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Hollyoaks Siege Spoilers: Kirsty-Leigh Porter reveals Leela’s trauma as Big Bob takes hostages! (PICTURES)

hollyoaks siege 5

Autumn in Hollyoaks is already proving to be a rather exciting time, but it’s about to get a whole lot more dramatic!

As we have previously reported, one of the big storylines set to take centre stage during this epic season is a siege at the local Dee Valley hospital, and now we have the first pictures from this storyline to show you…
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Kirsty-Leigh Porter teases “shocking” Lomax killer reveal!

ollyoaks sienna leela bath

As we reported yesterday the Lomax family in Hollyoaks are set to launch a TV police appeal to help try and track down the driver responsible for their parent’s death last month – With dramatic consequences.

Fans have been left wondering just who was driving that white van that hit Sam and Danny’s car at such speed it killed them instantly whilst they were on the way to the airport to start a new life.
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Emmerdale’s Danny Miller reveals Twitter stalker hell!

embargo 19 aug emmerdale aaron

Emmerdale star, Danny Miller, has revealed that a historical online hate campaign against him has started again since returning to the show last month.

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know how Miller first joined the show playing mechanic Aaron Livesy back in 2008 and quickly impressed show bosses so much that they threw some of the show’s most hard-hitting storylines to date at him.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Peri knows that Leela is her mum and Ruby O’Donnell says she will be confused!

hollyoaks leela peri 1

One of this year’s biggest reveals in Hollyoaks is heading our way next week when Peri Lomax discovers the truth about her parents, and she doesn’t take it well!

Fans of the Best British Soap of the year will know how Leela Lomax (Kirsty-Leigh Porter) is actually the biological mother of Peri (Ruby O’Donnell) but has let her parents Sam (Lizzie Roper) and Danny (Stephen Billington) bring up as their own since she was born.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Who should Leela be with, Ziggy or Cameron? Kirsty-Leigh Porter reveals… EXCLUSIVE

hollyoaks ziggy leela 4

Ziggy Roscoe is a man on a mission and has been determined to win the heart of Leela Lomax ever since she arrived in Hollyoaks last year, so we can only imagine how he will feel when her first love rocks back on to the scene.

As we have previously reported Cameron (Cameron Moore), the childhood sweetheart of Leela (Kirsty-Leigh Porter) is due to make a return to her life next week, and it is set to leave Leela more than a tad confused.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Kirsty-Leigh Porter wanted Leela & Cameron to raise Peri together! EXCLUSIVE

hollyoaks darren leela 2

With the arrival of Cameron in Hollyoaks next week, quite a few questions that are hanging over the head of his childhood sweetheart, Leela Lomax start to arise.

Having previously dismissed the idea of a happy ever after with the one true love of her life, and handing over their daughter to her parents, Leela (Kirsty-Leigh Porter) had started to move on with her life, without Cameron in it.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Kirsty-Leigh Porter reveals Leela Lomax’s shock visitor! EXCLUSIVE

hollyoaks leela ziggy 2

As we have previously reported the love of Leela Lomax’s life is about to make a shocking return in Hollyoaks next week.

Now to refresh your memories, Cameron is the father of Leela’s daughter, Peri (Ruby O’Donnell), who has been locked up for the past 15 years for a crime that Leela’s mum, Sam (Lizzie Roper), set him up for.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Kirsty-Leigh Porter says Peri – Leela reveal is coming & her dad is joining show too!

hollyoaks peri the vamps 1

Hands up who saw the big Hollyoaks twist coming last week when Leela Lomax admitted that she was youngest sister, Peri’s real mum!

For weeks now fans of the hit Channel 4 soap have been lead merrily down the path by the powers that be into believing that Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) was actually the child’s biological mother, only for that swing ball to knock us all off our feet.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Lizzie Roper says Sam Lomax develops a soft-spot for Ste Hay!


Now that the entire Lomax family is present in the village of Hollyoaks, complete with long-lost son Ste Hay and surprise baby ‘Not Yet’, can they settle in normal life amongst the other residents?

The answer – Not likely!

Whilst on the outside the family seem to be your average middle-working class family, with dad Danny (Stephen Billington) teaching drama at the local sixth form, and mum Sam (Lizzie Roper) top of the Hollyoaks beat trying to catch all the dozens of criminals running loose.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Ste’s sisters turn up in the village, and one of them gives birth! (PICTURES)


Ste Hay is to meet his three half-sisters next month in Hollyoaks, as bosses at the award-winning Channel 4 soap have announced the castings of the rest of his secret-estranged father, Danny Lomax’s family.

Fans of the show will know how Danny Lomax (Stephen Billington) first turned up in the village of Hollyoaks as a supply drama teacher at the college, and it wasn’t long before he had begun a steamy fling with English teacher, John Paul McQueen (James Sutton).
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Watch out John Paul, Danny is MARRIED (and you won’t believe who his son is either!)


Well we knew that Danny Lomax had a few suitcases of skeletons with him when he turned up in Hollyoaks, but even we didn’t see this coming!

Danny (Stephen Billington) arrived in the village last month as a supply teacher for the sixth form college.

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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Former Emmerdale actress Kirsty-Leigh Porter confirmed as playing Ste Hay’s sister!


As we previously reported, former Emmerdale actress Kirsty-Leigh Porter has been cast in a new role on the award-winning Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks – and now we know who she will play!

Porter, who up until recently was in a long-term relationship with her Dales co-star, award-winning actor Danny Miller, was reported by SoapSquawk last month to be playing a full-time character later this year.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Former Emmerdale actress Kirsty-Leigh Porter joins cast for summer of drama!


Former Emmerdale actress, Kirsty-Leigh Porter, is joining the cast of Hollyoaks, it has been revealed.

Porter, who up until recently was in a long-term relationship with her Dales co-star, award-winning actor Danny Miller, is reported by SoapSquawk to be playing a full-time character later this year.
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Emmerdale star Danny Miller says his girlfriend wasn’t jealous of gay kisses

As fans of Emmerdale will know, Danny Miller has filmed his final scenes as Aaron Livesy, and though he’s going to miss the cast and crew, he’s told TV Biz that he won’t miss kissing men!

However, his girlfriend, Kirsty Leigh Porter – who plays Roz on the show – apparently never felt jealous when Danny had to film kissing scenes.

Danny explained, “Romantic scenes are embarrassing, especially when you’re only 17, but you just have to get on with it.

“I didn’t have to kiss anyone for the first six months but then it was Victoria Sugden I kissed first.

“You just have to prepare yourself for it and forget people are watching.

“I won’t miss kissing blokes. I haven’t got a problem with it but I don’t think I’ll be reminiscing!”

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