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Doctor Who: Sylvester McCoy LOVES Peter Capaldi & his Scottish accent!

Sylvester McCoy Doctor Who

On Saturday night everyone finally got to see Peter Capaldi in his Doctor Who debut, but what did we all make of his performance?

There was a huge anticipation surrounding Capaldi’s casting as the iconic space and time traveller, with the general consensus being that he was perfect for the part.
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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi admits filming show is hard as stats show lowest debut viewing figures for Deep Breath! (VIDEO)

doctor who deep breath 1

Oh dear, it would seem that not as many of you as we were expecting tuned in to watch Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who debut on Saturday night, as viewing figures have shown the biggest drop in debut ratings since the shows rebirth.

When the hit BBC family sci-fi series was first brought back to life by Christopher Eccleston after the almost a decade beak in 2005, 9.9million of you all tuned in to watch.
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Doctor Who: Matt Smith delights fans with cameo appearance in Peter Capaldi debut, Deep Breath! VIDEOS

doctor who matt smith deep breath

Last night, the much-anticipated eighth series of Doctor Who kicked off on BBC1 with an episode entitled Deep Breath, which saw new Time Lord actor Peter Capaldi make his full-time debut…

But fans were left delighted by a surprise the BBC had in store for Whovians in the form of a cameo appearance by Matt Smith, who was of course Capaldi’s predecessor. Read more & comment »

Doctor Who Spoilers: Peter Capaldi is “still finding his feet”!

doctor who deep breath

With his Doctor Who debut only four days away, new Time Lord, Peter Capaldi has revealed that he isn’t completely ready!

The Doctor is probably one of the most iconic, and sought after roles that any actor could hope to be cast as, but with great history and reputation comes an even greater responsibility for any new actor to get it right.

No pressure then!
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Doctor Who Spoilers: Jenna Coleman on ‘younger’ Peter Capaldi


In wake of the recent announcement that she is leaving Doctor Who, Jenna Louise Coleman has opened up about the differences between new Doctor Peter Capaldi, and his predecessor, Matt Smith.

The former Emmerdale star joined the show as new companion Clara Oswald after Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and her husband, Rory Williams (Arthur Darvil) left the show back in 2012.
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Doctor Who Series 8 Spoilers: Steven Moffat teases “serious” consequences, and The Doctor’s crush on Clara!

doctor who series 8 new

We are precisely one month away from the eighth series of Doctor Who crash landing on to our BBC screens, and the big boss of the show, Steven Moffat, has been giving us a few hints at what we might have to look forward to!

And boy does it sound like we are in for a treat!
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Matt Smith says Doctor Who is better than James Bond, loves Peter Capaldi….but not Belfast!

doctor who the time of the doctor matt smith

Former Doctor Who Matt Smith has been comparing his favourite BBC show to another Great British institution, James Bond.

Smith played the eleventh Time Lord from 2010 through till Christmas Day last year, and ever since he announced his decision to leave, back in June 2013, he hasn’t really shut up about the show.
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So you prefer Sherlock to Doctor Who but Matt Smith to Benedict Cumberbatch?

sherlock doctor who steven moffat benedict cumberbatch matt smith

It’s one of the questions that has the nation completely divided – Who do we love more, Sherlock or Doctor Who?

Now we personally believe that there is more than enough room in our hearts for both massive shows and popular characters, but it’s been ‘proved’ this week that you do actually have a favourite.

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Matt Smith would have made Doctor Who meaner & could Karen Gillan be the 1st female Doctor?

doctor who matt smith 2

On a number of occasions since Matt Smith announced his decision to quit Doctor Who last June he has seemed regretful of his choice and has admitted that he had second thoughts after handing in his notice.

However in a new interview Matt has explained why, in the end, he felt it was necessary to go.

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Doctor Who: Colin Baker calls Peter Capaldi ‘perfect’ and David Tennant & Matt Smith ‘bloody kids’

Colin Baker

Everyone was very sad when 11th Time lord Matt Smith announced his decision to leave Doctor Who last June, but equally we were all excited to see who would be brought in to replace him.

Having had a dip in The Doctor’s age over the last few regenerations we had left our minds completely open as to who the next chosen one would be, with some people even predicting a female casting for the role.
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Peter Capaldi is coming to The Doctor Who Experience! Bye Matt Smith!


As we have previously reported, the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff is planning on making some changes to coincide with the appointment of the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

This week BBC Worldwide has confirmed these changes and revealed that they are planning to close the current interactive walkthrough in preparation.

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Are Former Doctor Who star Matt Smith and Downton Abbey’s Lily James an item?

matt smith lily james

There’s nothing like running away the moment you’re spotted with a potential love interest to fuel rumours of a new romance, is there?

Which is precisely the situation that former Doctor Who actor Matt Smith and Downton Abbey star Lily James are facing, but is talk of a romance just a rumour?
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All time FAVOURITE Doctor Who actor & episode and Foxes joins series 8!

Doctor Who

It is one of those conversations that Doctor Who fans everywhere have had at least once in their lives, either down the pub on some random Saturday, or for the diehard Whovians out there at one of the conventions – but now a poll has been conducted to try and find who is the most loved Doctor Who incarnation and what was the best episode.

We have had several to choose from, with an abundance of stories to showcase each one, so Doctor Who magazine has no shortage of options when they composed their popular and far reaching survey.

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Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch not sexy enough? Peter Capaldi to be replaced by female on Doctor Who?

sherlock benedict cumberbatch 1

It would be hard to imagine BBC period drama Sherlock being as hugely successful as it is without the smoulderingly handsome Benedict Cumberbatch playing the role of the famous London detective, but that is apparently what almost happened!

According to the Daily Mail, the powers that be on the show have revealed that Cumberbatch almost didn’t make the cut as they thought he wasn’t “sexy enough” for the part.
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Philip Glenister as Doctor Who & Matt Smith’s return?

doctor who the day of the doctor matt smith

This won’t come as a huge shock to many Doctor Who fans out there, but Matt Smith wants to make a show comeback – as soon as possible!

Ever since the 11th Time Lord, Matt Smith, announced his decision to leave the hit BBC sci-fi series back in June last year, there seemed to be an almost instant element of regret from the actor over his exit.
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