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Join us down in Walford for updates on EastEnders, the long-running BBC soap opera. Spoilers, storylines and cast gossip waiting for you inside!

Barbara Windsor hints at EastEnders return!

barbara windsor, peggy mitchell, eastenders

We all knew that when Peggy Mitchell left EastEnders in the back of a black cab it was because the powers that be were hoping one day she would make a return visit – And now actress Barbara Windsor has given the biggest indication that this is an option she may well consider.

Fans of the hit BBC soap have grown to love Windsor’s character, Peggy Mitchell, as dearly as one of their own family members over the past two decades plus that she has run the most notorious soap families in British television history.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Ben Hardy QUITS as Peter Beale – Did he kill Lucy? DOUBTFUL!

peter beale eastenders

Could this be the biggest clue in the current Who Killed Lucy Beale storyline running through EastEnders – Ben Hardy has announced that he has quit the show!

Right from the moment that Lucy was found murdered over the Easter weekend, her twin brother Peter (Ben Hardy) was a suspect, having just overheard their father, Ian (Adam Woodyatt) telling his twin that she was his favourite right before her death.
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Coronation Street Spoilers: Jacqueline Leonard to play Owen’s ex & What consequences will the mini-bus crash bring?

jacqueline leonard

As we have previously reported, Owen Armstrong’s ex is set to pay Coronation Street a visit in an upcoming storyline, and now the show have announced that they have cast a former EastEnders actress in the role!

Owen’s ex has been mentioned sparingly since he and his two daughters, Katy (Georgia May Foote) and Izzy (Cherylee Houston) moved to Weatherfield.
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EastEnders: Ofcom to investigate Linda Carter rape storyline!

eastenders linda rape 3

The current rape storyline in EastEnders was always going to be a controversial one, which is why the BBC took great steps to promote it beforehand so that viewers had the choice to watch it or not.

But it seems that wasn’t enough as Ofcom have now confirmed that they will be investigating the soap following viewer complaints.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Laurie Brett returns as “frantic” Jane Beale! Did she murder Lucy Beale?

eastenders jane beale laurie brett

She has been back and forth enough times to earn the title of yoyo, but now it would seem that Laurie Brett is making a full show return to EastEnders!

Fans of the hit BBC soap will know how Brett’s character, Jane Beale, is currently off-screen, having taken her adopted son, Bobby, away from all the drama following the murder of his big sister, Lucy Beale, over the Easter weekend.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Children In Need Grease medley confirms Kim Fox return!

kim fox eastenders

Those of you tuning in to the annual BBC Children In Need fundraiser last night were treated to watching the cast of EastEnders put on a performance like no other as they recreated the hit musical, Grease.

We saw Shane Richie take on the role of Kenickie as he led a team of singing mechanics, including Jamie Borthwick Nitin Ganatra, Harry Reid and Ben Hardy, in the hit song Greased Lightning.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Harry Reid teases Ben Mitchell’s ‘secret gay’ life & Abi Branning romance

eastemders ben mitchell harry reid

Ever since Ben Mitchell returned to EastEnders earlier this year, we could tell there was more bothering him than just the haunting memory of the murder he committed.

When Ben was last in the hit BBC soap he was a troubled teen fighting his own sexuality, acting out in thuggish behaviour in a desperate mission to prove to his alpha-male father, Phil (Steve McFadden) that he was still worthy of being his son.

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EastEnders Spoilers: Did Lauren Branning kill Lucy Beale? Jacqueline Jossa says…

eastenders lauren 9

EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa is expecting her first baby and looking forward to her maternity leave and the actress has been teasing her character, Lauren Branning’s, exit storyline.

Lauren is at the centre of the huge Lucy Beale murder investigation which has been running through the heart of the soap since the young business woman was found dead on Walford Common over the Easter period. Could Lauren’s exit be connected to that?
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EastEnders Spoilers: Max Branning to feature “heavily” in 30th anniversary – Is he Lucy Beale’s killer?

max lucy eastenders (8)

Right from the start of the Who Killed Lucy Beale murder mystery in EastEnders, we knew that we would not be let in on the killer’s identity until February next year when the show turns 30.

That seemed like a very long wait, and it wouldn’t be unreasonable if viewers were to get bored of the storyline, but we have to admit that those sneaky writers at the hit BBC soap have handled this very well.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Is Ian Lucy’s killer? Is Kathy Beale alive & coming back full time? Stars spill….

lucy ian eastenders (24)

The whole country is still on tenterhooks waiting to find out just who killed Lucy Beale in EastEnders – But could the killer have been right under our noses the whole time?

Right from the start of the police investigation into the young business woman’s death earlier this year, her father, Ian (Adam Woodyatt) was always a person of interested, especially when it turned out that he had lied about his whereabouts on the night in question.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Lucy Beale, Cindy, Kathy & Pat return for Children In Need! VIDEO

eastenders children in need

As has previously been reported, there are some spooky faces from Walford’s past making a comeback to EastEnders this month, and now we can tell you all about it.

If you had been living in the same fictional Square for as long as Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) has you would have seen you fair share of murders, fatal accidents and mysterious deaths of former characters.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Lorna Fitzgerald says of stalker reveal, “Abi just wanted to scare Lauren”

eatenders lauren stalker

Following the dramatic reveal during last night’s episode of EastEnders that Abi Branning was the person following her long-suffering sister, Lauren, Lorna Fitzgerald, who plays Abi, has opened up about her character’s motives behind such a nasty trick.

Fans of the hit BBC soap will know that Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa) has become petrified and paranoid since her best friend Lucy Beale was murdered in the spring, and with good reason given she has been being followed by her dad’s new girlfriend’s ex.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Nick & Charlie Cotton are set for BIG drama! John Altman says…

nick cotton eastenders

We have to admit that when we thought Nick Cotton was dead, the world of EastEnders felt like a much duller place.

Fans of the hit BBC soap will know how it was Dot’s never-before-heard-of grandson, Charlie (Declan Bennett) who broke the news of his father’s death, posing as a policeman and swooping in to make all the necessary arrangements for the funeral.
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Eastenders spoilers: So it looks like Jane did kill Lucy Beale!

eastenders jane beale laurie brett

Betting has been suspended by Ladbrokes, over which Walford resident killed Lucy Beale.

The Albert Square business woman was murdered earlier this year on Eastenders and it has been confirmed that the killer will not be revealed to viewers until February 2015.

Many names have been in the frame, including Jay, Ben Mitchell, Ian and even Phil, however bookmakers think they know the identity and it is none of the above.

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EastEnders Spoilers: Fans want Maria Friedman to play Elaine Peacock permanently!

eastenders elaine linda 1

It would seem that the latest addition to the Carter family in EastEnders has caused quite a reaction amongst fans who are calling for Elaine Peacock to be made a regular character.

UPDATE: Maria Friedman WILL return, and so will some Dead ‘Enders!

Elaine (Maria Friedman) was called upon by son-in-law Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) to try and help bring her daughter, Linda (Kellie Bright) out of her recent depression.
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