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EastEnders: Who killed Lucy Beale? Show boss promises “curve ball twist” at Christmas will shock viewers!

lucy beale death

This week, we attended a special preview screening of episodes of EastEnders in which we saw Lucy Beale – who’s played by Hetti Bywater – found dead on Walford Common, and the episodes in the aftermath of her death…

And as you’ll see when the episodes air both tomorrow night (April 18) and into next week, there are several residents of Albert Square who are conspicuous by their absence around the time Lucy was murdered. So there’s to be no shortage of suspects in what’s being billed as the soap’s biggest whodunit plot to date.

During a Q&A at the screening in London, EastEnders boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins said of the Lucy Beale whodunit, “It’s going to run into next year, and into the anniversary… Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: Lucy Beale sustains a head injury in Max Branning’s office! Could it lead to her death?!

lucy beale eastenders

In tomorrow night’s episode of EastEnders, Lucy Beale is set to storm off when her dad Ian (Adam Woodyatt) yet again fails to show any interest in her new business or her ideas for it…

And like a moth to a flame, and upset Lucy (Hetti Bywater) will once more be drawn to Max Branning (Jake Wood) hoping that he’ll provide a shoulder to cry on as she bemoans her fraught relationship with her dad…

However, Max shocks Lucy when he takes Ian’s side, which leads to a heated row between the pair in the Car Lot office. As she again prepares to storm out though, Lucy trips and falls, banging her head hard on the floor. Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: Hetti Bywater says Lucy’s obsession with Max is due to daddy issues – But is he her killer?

lucy beale murdered

None of us have been able to watch EastEnders without our hands shielding our eyes since the illicit, and yucky affair that is currently going between Lucy Beale and Max Branning began – But Hetti Bywater, who plays the teenager, says she thinks she knows what the attraction is!

Fans will know how Lucy (Hetti Bywater) and Max (Jake Wood) began the uber-disturbing affair a few weeks ago, managing to keep it a complete secret from just about everyone (well, who on earth could predict that?), but things are set to take a drastic turn when the affair is finally exposed!
Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: Lucy Beale is found dead! Who killed her?!

EastEnders lucy beale

Friday 18th April, which is Good Friday, is going to be anything but for poor Lucy Beale, but as we return to Walford, the episode begins when we see Ian’s worried when he discovers that Lucy didn’t come home last night…

However, Lucy is happily snuggled up with Lee at the restaurant, but when they’re spotted by Fatboy, Ian and Jane, they flee… Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: Ian makes a shocking discovery about Lucy, and Jake spies on her! But why?

lucy lauren eastenders (17)

In the episode of EastEnders that airs on Tuesday 15th April, Lauren and Lucy are delighted when the open day at the Walford Common flats goes well, however, Lucy’s annoyed when Max turns up, but it’s not long before she succumbs to his charms.

Later, when Lee invites Lucy for a drink, she’s at first reluctant but changes her mind, however, as she goes to meet up with him, she spots him kissing Whitney… Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: What’s Lucy hiding? Cindy knows! And Stan has an unexpected visitor!

stan mick eastenders (15)
We return to Walford on Monday 14th April as tensions at the Vic are rising, with Mick being sure that Stan’s trying to cause trouble within the family…

Things aren’t improved when later, after Stan’s spotted washing his sheets, the family are worried that he’s incontinent. He insists that Lady Di was sick on the bed linen, but it’s clear nobody believes him, and he’s furious when he later discovers a waterproof sheet on his bed. Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: See cast filming Lucy Beale’s funeral! And Christian Clarke’s back! PICTURES!


Fans of EastEnders will know that Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater) is set to be murdered, and as the show’s bosses have promised that this will be the biggest whodunit in the soap’s history, we can expect there to be a number of suspects…

But we reportedly won’t find out for a year who killed Lucy, which some viewers believe is too long to “drag it out”, however, we’re assured that the big reveal will be worth the wait!

And today, the BBC have released behind-the-scenes pictures of Lucy’s funeral, and in them, we see that it’s a big turn out as the residents of Albert Square say farewell to poor Lucy. Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: Lee Carter hooks up with Lucy Beale AND Whitney Dean! Love triangle trouble ahead?

lee whitney eastenders

Lee Carter (Danny-Boy Hatchard) has certainly made his mark among the women in Walford, however, it seems his bad lad charm may be set to get him into some hot water…

The drama begins in the episode that airs on Thursday 17th April when we see that despite having only just hooked up with Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater) ladies’ man Lee soon makes a move on Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty).

