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Emmerdale Spoilers: Alicia & David plunged into dramatic new storyline! Natalie Anderson spills

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Alicia Metcalfe has been in the thick of some of Emmerdale’s most dramatic and hard-hitting storylines recently, so it is little wonder that the powers that be have given her a little bit of a rest – but it’s not going to be a long one! Alicia (Natalie Anderson) was shot by killer Cameron Murray during last year’s epic siege of the Woolpack, not long after she had been released from prison for assaulting Val (Charley Hardwick).

Emmerdale Spoilers: Val tells the whole village about her HIV & Alicia gets a nasty surprise! (VIDEO)

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In the episode of Emmerdale that airs on Wednesday 7 May, even as Leyla makes a not so subtle attempt at blackmailing Alicia and David over the ‘insurance’ money, a woman called Tina arrives and marches up to the bar… She accuses Alicia of having robbed her of her inheritance money, and while Alicia tries to protest, Tina throws a drink all over her and storms off. However, the penny drops for Leyla, and she realises what’s happened. But what will she do to get that cash from Alicia

Emmerdale Spoilers: Val, Eric & Diane are arrested & Alicia gets a shock windfall! (VIDEO)

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In the episode of Emmerdale that airs on Monday 5 May, Val’s in shock after her date with Tiny, and when Eric arrives and wants to know how she got the bruise on her face, she lies, but he’s not buying it… Later, when Tiny arrives with a bread delivery and Eric hears him saying Val is “diseased”, he sees red and lashes out, and it’s not long before the police are called!

Emmerdale Spoilers: Will Val tell Tiny about her HIV? And is Alicia in trouble with the law?! (VIDEO)

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In the last Emmerdale episode of the week on Friday 2 May, we return to the drama as Val tells Eric that she’s told Tiny that she’s HIV positive and adds that he’s fine with it, but the truth is that she hasn’t told him… Later that night, Eric watches on as Val and Tiny get out of a taxi after their night out, and he’s miserable as he sees them heading off together. We then see that Tiny is waiting in bed for Val, and after she quizzes him about having protection, she suddenly ge

Emmerdale Spoilers: Who’ll get to Rachel first? And will Alicia keep Priya’s eating disorder secret from David? (VIDEO)

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In an hour long episode of Emmerdale that airs on Thursday 27 February, we rejoin the drama as Mark demands a further payment of £10,000 to tell Jai exactly where Rachel is… Jai’s not happy about it, but as he thinks he’s now so close to finding his son, he knows he can’t give up and so hands over the cash. While that drama plays out in the village, Charity and Declan are on a mission to get to Rachel before Jai does, and so form another plan.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Alicia & Leyla are arrested! And what’s going on with Priya?! (VIDEO)

In the first of a double-bill of episodes of Emmerdale on Thursday 9 January, David is concerned to hear Priya is still suffering from morning sickness. Meanwhile, alone, Priya searches the Internet for ‘eating and pregnancy’. Georgia arrives with soup but Priya makes her excuses and refuses to touch it. When David arrives she begrudgingly accepts his offer of a lift to the doctors. Later, a frustrated Priya waits for David; but he lets her down. Priya fumes as she rings a taxi, defiant she

Emmerdale Spoilers: Charity forces Jai to choose! It’s her or Archie! And Alicia’s frustrated David hasn’t told Priya about their wedding (VIDEO)

In the first of a double-bill of episodes of Emmerdale that air on Thursday 12 December, Charity’s putting on a brave face over Archie’s birthday, but she’s struggling to keep a lid on her feelings. Debbie admits her fears over her mum to Lisa, and later, Lisa’s shocked to see intent in Charity’s eye as she sits behind the wheel of her car, ready to mow down Rachel and Archie down! As Charity revs up the engine, will she really take Archie and Rachel out in one hit?

Emmerdale Spoilers: Drunken Charity goes berserk with a digger! Jacob hopes Alicia and David will wed! (VIDEO)

In the first of the double-bill of episodes of Emmerdale that air on Thursday 28 November, Noah’s devastated to learn that Charity is divorcing Jai, and quickly sets off to the factory in a quest to find out why. A drunken Charity heads off in pursuit of Noah, but she’s angry when she arrives to see the obvious close connection between Jai and her son. And after she doesn’t take kindly to Jai’s words, Charity takes out her anger behind the wheel of a digger!

Emmerdale Spoilers: Matthew Wolfenden says David and Alicia won’t be a “flash in the pan” despite Priya’s pregnancy!

Now that the couple in Emmerdale that everyone wanted to see together are within a hairs distance of a happy ending, all hell is about to break loose yet again. Ever since David (Matthew Wolfenden) made a drunken pass at Alicia (Natalie Anderson) after her sister jilted him before their wedding, we have all been desperate for them to fall in love. We thought that our wishes were about to come true when David agreed to marry Alicia in order to gain custody of her son, Jake, while she served a pri

Emmerdale Siege Spoilers: Natalie Anderson admits she feared she was facing the sack when she learned about the shooting and reveals that David realises he still loves Alicia!

It has certainly been a dramatic week for the residents of Emmerdale with the village under siege by crazed gunman Cameron Murray, but none more that Alicia Gallagher who fans watched rushed to hospital during last night’s episode after being shot by a stray bullet. Killer Cameron (Dominic Power) is on the run having escaped from prison, and has taken over the Woolpack claiming all inside as hostages.

Emmerdale Siege Week Special: Matthew Wolfenden says of hostage David Metcalfe, “It makes him realise he’s madly in love with Alicia!” SPOILERS

There’s good and bad news for fans of the romance between Emmerdale characters Alicia Gallagher and David Metcalfe as gorgeous Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David, has revealed that his alter ego is about to realise he’s still “madly in love” with Alicia… However, he’ll come to that realisation as he – and half the village – are being held hostage at gunpoint by deranged killer Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) and as someone is set to be shot – and it could be David or Alicia –

Emmerdale Siege Week Special: Natalie Anderson says, “Dominic Power was so scary as Cameron, I didn’t need to act Alicia’s fear!” SPOILERS

As fans of Emmerdale will know, the Cameron Murray storyline comes to a very dramatic climax next week when the killer returns to the village and holds several of his former friends and neighbours hostage, including Alicia Gallagher… And according to Natalie Anderson, who of course plays Alicia, she didn’t have to act out her character’s fear, because Cameron actor Dominic Power was so menacing during filming of the scenes, she was genuinely scared! Here’s what she had to say…

Emmerdale star Natalie Anderson on why she decided to star in Your Face Sounds Familiar!

Fans of Emmerdale will of course know gorgeous Natalie Anderson best for her role as Alicia Gallagher on the soap, however, mum-of-one Natalie is about to show just how versatile a performer she is by appearing in celebrity talent show, Your Face Sounds Familiar… And this week, Natalie, who gave birth to her son Freddie just ten months ago, has been telling the Daily Mirror why she decided to take on another challenge, despite being busy with her schedule for the ITV soap and with being a mum.

Emmerdale: Natalie Anderson can’t believe she is up for Sexiest Female at BSA’s as her appearance is not her main priority!

Emmerdale star Natalie Anderson can’t believe that she has been shortlisted for Sexiest Female at this year’s British Soap Awards, as she has admitted that her appearance is not her main priority since having a baby! The actress, whose character Alicia Gallagher spent a recent stint in prison whilst Anderson was on maternity leave last year giving birth to her fist baby, Freddie now nine months old, is up against Hollyoaks star  Jorgie Porter who plays Theresa McQueen, EastEnders