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Downton Abbey: Michelle Dockery on leaving, Richard E Grant drops hints & costumes on tour!


Good news for Downton Abbey fans – Michelle Dockery has revealed that she has no intentions of leaving the show!

Dockery has kept us all entertained playing Lady Mary in the hit ITV period drama since it first began back in 2010, but the future of her character was thrown into uncertainty in 2012 when, on Christmas Day, her on-screen husband, Matthew was killed off!
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Downton Abbey: Producer discusses end of show and Michelle Dockery thinks the amount of spoofs is funny!

Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2013

Since Downton Abbey first appeared on our ITV screens back in 2010 it has always been known that there has to be a time limit on it.

After all if we followed the lives of those living in the great estate from the 1920′s where it currently is, up until recent times, it would be less appealing as a period drama, and more like a soap!
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Downton Abbey Christmas Special : Laura Carmicheal shines in this feature-length instalment

Downton Abbey cast

In my review of the last episode of Downton Abbey series four I commented how I felt Julian Fellowes was holding back the conclusion of a number of his storylines. Indeed, the ambiguous nature off Bates’ story and the references to Cora’s family led me to believe that ITV had more invested in tonight’s episode than they did the series itself. To an extent I was right as tonight’s special featured an all-star cast and many definitive conclusions to stories. In addition it set up two major stories for the fifth series which I’m sure will excite long-time fans of the show. At the same time I can’t help but think that tonight’s special could have been much more than what it was and I have to say I was a little disappointed when it finished.

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Downton Abbey Episode Eight: Death, Proposals and Pigs are the highlights of an underwhelming series finale

Bates and Anna Downton Abbey

One of my main issues with series four of Downton Abbey has been the over-abundance of needless subplots throughout the past eight weeks. While Mary, Edith, Anna and Bates have been well-served with gripping stories this series, there have been others that have been less lucky. A prime example of this has been the below-stairs romance between the younger servants which hasn’t interested me one iota, while Bates’ old music hall companion reappearing really didn’t go anywhere. I was also personally disappointed with tonight’s closing instalment, mainly because all the exciting moments seemingly happened off-screen.

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Downton Abbey Series 4 Spoilers: An Interracial wedding and an illegitimate pregnancy bring’s series 4 to an end (PICTURES)


It’s hard to believe that this Sunday will see the last instalment of the current series of Downton Abbey, but before the depressions starts sinking in we still have a whopper of an episode to look forward to – and we have some pics to show you in advance!

We were all left shocked by the fact the not only is Lady Edith pregnant, but that she is not married to the father as he is not only missing, but still married to someone else!
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Downton Abbey Series Four Episode Seven: Laura Carmichael and Michelle Dockery shine in an instalment that struggles with its balance of light and shade


One of the main issues I have with Downton Abbey is that it occasionally struggles to balance the tone between its many storylines. For example, we’ve seen Anna attempting to deal with the dark events of a few weeks ago but at the same time have seen lighter moments such as Violet and Isobel’s bickering and the family’s reaction to a rowdy jazz band performing in the house. This week’s instalment continues that theme as we witness a monumental decision for Edith alongside Mary frolicking around in the mud with the latest in a long line of suave suitors.

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Downton Abbey Series Four Episode Six: Maggie Smith and Penelope Wilton shine in the most light-hearted instalment of the series so far


It’s fair to say that this series of Downton Abbey has delivered more light than shade. Though there have been some humorous segments, they’ve mostly been overshadowed by a certain event which caused some fans to stop watching all together. However, I found this week to be a lot more uplifting and I have to admit that I laughed a fair few times throughout the episode. That’s not to say that there was no drama to speak of, but with all the jazz music and Maggie Smith putdowns I hardly noticed it.

