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Showbiz roundup! Justin Lee Collins apologises, Simon Cowell’s moobs & Beyonce PARTIES!

justin lee collins

Justin Lee Collins has issued an apology to his fans today, over the court battle that drove his TV career into the gutter almost two years ago.

The 39 year old star – who shot to fame as the TV partner of Channel 4 chat show host Alan Carr – was convicted of harassing his ex-girlfriend Anna Larke in 2012 and though he escaped a jail sentence, he was sentenced to 140 hours of unpaid work.

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Woman claims comedian Justin Lee Collins abused her mentally and physically

It’s been reported today that TV personality, DJ, singer and comedian Justin Lee Collins allegedly subjected a former girlfriend to abuse of a physical and mental nature during the months that they dated.

Anna Larke claims that Collins – whose autobiography entitled Good Times! was released in 2009 – hit her and forced her to recount her sexual history, and ordered that she left her job.

She also alleges that he also made her close her Facebook and Twitter accounts, and forced her throw away DVDs starring actors she was attracted to.

Larke also claimed that Collins, who split from his wife Karen in 2010, insisted she slept facing him.

Yesterday, a court in St Albans crown court heard the charges, which read, “Between 1 Jan 2011 and 1 August 2011 you caused Anna Larke to fear that violence would be used against her… Read more & comment »

Justin Lee Collins charged with harassment of ex-girlfriend Anna Larke

Justin Lee Collins has admitted that he is ‘shocked and upset’ after being charged with harassment.

The TV star and dad of one was charged with the offence earlier this week and it is thought to relate to his ex-girlfriend – games developer Anna Larke – and an incident that occured after he split with his wife Karen earlier this year.

The 37-year-old, – who is currently playing Dennis Dupree in West End play The Rock of Ages – was spotted looking dejected as he left Watford police station yesterday, having been brought in for questioning by officers.

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Justin Lee Collins splits with wife and frolics with new girlfriend

Justin Lee Collins has split from his wife of seven years.

The TV funnyman reportedly left Karen, the mum of his two sons, last Christmas and was pictured frolicking on a beach with his busty new girlfriend this week.

A friend of the star told the Daily Mail: ‘Justin and Karen have separated and he does not want to talk any further about it or go into any more details.’

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Alan Carr wants to reunite with Justin Lee Collins

Alan Carr wants to work with Justin Lee Collins again.

The ‘Chatty Man’ host admits he and his pal – who he presented the ‘Friday Night Project’ and ‘Sunday Night Project’ alongside for three years until 2009 – rarely get time to see one another at the moment but he is hopeful they will collaborate again in future.

He said: “It’s frustrating because we get on so well but he is a family man and I’m like an international playboy jet-setter – our paths never cross. I’m sure we will work together again one day, though.”

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Five axe Justin Lee Collins’ shows

Five have axed both of Justin Lee Collins TV shows, after they failed to pull in more than one million viewers.

The channel signed the bearded star on a two year deal worth £1 million, but both his quiz show Heads or Tails and his chat show Good Times failed to score decent ratings. Heads or Tails peaked with one million viewers, while Good Times struggled with only 500,000.

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Justin Lee Collins bans Katie Price from his chat show

TV star Justin lee Collins has banned Katie Price from his new channel Five chat show, saying that she has no filter wiothout ex-husband Peter Andre.

The Good Times presenter told The Sun:

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Justin Lee Collins

On Thursday 17th December 2009, London will play host to an epic Guinness World Record attempt as Covent Garden comes to a standstill for the ‘Most Coins Flipped Simultaneously’ in Heads or Tails: The Big Flip. Participants are expected to flock to the West Piazza at 10am laden with loose change where Justin Lee Collins, host of FIVE’s new game show, Heads or Tails, will compere the proceedings and join in with the synchronised spectacle.

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Justin Lee Collins talks to Unreality TV about new show Heads Or Tails

Justin Lee Collins

If someone were to call Justin Lee Collins’ new gameshow a load of old toss, he might take it as a compliment – the show is called Heads Or Tails and is based on the long-lost art of coin flipping.

To celebrate the launch of the show on 20th December on Five, Justin will be attempting (with the help of the public) to make a new World Record for the most coins tossed simultaneously.

What we’re here to talk about today is that you’re spearheading an attempt to set a record for most coins flipped simultaneously.

Most coins flipped. Yeah, it’s a Guinness World Record attempt which is taking place in Covent Garden, Thursday next week (17th December2009) at 10am. So we’re trying to get as many people down – or up, depending on where they’re coming from – as possible for this monumental world record attempt.

How many coins flipped do you need to break the record?

Well, it’s based on numbers really, so if we can get a thousand people there, all flipping coins at the same time, I think that will be a world record. I’m not sure if there’s an existing world record we have to beat – this could be a first.

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Justin Lee Collins bans Katie Price from Five chat show

Justin Lee Collins

TV presenter Justin Lee Collins has banned Katie Price from his new Channel Five chat show, because she can’t stop slagging people off.

Justin has insisted that he wants people with broad appeal on his show, due to launch in the new year.

Collins told The Sun: “I wouldn’t have someone like Jordan on my chatshow who is going to be too mud raking. They had her on the first series of The Friday Night Project and that was an unmitigated disaster.

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Justin Lee Collins to wing for Ireland in Eurovision Song Contest 2010

Justin Lee Collins

Justin Lee Collins has admitted that he is considering entering the Eurovision song contest next year.

Justin wants to represent Ireland and has even convinced Boyzone star Ronan Keating to write the song for him.

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Justin Lee Collins getting ready to retire

Justin Lee Collins

TV presenter Justin Lee Collins has hinted that once his two year deal with Five ends, he may consider retiring.

Speaking to the Daily Record, the 35-year-old explained: “I am not so in love with this job that I just want to carry on doing it forever. The money is nice and I enjoy what I do. But family is more important – and so too is my health.

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Justin Lee Collins: ‘I was the fattest I’d ever been’

Justin Lee Collins

Justin Lee Collins has admitted that he was shocked when he saw himself on TV and realised how overweight he was.

“I had such a shock,” he told Now. “I was putting my voice to some TV footage, then I looked at myself and realised I was the fattest I’d ever been.

“I don’t know how much I weighed because I’m not a scales man, but I was massive. I had a 36-inch waist and my trousers were too tight. I was on the cusp of having to buy 38-inch trousers.”

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Justin Lee Collins the new face of Five


TV funnyman Justin lee Collins has signed an amazing £1 million deal making him the new face of Five.

The former Sunday Night Project presenter, said he was “thrilled” about his new role.

His first project will be to host all new gameshow ‘Heads or Tails’, where contestants have a chance to win £1 million on the flip of a coin.

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Justin Lee Collins Bring Back Goonies Is Axed

Justin Lee Collins

Justin Lee Collins Channel 4 Bring Back…….series has been axed due to low ratings.

The show has seen Collins try to reunite the cast of Star Wars, Dallas and Fame with questionable results. In the case of Star Wars he only managed to bring back some minor cast members, one of which was actually cut from most of the movie.

The last episode ‘Bring Back Star Trek’, managed just 1.4 million viewers despite the new Star Trek movie having just hit the cinemas.

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