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Doctor Who’s Jenna-Louise Coleman has QUIT as Clara Oswald! She’ll exit in Christmas special

It’s been revealed today that Doctor Who star Jenna-Louise Coleman has quit her role as Clara Oswald, the Time Lord’s companion, and her exit from the show will a major storyline for this year’s Christmas special. Of Jenna’s decision to leave the show – she’s played the role of Clara for eighteen months and as such, is one of the longest-serving companion actresses – a show source revealed that although her departure was a “mutual decision” made between Jenna and the show’s b

‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary episodes breaks Guinness World Record

The following article will not contain any spoilers regarding last nights 50th anniversary episode of ‘Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor’ so you can continue to read if you haven’t seen it yet. ‘Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor’ aired last night on BBC One in the UK but also aired in 94 other countries around the world, simultaneously.

Day Of The Doctor! Matt Smith & Jenna-Louise Coleman humbled & overwhelmed by Doctor Who fans!

It’s a massive day for Doctor Who fans everywhere and we just can’t wait until later this evening when the new episode ‘Day Of The Doctor’ airs on BBC One and in cinemas and TV channels all around the world. In an event that feels more like the Eurovision Song Contest, or Miss World, fans around the globe will be treated to the special one off programme tonight, which was written and planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the sci-fi show.

Doctor Who: Jenna-Louise Coleman says Matt Smith’s exit is “perfect!”

Of course the big Doctor Who excitement this year is mainly focussed on the special episode, The Day of the Doctor, on the 23rd of this month to mark the shows landmark 50th birthday. The episode itself is set to be something far beyond spectacular, with current Time Lord and companion Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman joining forces with their predecessors David Tennant and Billie Piper as well as a never-before-seen version of the Doctor, played by John Hurt, so it is easy to forget that thi

Doctor Who: Watch first clip from The Day of the Doctor and David Tennant says fans always expected him to return! (VIDEO)!

With the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who featuring the return of the tenth Doctor, David Tennant has hinted that fans always expected him to make a return to the show! Ever since it was revealed that a celebratory episode of Doctor Who was to be made to celebrate the shows landmark birthday it was rumoured that some or all of the previous Doctors would make an appearance in it.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Official trailer for The Day of the Doctor to air this Saturday!

As the countdown continues for November 23rd’s hugely-anticipated Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, the BBC have revealed that a full trailer for it will be aired on BBC1 on Saturday night! People across the world are counting down the days (16 to be precise) till The Day of the Doctor is finally shown in homes and cinemas across the world on the iconic shows 50th birthday, November 23rd.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Billie Piper torn between Doctors and Matt Smith begged to be dangled from Tardis!

With the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who about to land on our BBC screens and cinemas around the world on November 23, show runner Steven Moffat has spoken out about what it was like filming the episode. One of the main attractions of the episode, entitled The Day of the Doctor, is the return of the 10th Doctor and his companion, David Tennant and Billie Piper. Now from several hundred reports we have already heard that Tennant and Smith have developed a deep respect of one another and a

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Steven Moffat praises John Hurt’s ‘scene-stealing’ performance!

After it was announced earlier this year that British acting legend, John Hurt, would be joining the 10th and 11th Time Lord’s David Tennant and Matt Smith as a previously never before seen version of Doctor Who in this year’s much-anticipated 50th anniversary episode to mark the landmark birthday, everyone has been wondering just what sort of Doctor Who he will play. Many a rumour has circulated reporting that Hurt’s version will be that of 8.5, but apart from that not much is

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: BBC release cinema details for The Day of the Doctor and watch first official trailer for it here! (VIDEO)

With the worldwide premier of the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, The Day of the Doctor, getting ever closer, the BBC have revealed details of the cinema screenings for it. When it was first announced that the epic BBC family sci-fi series, Doctor Who, was to show a special episode to mark its 50th anniversary, fans were delighted to know that, as well as airing on our TV screens, the landmark episode would also be shown at a selection of cinemas in 3D around the country too.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: New pictures from The Day of the Doctor released (PICTURES)

Oh it’s the moment all Doctor Who fans have been waiting for, well apart from the November 23rd obviously – The BBC have released new pictures from next month’s 50th anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor! Most of the details regarding this celebratory episode, due to be broadcast simultaneously in over 75 countries on November 23, have been kept top secret, with the beeb only telling us things they want us to know.

Doctor Who: Billie Piper says of Peter Capaldi casting “it makes absolute sense!”

Former Doctor Who companion, Billie Piper, has come out to praise the recent casting of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Time Lord. Capaldi, who is best known for his opinionated role of Malcolm Tucker in the BBC comedy series The Thick of It, was revealed as the new Doctor Who earlier this year after current Time Lord Matt Smith announced his decision to bow out of the hit BBC family sci-fi series in June.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: BBC releases teaser trailers for The day Of The Doctor (VIDEOS)

With the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode and special features getting closer by the day, the BBC has released two teaser trailers to whet our appetites. Doctor Who has been entertaining the nation, and indeed the world, for 50 years on November 23rd, and to mark the occasion writers have penned a special episode featuring current Time Lord and companion, Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, joining forces with their predecessors David Tennant and Billie Piper, as well as a guest appearance f

David Tennant & Matt Smith in Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Title, length & poster revealed – Find out here!!!!!!!

After months and months of waiting the BBC announced yesterday the title of the much-anticipated 50th anniversary special episode of Doctor Who, as well as the poster for it and the length of the episode! For months the media and fans alike have speculated over the tiniest detail emerging about the episode, which is set to feature current Time Lord and companion Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman joining forces with their predecessors David Tennant and Billie Piper.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: John Hurt hints about his version of the Time Lord in special episode!

In the build-up to his 50th anniversary appearance as a version of Doctor Who, legendary British actor, John Hurt, has opened up about his part in the celebrations. This November marks the Doctor Who landmark 50th anniversary, and to mark the occasion the BBC have pulled all the stops out. Not only is there to be a biopic shown on BBC2 depicting how the series was created, starring David Bradley as the first ever Doctor William Hartnell, and a greatest moments special to be shown on BBC3, it is