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Downton Abbey Series Four Episode Four: Joanne Froggatt and Brendan Coyle shine in this episode featuring a proposal, a rejection and a welcome exit


The more observant among you will have noticed that there was no Downton Abbey review last week, but there’s a very good reason for that. The episode wasn’t previewed for the press ahead of time meaning that we all knew there was a big shock coming our way. While some of us believed it to be the death of a major character, in actuality we saw the shocking rape of Anna by visiting valet Mr Green. Obviously the controversial story has been criticised by some but it does definitely look set to play into the rest of the series.

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Downton Abbey Episode Two: Michelle Dockery and Jim Carter shine in an instalment which sees Robert and Mary find out the truth about Matthew’s wishes


One of my complaints about last week’s Downton Abbey was the extended running time which meant that some of the subplots felt forced or over-stretched. This week we’re back down to an hour which allows the story to be told at a faster pace and means that the episode never lags.

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Downton Abbey Series 4 Spoilers: New pictures released ahead of Sunday’s episode! (PICTURES)


Now that the wait is finally over, and the second episode of the fourth series of Downton Abbey is just days away, ITV have released some exciting pictures from Sunday night’s episode for you to see ahead of time.

We can’t imagine there was a TV set in the country that wasn’t set to ITV (or set to record at very least) at 9pm on Sunday night as fans welcomed the Crawley family and staff back to autumn drama with wide open arms.
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Downton Abbey Series Four: Michelle Dockery and Maggie Smith shine in the return of the popular period drama


I’m sometime baffled by how much love people have for Downton Abbey. The sprawling costume drama series, which returns tonight for a fourth run, took everybody by surprise when it first arrived in 2010. It regularly packs in audiences of over eight million while it has been rewarded with a large bounty of awards, mainly from American critics. While I concede that the programme is well-acted and well-produced, it’s done nothing to really prove that it deserves all the hype that it receives. I continued to have those sort of feelings during tonight’s episode, which seemingly focused on the progressive nature of the 1920s but at the same time saw a household who were quite happy to live in the past.

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Downton Abbey: Michelle Dockery says grieving Lady Mary “finds it very difficult to bond with baby George!” (INTERVIEW) *series 4 Spoilers*

lady mary, baby george, DOWNTON_EMBARGOED_UNTIL_12TH_SEPTEMBER_13

Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery – who of course plays the role of Lady Mary – was among several of the show’s cast who attended the glitzy press launch of the fourth series of the hit ITV period drama in London in this summer…

And she revealed that following the death of her husband Matthew Crawley at the end of series three – on the day the couple’s son George was born – Mary found it difficult to “bond” with her son.

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Downton Abbey Series 4 Spoilers: Lady Mary will still be ‘snobbish’ in new series!


In the build-up to the much-anticipated fourth series of Downton Abbey, one of its main stars Michelle Dockery has revealed that her character, Lady Mary Crawley, will remain as snobbish as ever when the show returns.

Fans of the award-winning ITV period drama will know how Lady Mary has always been a bit of a snob, and hard faced to go with it, but her persona seemed to change and soften when she met the love of her life, Matthew (Dan Stevens).
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Downton Abbey Series 4: Michelle Dockery says it was strange filming without Dan Stevens!


Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery may have admitted that she is secretly pleased that her character Lady Mary has been made a widow as she likes playing her nasty side, but that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t missed working with her former on-screen husband Dan Stevens.

As we reported earlier this week Michelle admitted that she was excited to play Mary’s more sinister side, which we were all introduced to when the show first began back in 2010, following the death of her husband Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) during last year’s Christmas Day special.
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Downton Abbey Series 4: Michelle Dockery is glad Matthew died, as now Lady Mary gets to be nasty again!


Following her on-screen husband’s death during last year’s Christmas Day special of Downton Abbey, Michelle Dockery has revealed that she is glad Lady Mary is now a widow as she gets to play her mean side again.

Fans of the award-winning ITV period drama will know how Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) was first introduced to us back in series one as a hard faced and sometimes callous vixen who enjoyed mocking her sisters and defying every rule set to her by her parents.
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