However, Lee’s caught out when Lucy spots him kissing Whitney, but if he’s faced with choosing one girl over the other, which will it be? Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: Why is Lucy deceiving Lauren? And it’s the opening night of Sharon’s new bar!

johnny whitney eastenders

We rejoin the drama in EastEnders on Thursday 3rd April as Lucy, Lauren and Whitney head over to Lauren’s house…

Whitney’s still upset after events at Lauren’s birthday bash, and is further hurt when it seems Lucy simply doesn’t care. And despite protesting that she does care, the drama gives Lucy good reason to sneak away after she receives a mysterious text…

Meanwhile, Masood is fully aware that Jane’s just using him, but he plays along anyway, also determined to teach Shabnam a lesson about interfering in his life. However, he later confesses to Shabnam that he and Jane aren’t together, but reiterates that it would be none of her business if they were. Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: What’s Mick covering up? And is Lucy involved with Jake?!

mick eastenders
We return to Walford on Monday 31st March as Mick dodges questions about how he got his bruises, insisting it was something and nothing with some kids, but it’s obvious he’s lying.

Later, Mick visits Stan in hospital to demand some answers, but Stan remains adamant Mick’s made a mistake.

When he gets home and Tina learns that Stan’s been in hospital, she insists they bring him to The Vic so they can care for him, but Mick flat out refuses. Will Tina leave it at that? Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: Who kills Lucy Beale? “It could be anyone” says BBC boss! Even dad Ian or brother Peter?!

who klls lucy beale eastenders

Fans of EastEnders will no doubt know that Lucy Beale is set to be murdered this spring – in April apparently – and while the BBC soap has played host to some of the most gripping whodunits in the history of serial drama, this one, promises the show’s bosses, will be the most elaborate and gripping one to date!

Ben Stephenson, who’s the Controller of Drama Commissioning at the BBC, told the Daily Mirror recently, “Just about everyone who lives [in Albert Square] is a suspect… Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: Lucy & Lauren’s business partnership doesn’t begin well & what’s Ronnie up to now?!

lucy, lauren, max eastenders

In the last visit of the week to Walford on Friday 28th March, Mick gets a phone call about his dad Stan, but he makes it very clear that he’s not interested…

However, after he has a chat with Linda, he decides to go and visit his dad, but when he gets there, he finds the front door is open so goes inside to investigate.

Back on the Square, Lucy and Lauren are downbeat having been turned down by the bank, and so decide as a last resort, they’ll ask Max if he’ll front the money they need for the new business. Read more & comment »

EastEnders: Lauren Branning to kill Lucy Beale? Well, she’s the fave candidate right now!

lauren lucy eastenders

Yesterday, we reported – as did the world and his wife and quite possibly their blogger dog – that EastEnders bosses are lining up their biggest whodunit storyline to date when Lucy Beale, who’s played by Hetti Bywater, is murdered at Easter.

There’s nothing like a religious holiday for inspiring death and misery – just look at every Christmas in history of soapland for proof of that – so while the Easter bunny is bringing chocolate to millions, Lucy’s going to get her head caved in…

Or she’ll be shot, or stabbed, or run over. Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: Lucy Beale will be MURDERED! But who’s going to kill her?!

hetti bywater lucy beale

It’s been revealed today that EastEnders character Lucy Beale – who’s been played by Hetti Bywater since 2012 – is to be murdered in what promises to be the soap’s biggest whodunits to date!

Apparently, Lucy will be killed at Easter, and as the show’s chiefs want the storyline to be as big as the Who Shot Phil plot was, they intend to withhold details of who the killer is for nearly a year! Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: Kat’s determined to find Stacey & Lucy uncovers Danny’s thefts! (VIDEO)

EastEnders kat moon

In the first visit of the week to Albert Square on Monday 10th February, Kat’s convinced that she saw Stacey, and so races into the hairdresser’s to find her, but is disappointed when it’s clear that she’s not there.

Kat then goes to meet Alfie at the hotel, but she can’t stop thinking about Stacey and so tells Alfie about it. However, it’s clear that he thinks she was mistaken, and the girl she saw wasn’t her cousin. Read more & comment »