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Emmerdale Spoilers: CONFIRMED Robert Sugden is coming back but with a new face!

embargo 5 august emmerdale andy katie

We knew it! As soon as it was reported that Robert Sugden was to be mentioned again in Emmerdale, we knew this meant that he would be making a return to the village… and we were right!

Robert, last played by actor Karl Davies, left the village back in 2005 after successfully breaking up his brother Andy’s marriage to Katie (Sammy Winward) by having an affair with her.
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Emmerdale Spoilers: Vanessa can’t keep her hands off teenage Kirin Kotecha (PICTURES)

emmerdale vanessa kirin 1

Vanessa Woodfield discovers that her vow to keep away from secret teenage lover, Kirin Kotecha, is harder to keep than she expected this week, as the suave sixth former finds a way to get her attention once again in Emmerdale, with intense consequences!

Fans will know that Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) first met Kirin whilst out clubbing in town a few weeks ago.
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Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas introduces new baby son – co-stars and fans send congratulations!

Adam Thomas, Adam Barton

Emmerdale star Adam Thomas became a dad for the first time on Monday (September 8), when his long-term girlfriend Caroline Day gave birth to his son, Teddy James Thomas.

And to share his joy with the world the actor, who plays Adam Barton in the hit ITV soap posted the first picture of him holding his new arrival on his Instagram page.
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Emmerdale’s Danny Miller reveals Twitter stalker hell!

embargo 19 aug emmerdale aaron

Emmerdale star, Danny Miller, has revealed that a historical online hate campaign against him has started again since returning to the show last month.

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know how Miller first joined the show playing mechanic Aaron Livesy back in 2008 and quickly impressed show bosses so much that they threw some of the show’s most hard-hitting storylines to date at him.
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Emmerdale Spoilers: Mark Charnock teases Doug’s return & Laurel wedding

Doug Potts played by Duncan Preston

The return, and subsequent death, of Donna Windsor to Emmerdale recently has left the future of one of the shows best couples hanging in the balance.

Fans of the hit ITV show will know that Marlon (Mark Charnock) shared an illicit kiss with his ex-wife in the lead up to her death last month, causing the chef to become overwhelmed with confusion which turned to devastation when she died.
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Emmerdale Spoilers: Jason Merrells says Declan is in denial over Charity’s lies!

embargo 2 sept emmerdale declan charity

As we reported this morning, time is running out for Charity Dingle in Emmerdale, but it would seem that her clueless husband, Declan, will remain in denial over her treachery.

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know that Charity (Emma Atkins) has been lying to her new husband, Declan (Jason Merells) ever since he proposed to her earlier this year.
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Emmerdale Spoilers: Emma Atkins talks Charity’s abortion and the craziness ahead!

embargo 26 aug emmerdale charity

It is only a matter of time before Charity Dingle became unstuck in Emmerdale but none of us are expecting her to go down without a fight.

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know that Charity (Emma Atkins) is harbouring a deep, dark secret but with her arch nemesis sister-in-law, Megan (Gaynor Faye) hot on her case it isn’t going to stay secret for long.
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Emmerdale Spoilers: Alicia and David to split? & Why do fans love Charity so much?

embargo 5 august emmerdale david alicia

We have good news for all you Emmerdale fans out there, the soap’s most adorable couple EVER are together forever, so Natalie Anderson says.

Of course, this probably means they won’t make it to Christmas as we all know how much soap writers like to rain on the parade of happy characters!
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Emmerdale Spoilers: Mark Charnock on Marlon / Laurel wedding “it feels like the end”

embargo 12 aug emmerdale marlon laurel (2)

When Marlon Dingle proposed to Laurel Thomas in Emmerdale it was for all the right reasons but unfortunately the hopeless romantic has got a bit lost on the road to the altar, after his ex-wife turned up in the village with the daughter he never knew existed.
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Emmerdale Spoilers: Jamie Shelton says Robbie wants to take down Charity with Megan!

embargo 10 june emmerdale robbie (1)

Emmerdale business woman Megan Macy really does seem to have met her match in new sister-in-law, Charity but it seems that she may have found a way to finally bring her down.

There was never any love lost between Megan (Gaynor Faye) and Charity (Emma Atkins) ever since the latter tried to fleece her ex, Megan’s new partner, Jai (Chris Bisson) for all he was worth during their recent divorce.
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Emmerdale Spoilers: Kelvin Fletcher says next 6 months for Andy & Katie will be HUGE!

embargo 26 aug emmerdale andy katie (2)

We don’t think there was an Emmerdale fan out there who wasn’t as pleased as punch when Katie and Andy Sugden got back together last month, but the fact they are one of the soaps best loved couples doesn’t mean it will be smooth sailing!

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know that Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) and Katie (Sammy Winward) were childhood sweethearts, who ended up getting married back in 2004.
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Emmerdale: Steve Halliwell to release autobiography for Zak Dingle’s 20th anniversary!

zak dingle emmerdale

It is hard to imagine Emmerdale without Zak Dingle in it, after all he has been part of the fixtures and fitting at the hugely popular ITV soap for TWO decades.

And what better way to celebrate such a monumental landmark than by releasing an autobiography?
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Emmerdale Spoilers: Kelvin Fletcher reveals that Robert Sugden threatens Andy’s future with Katie!

robert sugden emmerdale

As soon as we found out that Katie and Andy Sugden were getting back together in Emmerdale, we could all see the massive elephant in the room – Andy’s adopted brother, Robert!

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know that throughout Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) and Katie’s childhood blossomed romance, Robert has been a sensitive subject.
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Emmerdale Spoilers 1-5 Sept: Is Declan about to learn Charity had an abortion? Who revisits former passion?

embargo 26 aug emmerdale ross pete

Monday 1 September

Debbie’s grateful Pete takes it well when she turns down living together. Debbie explains to Pete that Ross loved Donna, and is really hurting over her death.

Pete later reaches out to his brother, but his gesture backfires as Ross is livid and his fury begins to overtake his grief. Will Ross tell Pete about his dalliances with Debbie? Read more & comment »

Emmerdale Spoilers: Will Dan and Ali sleep together? Will Kerry and Ruby find out?

ali dan emmerdale (4)

Young Emmerdale resident Sean Spencer (Luke Roskell) is headed off to join the army, and though his mum Ali (Kelli Hollis) resisted her son’s choice of career for as long as she could, she eventually had to relent and give the determined teen her blessing…

However, that doesn’t mean that she’s happy about it, and things become emotional for her and Sean’s dad Dan (Liam Fox) during their son’s leaving do, which we’ll see in the episode that airs on Tuesday 2 September. Read more & comment »