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Jimmy Savile police reveal new paedophile horror after “lists of names of the victims” found! More celeb arrests expected


It’s been reported today that police officers working on Operation Yewtree, the inquiry that was established after allegations of sex offences were made against late DJ and TV personality Jimmy Savile, have been “shocked” to discover what’s been described as “lists of names of the victims”.

Apparently the “lists” were found in a flat above a record shop in Manchester, hidden by layers of wallpaper and plaster. Read more & comment »

BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Denning latest celeb to be arrested as part of Operation Yewtree!


With the suspect list in Operation Yewtree still seemingly growing by the day, another celebrity has now been arrested by police on suspicion of sexual offences.

Former Radio 1 DJ Chris Denning is reportedly the 72 year old man who was arrested on Tuesday June 4th, who at the time was not named for legal reasons.

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Rolf Harris has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of sex offences as part of Jimmy Savile inquiry, Operation Yewtree!

rolf harris

It’s been reported this morning that telly favourite Rolf Harris has been arrested as part of the Jimmy Savile and “others” police inquiry which is named Operation Yewtree.

The Sun reports, “The 83-year-old TV star and singer was held over historic sex abuse allegations by police from the inquiry set up following the Jimmy Savile scandal.

“Senior detectives have been investigating Harris, who once painted the Queen, for more than four months.” Read more & comment »

Jim Davidson in online rant about Jimmy Savile Operation Yewtree arrest saying, I can’t even get my c**k out to have a p**s any more!”

jim davidson

As fans of comedian Jim Davidson may know, in January of this year, he was supposed to be happily ensconced in the Celebrity Big Brother house, however, following his arrest and questioning by the police in relation to their Operation Yewtree inquiry, he had to pull out of the show at the last minute.

The inquiry was of course set up to investigate allegations of sexual offences made against the late Jimmy Savile and “others”. Arrests of high profile celebrities have of course followed.

However, Jim, who’s been arrested twice now, is vigorously fighting the allegations, and earlier this year, he told The Sun, “I’ve never forced myself on a girl in my life.” Read more & comment »

Jimmy Savile scandal was ignored 15 years ago by Scotland Yard because he was famous!

In wake of the shocking scandal surrounding the late BBC presenter, Jimmy Savile, it has allegedly been revealed that Scotland Yard, who are now leading the case against Savile called Operation Yewtree, received, and buried a letter exposing Savile’s paedophilic activities FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!

According to the Sun newspaper police officers received the anonymous letter back in 1998 but, rather than investigating into the claims they marked the evidence as “sensitive” and filed away.
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Jimmy Savile branded “The UK’s worst sex beast” after claims that he sexually abused a dying 11 year old


It’s been reported today that the late TV presenter and DJ Sir Jimmy Savile allegedly sexually abused an 11 year old girl as she lay dying in her bed at Great Ormond Street hospital.

Branding Savile as the UK’s “worst sex beast,” The Sun reports that the young victim alleged that Savile had fondled her when he made one of his frequent visits to the hospital. She apparently told a relative about the shocking incident shortly before she died.

In a report released yesterday about the Savile scandal, police heading up Operation Yewtree – the inquiry into allegations against Savile and “others” – it was revealed that Savile “used his position as a BBC star to prey on vulnerable children — and fool the country into thinking he was a loveable national treasure.” Read more & comment »

Comedian Jim Davidson says of his recent arrest, “I’m no Jimmy Savile and I’ve never forced myself on a girl!”

jim davidson

Comedian Jim Davidson was of course supposed to be in the Celebrity Big Brother house right now, however he was forced to pull out of the Channel 5 show after he was arrested just days before the reality TV series launched last week.

As we reported, Jim was arrested by police who are heading up Operation Yewtree, an inquiry that was established to deal with allegations of sexual assaults that were made against the late TV presenter and DJ Sir Jimmy Savile and “others.”

Jim’s arrest came after two women accused him of “groping” them when they were teenagers, which is an allegation Jim strongly denies.

And in his first interview since his arrest, Jim has told The Sun, “I’ve never forced myself on a girl in my life.”

59 year old Jim, who was released on police bail without charge, added, “It’s not in my make-up to do what I’ve been accused of… Read more & comment »

TV Magician Paul Daniels admits to inappropriate behaviour with a school girl!

With Operation Yewtree still in full swing, investigating the indecent and illegal behaviour the late Top Of The Pops presenter, Jimmy Savile engaged in with underage girls and boys, one of his peers, magician Paul Daniels, has sensationally admitted to doing the same!

The Sun newspaper today reports that former Strictly Come Dancing contestant, Daniels now 74, has revealed the details of a passionate encounter with a drunk hitch-hiker who, unbeknown to him at the time, was still at school.
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BBC’s George Entwistle had a warning about Jimmy Savile’s conduct while the late presenter was still alive

George Entwistle resignation

Ever since ITV aired a documentary that was compiled by Mark Williams-Thomas about the late TV presenter and DJ Jimmy Savile, the allegations of child sex abuse leveled at Savile and others has rocked the nation.

And of course, many want to know why Savile’s conduct wasn’t detected or reported during his lifetime, particularly as many of the alleged abuses took place on BBC premises.

In addition, several celebrities as well as high profile BBC staff have since come forward to say they were aware of allegations about Savile’s conduct with minors, but they either did nothing or were ignored when they tried to bring the subject to the attention of anyone in authority.

So it’s unsurprising to learn that former BBC Director General George Entwistle was allegedly “warned” about Savile by a former employee. Read more & comment »