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EastEnders: June Brown changes Dot Branning’s lines to fit her faith & here’s her funeral plans!

Ever wondered how Dot Branning can always remember chapter and verse of the bible at a drop of a hat? Well, it turns out that June Brown has the quotes stored in her memory bank and often re-writes the script to fit them in. For decades Dot Branning has been quoting and citing the bible to all and the quotes and verses have actually become something of a trademark for the laundry loving holy woman.

EastEnders Spoilers: Nick’s funeral descends into chaos! But what’s Charlie hiding from Dot?

We return to Walford for a double-bill of episodes on Thursday, 27 March to see that it’s the day of Nick’s funeral, and Fatboy and Sharon fear the turnout will be small, which they know will upset Dot… However, when Sharon is called away on urgent business that relates to the bar, she insists to Phil that he must go alone, and given that he didn’t want to go in the first place, he only grudgingly agrees to.

EastEnders Spoilers: It’s the day of Nick’s funeral, but can poor Dot Branning face it?!

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Poor Dot Branning (June Brown) has faced more trials in her life than pretty much anyone else ever, and the latest is coping with the death of her son Nick… And in the episode that airs on Thursday 27thMarch, Dot – who couldn’t help but love her wayward and recidivist criminal son – faces the worst nightmare that any parent can face; burying their own child. However, it seems that few of her friends on the Square care that Nick’s dead, and those that turn up for the funeral do so t

EastEnders Spoilers: Nasty Nick to be killed off, leaving Dot heart-broken!

As has been previously reported, Dot Branning’s grandson, Charlie, is set to turn up in EastEnders in an upcoming storyline, but now bosses have revealed that his debut storyline will be centred on the fact that his dad, Nasty Nick Cotton, has died! Fans of the long-running BBC soap will know how Nick (formerly played by John Altman) has flitted in and out of EastEnders for the past 29 years.

EastEnders Spoilers: Dot meets the grandson she didn’t know she had & Kat’s guilt is overwhelming her!

We return to Albert Square on Tuesday 11th March as Sharon and Ian go round to Dot’s to offer their condolences over Nick’s death… However, they’re shocked at the state Dot’s in, and finding her behaviour odd, Sharon later talks to Fatboy about it, and he confides in her that shortly before he died, Nick had tried to make contact with Dot, but Poppy intercepted his calls, and deemed it best not to tell Dot about it.

EastEnders Spoilers: Dot’s distraught to hear her son Nick is dead & Ian’s jealous that Jane’s staying at Masood’s!

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When we revisit Walford on Monday, 10 March, it’s as Dot’s upset to learn that Ronnie has bought the gym and has changed its name without even asking her if she was okay with it. However, there’s more upset ahead for Dot when a police officer calls on her… The officer informs Dot that her wayward son Nick has died, leaving her devastated as she reminisces on his troubled and too short life.

Lady Gaga LOVES Eastenders & is BFFs with June Brown!

Lady Gaga has admitted that she loves British soaps and Eastenders in particular, during her recent trip to London. The singer was in England to promote her new album ARTPOP and single Venus and as well as a performance on the X Factor, she’s also set to pop up on Graham Norton’s BBC chat show later this week. The global superstar met with June Brown, who plays Dot Cotton on Eastenders, while filming the programme and was full of praise when Graham asked if she’d ever seen the

EastEnders Spoilers: Dot Branning is horrified to learn there’s a snake loose in her house! (VIDEO)

Poor Dot Branning (June Brown) has been through the wringer of late, what with the council taking her to court over her rent arrears, so that last thing she needs is anymore problems at home… But that’s exactly what she’s going to get when Fatboy (Ricky Norwood) takes pity on young Bobby Beale – whose sister Lucy has banned him from having any pets at home – and offers to look after the lad’s newly acquired pet. However, that pet is a snake, which Fatboy doesn’t bother to inform hi

Top 5 Soap relationships that lasted the distance, and why!

The Great British soap opera has become segmented in our lives, with the likes of Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks providing us with over 22,850 episodes between them totalling over 11,500 hours since they all began entertaining us, making them almost an extension of our own lives. With these facts and figures which make the likes of the Mitchells, the Barlow’s, the McQueen’s and the Dingles such a strong influence on society, it is no wonder the divorce rate in Bri

EastEnders star June Brown wanted to be a doctor but lacked the confidence to follow her dream!

June Brown is of course a legend in her EastEnders role as Dot Cotton, however, in an interview with TV Biz this week, she’s revealed that in her younger days, she’d wanted to become a doctor! 86 year old June, who joined the cast of EastEnders in its first series back in 1985, said, “In my early days I might have liked to have done something with medicine. “I think I would have quite liked to have been a doctor. But I decided not to stick with it because of the long training.” She add

Heading Out: Joanna Scanlan (Toria) discusses sharing a bed with Sue Perkins and what the series has in store for us ahead of tonight’s second episode! (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

Tonight sees the second instalment of new BBC2 sitcom, Heading out, starring and written by British comedy genius Sue Perkins, and Unreality TV were privileged enough to catch up with one of its main stars, Joanna Scanlan, to find out all the goss for the rest of the series. Heading Out tells the story of Sara, a veterinarian who is given an ultimatum by her friends to tell her parents that she is gay. In order to help her ‘come out’, Sara’s friends buy her 6 weeks’ worth of sessions wit

EastEnders Spoilers: Dot Branning accuses Cora Cross of stealing from her! But she’s in for a huge shock when she finds out who the culprit really is! (VIDEO)

Fans of EastEnders will know that Cora Cross (Ann Mitchell) is persona non grata as far as Dot Branning is concerned, given that while Dot was away from the Square, she allowed Cora to live in her house on condition she paid the rent and the bills… However, Cora did neither, so now, poor Dot (June Brown) faces the possibility of losing her home and is in debt as she tries to pay all the bills left by Cora. So when things suddenly begin disappearing, Dot – who threw Cora out a couple of weeks

National Television Awards 2013: Who won what? And who did what?

Last night saw the 18th annual National Television Awards at London’s O2 arena, and what a night it was. All the stars were out in force to celebrate the highly acclaimed ceremony, with some of them having too much fun… Before the awards even began Celebrity Juice presenter, Keith Lemon, decided to entertain the cold masses outside on the red carpet with star jumps, after a making a dash to the gents as soon as he arrived.

EastEnders Spoilers: Why doesn’t Dot Branning want to come home?! Abi’s determined to find out in Red Button special tomorrow! (VIDEO)

EastEnders fans will of course know that last year, Dot Branning (June Brown) left Walford after what had been yet another annus horribilis for the downtrodden granny… She wanted time away from Walford and therefore headed off to stay with friends, however, she’s headed back to the Square, but as we’ll see in a Red Button special tomorrow night – which is entitled Dorothy Branning: The Next Chapter – Dot’s initially in no hurry to come back to Albert Square. Until that is her step-gr