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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Bryan Kirkwood says Mercedes’ exit will be as dramatic as Carmel’s & Sandy Roscoe coming back!

hollyoaks mercedes doctor 1

Whilst we are all still trying to digest the tragic exit of Carmel McQueen last week in Hollyoaks, show exec Bryan Kirkwood has revealed that her sister Mercedes’ exit will be just as dramatic!

Fans tuning in to last week’s epic End of the Line wedding day train crash will have been glued to their seats as the locomotive, hired by Porsche (Twinnie Lee Moore) and Lockie Campbell (Nick Rhys) to hold their reception on board, hit the abandoned car of Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) causing it to derail and explode.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Is Ian Lucy’s killer? Is Kathy Beale alive & coming back full time? Stars spill….

lucy ian eastenders (24)

The whole country is still on tenterhooks waiting to find out just who killed Lucy Beale in EastEnders – But could the killer have been right under our noses the whole time?

Right from the start of the police investigation into the young business woman’s death earlier this year, her father, Ian (Adam Woodyatt) was always a person of interested, especially when it turned out that he had lied about his whereabouts on the night in question.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Lucy Beale, Cindy, Kathy & Pat return for Children In Need! VIDEO

eastenders children in need

As has previously been reported, there are some spooky faces from Walford’s past making a comeback to EastEnders this month, and now we can tell you all about it.

If you had been living in the same fictional Square for as long as Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) has you would have seen you fair share of murders, fatal accidents and mysterious deaths of former characters.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Gillian Taylforth to return as Sandy Roscoe, but is she the one who kills Fraser?

hollyoaks fraser sandy 3

There’s news today that could be a clue – or a massive red herring – about the outcome of a Hollyoaks storyline that focuses on the murder of Fraser Black, as it’s been revealed  that the character of Sandy Roscoe, who’s played by former EastEnders star Gillian Taylforth, is set to return to the show!

As we previously reported, Gillian will leave the hugely popular Channel 4 soap later this year, so the timing of the news that she will be back has made Sandy the most likely of the show’s character to kill  Fraser (Jesse Birdsall), and of course, she had a really really good motive! Read more & comment »

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Gillian Taylforth to leave show!

After only a little over a year since joining the cast of Hollyoaks, Gillian Taylforth has decided to quit!

Taylforth, who also played Kathy Beale in BBC rival soap EastEnders on and off from 1985 till 2000, is to set to leave her role as Roscoe Matriarch Sandy this summer, in a non-fatal exit storyline which will allow her to return to the show should she want to in the future.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Ashley Taylor-Dawson thinks Darren and Sandy being mother and son is great, and says Strictly Come Dancing is a rollercoaster!


Life is pretty hectic for Hollyoaks star Ashley-Taylor Dawson at the moment – Not only is he about to hit the Strictly Come Dancing floor for the first time this Friday, his wife is due to give birth that day too!

And life for his Hollyoaks character, Darren, isn’t much calmer either!
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Ste faces pleads guilty to assisting his mum’s suicide, whilst his daughter Leah’s life hangs in the balance! (PICTURES)


Ste Hay is set to face judge and jury In Hollyoaks next month for the assisted suicide of his mother Pauline, with a disastrous twist threatening to rock his world even more.

Fans of the award-winning Channel 4 soap will know how, after finally building bridges with his mum Pauline, Ste (Kieron Richardson) brought her back to his home to care for her whilst she battled with cancer.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Joe Roscoe isn’t Jack Osborne’s son – Sandy Roscoe is Darren Osborne’s mum! (and Phoebe and Vincent are eloping)!


Oh, well we didn’t see this coming at all, but the mystery of Jack and Sandy’s previous relationship in Hollyoaks has been revealed!

Fans of the award-winning Channel 4 soap will know how, after Sandy Roscoe (Gillian Taylforth) and her five sons, Joe (Ayden Callaghan), Freddie (Charlie Clapham), Ziggy (Fabrizio Santino), Robbie (Charlie Wernham) and Jason (Alfie Sykes-Brown) arrived in the village earlier this year, it soon became apparent that she and Jack Osborne (Jimmy McKenna) knew each other in a previous life.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Darren confronts Jack over Joe’s paternity, and Jim proposes to Carmel – on a white horse! (PICTURES)


We have all been a tad suspicious ever since it was revealed that Sandy Roscoe and Jack Osborne had a connection from their pasts in Hollyoaks, and it didn’t take a genius to work out what that connection was!

When Sandy (Gillian Taylforth) rocked up in the village with her five sons, Joe (Aydan Callaghan), Freddie (Charlie Clapham), Ziggy (Fabrizio Santino), Robbie (Charlie Wernham) and Jason (Alfie Sykes-Browne), all going on about how great their late father was and how close a family they were we knew it wouldn’t be long before a few skeletons came out to play.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Who is Frazer Black?


Frazer Black first appeared on our Hollyoaks screens a few weeks ago as the owner of a taxi firm employed by the Roscoe’s garage to service his fleet.

At the time head of the family, Dandy (Gillian Taylforth) was in a casual relationship with Dodger Savage (Danny Mac), which her son’s did not approve of, so in a bid to split them up they set her up with Frazer and soon a romance had started to blossom.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Robbie Roscoe returns, claiming that his uncle molested him (PICTURES) and Freddie is in serious danger!


The Roscoes are set for more drama in Hollyoaks next week when the return of their wayward son, Robbie, results in a serious accusation, and a missing couple.

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how Robbie (Charlie Wernham) was sent to live with his aunt and uncle after his involvement in the armed robbery at Price Slice a few weeks ago.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Nancy’s life is left hanging in the balance (quite literally) (PICTURES)


As we previously reported, Nancy Osborne is set to find herself in real danger in Hollyoaks when a police chase leaves her car hanging over the edge of a multi-storey car park.

Fans of the award-winning Channel 4 soap will know how Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) has been systematically trying to steal Nancy Osborne’s (Jessica Fox) life for weeks.
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Hollyoaks: Danny Mac says Gillian Taylforth is a great kisser!


We are pretty sure the feeling is more than mutual, but Hollyoaks star Danny Mac has praised Gillian Taylforth’s tonsil tennis skills!

Fans of the award-winning Channel 4 soap will know how Mac’s character, Dodger Savage, is currently “having a bit of fun” with mum of five Sandy (Gillian Taylforth) who is more than twice his age in a surprise twist in the show.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Nicole Barber-Lane has quit her role as Myra McQueen (does this mean Dr Browning gets rid of her after all?)


It is a sad day for Hollyoaks fans as Nicole Baber-Lane has quit her role as Myra McQueen!

Fans of the award-winning soap will know how Baber-Lane’s character is currently in grave danger as her son-in-law, Dr Browning (Joseph Thompson) plots to have her killed by a hit man!
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Hollyoaks: Gillian Taylforth only has one year contract, but would like to stick around longer!


Hollyoaks newcomer, Gillian Taylforth, has revealed that she is eager to make a home for herself on the Channel 4 soap, despite her contract only being for a year!

Former EastEnder Taylforth arrived on our Hollyoaks screens earlier this month as Sandy the mother of five sons Freddie (Charlie Clapham), Joe (Ayden Callaghan), Ziggy (Fabrizio Santino), Robbie (Charlie Wernham) and Jason (Alfie Browne-Sykes).
Since their arrival the Roscoe’s have been caught up in many a drama and have been welcomed well by Hollyoaks fans everywhere so Gillian is hoping that when her contract is up it will be extended as she would love to stay!
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