar, the Albert, to trash the place.
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EastEnders, Emmerdale & Holby City schedule changes to make way for Commonwealth Games

eastenders logo

Just when you thought it was safe to stop checking the TV Guide every night after the World Cup messed our Soap’s around, we have news of MORE schedule changes. But, this time because of the Commonwealth Games!

This time around, however, the schedule changes only really affect EastEnders and Holby City, as the games are being shown on BBC1, whilst Emmerdale is still throwing out some hour long episodes on Tuesdays, to make up for the time lost over the World Cup.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Diane Parish talks “miserable” plotlines & Lucy Beale murder resolve!

denise eastenders

Now, we all expect soaps to be dramatic, and that usually means that storylines and plots have to be quite ‘dark’ and gloomy, which according to EastEnders star Diane Parish is in fact what makes soaps so popular!

According to the actress, who plays sassy Denise Fox in the hit BBC soap, if all we saw when we turned in to watch the show was our Walford regulars all “having a lovely time, singing happy songs” we wouldn’t be interested.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Annette Badland hints that Aunt Babe will expose Shirley’s secret… At Christmas!

EastEnders aunt babe

EastEnders fans are going to see a totally different side to the bubbliest member of the Carter family in an upcoming storyline, which may well lead to massive consequences!

Fans of the hit BBC soap will know how recently Tina Carter (Luisa Bradshaw-White) has been selling the cannabis that her Aunt Babe (Annette Badland) has been growing through her job at the local cafe in order to raise enough money for IVF.
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EastEnders star Annette Badland teases big Christmas drama for Aunt Babe & the Carter family! INTERVIEW

embargo 22 july eastenders aunt babe

Fans of EastEnders will know that Carter family matriarch Aunt Babe isn’t all about innocent trifle-making, and in a recent storyline, we’ve seen her niece Tina going into business with her to flog cannabis…

So perhaps Aunt Babe also cooks up a mean brownie or two, but what lies ahead for the character and how will the pot-plot resolve?

Actress Annette Badland has been telling the BBC what’s ahead, and has teased that there’s a big drama ahead for the Carter family over Christmas… Read more & comment »

EastEnders 28 July – 1 August: Carol faces her mastectomy op as cannabis wars divide the Carter family! SPOILERS

embargo 22 july eastenders shirley aunt babe

*Please note that a lot of this week’s episode details are being held back by the BBC so as not to spoil certain storylines for viewers…

Monday 28th July

It’s a tense start to the day at The Vic following the Carters’ discovery about Tina. The family try to get answers out of her until Mick’s suspicions about the source lead him close to home… Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: Samantha Womack to return as Ronnie Mitchell next week


EastEnders star, Samantha Womack, is expected to return to filming next week after a short break away from the hit BBC soap.

Fans of EastEnders will know that Womack’s character Ronnie Mitchell was last seen packing up and leaving the Square for good after discovering that she was pregnant.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Peter Beale to be killed off? Exits for Tiffany, Morgan & Tina Carter?

peter beale eastenders

Could there be a big cast shake up coming on EastEnders? Cast member Ben Hardy certainly thinks there might be….

The actor who plays Peter Beale in the hit BBC soap has revealed that he fears that his character might meet the same grizzly sort of fate as his twin sister!
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EastEnders Spoilers: Who Killed Lucy Beale? What does the buried phone & purse evidence tell us?

lucy beale death

On Thursday evening, EastEnders fans would have seen a big development in the Who Killed Lucy Beale case, but does it all add up?

With Billy Mitchell now in the spotlight for the crime, the entire Square soon learned that he had rowed with Lucy about some stolen fish the night that she was killed.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Rudolph Walker reveals Patrick’s loss of speech keeps Ian in the clear!

EastEnders patrick denise

As we have previously reported, Patrick Trueman is set to suffer a serious stroke in an upcoming EastEnders storyline, and Rudolph Walker, the actor who plays him, has revealed that the veteran Walford resident loses his speech at a crucial moment!

Bosses at the hit BBC soap have been very attentive of this storyline, with Rudolph Walker being heavily involved in researching the sensitive, yet incredibly important topic.
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Ofcom declares Hollyoaks the most violent soap on UK TV!

brendan, hollyoaks later 2

According to Ofcom, the approved regulatory authority for TV broadcasting, Hollyoaks is the most violent soap on TV, and has had its pre-watershed content branded unacceptable by viewers.

Airing at 6.30pm on weeknights, Hollyoaks is the earliest soap to be shown each evening, and the only one which falls into the earlier watershed category before 7pm, so we aren’t entirely sure how on earth this could be possible.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Ben Mitchell headed BACK to Walford! Harry Reid to play the killer teen PICTURES

ben and phil mitchell eastenders

The BBC have announced that killer teen Ben Mitchell is headed back to Walford, however, the role will be played by newcomer Harry Reid, who has taken over the part from Joshua Pascoe.

As fans of the show will know, back in August 2012, psycho Ben was imprisoned for the murder of Heather Trott, but as is the way of things in soap, in just under two years, he’s done his time and is now headed back to the bosom of his toxic family… Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: Peter learns Billy’s a suspect in Lucy’s murder & Janine to kill again?

embargo 1 july eastenders billy

We were all left a little open mouthed when the new murder suspect in the EastEnders Lucy Beale murder case turned out to be Billy Mitchell, but is it so unbelievable?

Thanks to the returning memory of original prime suspect, Lee Carter (Danny Boy-Hatchard) it came to light last week that Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) had a furious row with Lucy (Hetti Bywater) the night that she was murdered.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Linda finds the gun & Sharon has a meltdown!

eastenders sharon linda

There is nothing a soap diva likes more than a big meltdown on the shoulder of her best friend, and I think we can all agree that Sharon Rickman in EastEnders is well overdue one!

Sharon (Letitia Dean) has been a nervous wreck for the past few weeks after being attacked and left for dead in her bar, The Albert.
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