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Death Comes to Pemberley: Anna Maxwell Martin shines in this satisfying period drama sequel (Spoilers)

Matthew Rhys Anna Maxwell Martin

The period between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve is an odd one and often TV schedulers don’t have any idea what to do with it. The last few years have seen period dramas fill this week whether it be yet another Dickens adaptation or last year’s surprisingly entertaining spy epic Restless. This year is no different with the next three nights being filled up with the continued exploits of the Elizabeth and Darcy. But fear not this isn’t another Pride and Prejudice adaptation but rather the first dramatisation of PD James’ murder mystery follow-up Death Comes to Pemberley.

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Doctor Who Series 8: Joanna Scanlan says Peter Capaldi is the Chippendale of Time Lords and his casting probably means no more The Thick Of It!


After Doctor Who author, Alex Scarrow, hit back at the Doctor Who fans who were complaining that the casting of Peter Capaldi as the next Time Lord didn’t meet their expectations of wanting a younger and pretty actor in the role, Capaldi’s The Thick Of It co-star, Joanna Scanlan has said that in her opinion he is actually the Chippendale of Doctor’s so far!

There was a huge debate over the casting of the 12th Doctor Who, with some thinking a black or female Doctor should be cast in the role, whilst others wanted a younger sexier actor to get the part.
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Heading Out: Joanna Scanlan (Toria) discusses sharing a bed with Sue Perkins and what the series has in store for us ahead of tonight’s second episode! (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

Tonight sees the second instalment of new BBC2 sitcom, Heading out, starring and written by British comedy genius Sue Perkins, and Unreality TV were privileged enough to catch up with one of its main stars, Joanna Scanlan, to find out all the goss for the rest of the series.

Heading Out tells the story of Sara, a veterinarian who is given an ultimatum by her friends to tell her parents that she is gay.

In order to help her ‘come out’, Sara’s friends buy her 6 weeks’ worth of sessions with a life coach in the form of eccentric netball player, Toria (Joanna Scanlan), before her parents are due to visit so that Sara can come clean to them at last.
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