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The Job Lot Episode One Review: Russell Tovey and Jo Enright shine in this believable new sitcom


In my review of Vicious, I noted how ITV are introducing a plethora of new comedy. While Vicious may be campy and old-fashioned, we have also been given the more contemporary The Job Lot. The Job Lot centres around a West Midlands Job Centre where the employees are almost as hopeless as their clients. Despite that premise not sounding exactly unique, there’s a likeability to The Job Lot that hasn’t been present in a lot of recent terrestrial sitcoms.

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Ripper Street Episode Four: Emma Rigby shines in another episode of the drama which isn’t sure what kind of show it wants to be


Those of you who read my review of the first episode of Ripper Street know that I felt it took itself too seriously and was all style and no substance. I was then persuaded to give it a chance by a friend who said the series gradually got better but, apart from Joe Giglun’s episode two performance as a sinister Fagin-type character, there wasn’t much evidence of that. Now we’re halfway through the series, I thought I’d give it another go and personally I think there’s been a slight improvement as questions have been asked about the central characters, while one of the guest actors gives an emotionally powerful performance that really lifts the episode.

The performance in particular comes from former Hollyoaks and Prisoner’s Wives actress Emma Rigby as Lucy, who we initially see appear at Long Sally’s brothel asking for her room back after having been cast out two years previous. As Lucy is currently pregnant, Sally feels she cannot justify keeping her on so sends her out into the cold once again, however later, she is found drenched in blood screaming to one of the police officers about a murder… Read more & comment »

Downton Abbey: Ed Speelers enjoys beach fun with former Hollyoaks actress, Emma Rigby, and Game Of Thrones star Alfie Allen whilst filming new movie!

It seems that, whilst the rest of us Brits are enduring a freezing January, three of our successful exports are spending their post-Christmas blues sunning themselves on Miami Beach!

Downton Abbey star Ed Speelers, who plays Jimmy Kent in the Golden Globe winning ITV period drama, Downton Abbey, joined fellow British actors Emma Rigby and Alfie Allen in the scorching Miami sunshine between takes of their new film, Plastic.
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Hollyoaks: Emma Rigby says “I’ve never been a soap fan”, and new character on his way!

News from Chester way today includes former star Emma Rigby who’s revealed that she’s not actually a fan of soaps!

In other news, there’s to be a new character in the show. More on the newbie in a moment…

But first, Emma’s revelation that despite having starred in one, she isn’t a fan of soaps.

Emma, who makes a return to TV in new BBC1 drama Prisoners’ Wives, left Hollyoaks and her role as Hannah Ashworth in 2010.

Speaking to What’s On TV, she said, “I don’t watch it, but one of my best friends is Andrew Moss who played my older brother, so he informs me of all the happenings.

“It’s not the kind of thing I would watch – I’ve never been a soap fan.”

Emma went on to say that she’s excited to be among the cast of Prisoners’ Wives, in which she plays a pregnant woman whose husband is in prison… Read more & comment »

Emma Rigby won’t return to Hollyoaks

Emma Rigby, who played Hannah Ashworth on Hollyoaks has revealed that she has no intention of returning to the show.

Speaking to the PA, Emma revealed that she left the show so she could have “a more varied career.”

But when asked if she’d ever return to playing Hannah, Emma replied, “It’s not something I want to do. I don’t want to do that.

“I left because I want to try and move forward with my acting career and try and build a CV and experience working with different people, taking on different roles… Read more & comment »

Hollyoaks actress Emma Rigby lands role in musical

Former Hollyoaks actress Emma Rigby – who played Hannah Ashworth in the Chester based soap – has landed a role in the musical thriller, Wolfboy.

The musical has been adapted from Brad Fraser’s play about teenage boys David and Bernie, who’re being raised in a children’s home.

In the play, Bernie attempts suicide and David is a “street hustler” who believes he has lupine powers. Read more & comment »