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Katie Piper talks about her revolutionary eye surgery

As you may recall, last week, we reported that in tonight’s Channel 4 film, Katie: The Science Of Seeing Again – which airs at 9pm – we’ll see the next stage of courageous Katie Piper’s road to recovery from an horrific acid attack.

And today, the Sun have printed an interview with Katie about the show, and about her progress since it was recorded.

Katie explained, “I’ve had plenty of operations since the attack — 110 now in fact.

“But I never thought I’d be able to do anything about my sight.

“When the doctor says you’re blind, you just accept it. I didn’t think it was something that could be fixed.

“The acid burned my left eye and I could see light and dark, that was it… Read more & comment »

Don’t Miss, Katie: The Science of Seeing Again

In 2008, Katie Piper was the victim of a vicious acid attack – carried out by a cohort of a former boyfriend – and has, ever since, been rebuilding her life and her face, which was badly damaged in the cowardly attack.

Bravely, Katie has allowed Channel 4 to follow her throughout her hellish recovery, during which time, she’s summoned more strength than anyone should be expected to in order to not only undergo dozens of operations, but also to set up a charitable organization to help other burns victims.

And in the latest film from Channel 4 – which airs on Thursday, February 7th at 9pm – we’ll see Katie learning how she may be able to see out of her left eye again thanks to pioneering new science.

In Katie: The Science of Seeing Again, we’ll see that after three and a half years of struggling to accept she could always be blind in one eye, Katie discovers that stem cell technology could potentially restore her sight… Read more & comment »