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Birds of a Feather to pay tribute to Lynda Bellingham!

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The New Year will see the return of Birds of a Feather to our ITV screens, and with it will be a tribute to the memory of Lynda Bellingham. Lynda Bellingham lost her battle with colon cancer earlier this year and to help raise awareness of the illness that claimed her, her former Loose Women co-presenter, Linda Robson will portray a cancer scare in Birds of a Feather.

Birds of a Feather: The 1990s comedy returns with a surprisingly funny opening episode

Birds of a Feather
With Still Open All Hours topping the festive TV ratings chart it seems as if sitcom comebacks are one of the big trends right now. Hoping that’s the case are the team behind Birds of a Feather which returns after more than fifteen years away from the screen. Unlike the Open All Hours reboot, this Birds of a Feather remake has been coming for a while and is coming on the back of a very successful theatre tour. Though the three lead actresses are all returning to the roles that first made t

‘Birds of a Feather’ stars offered more episodes by ITV

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‘Birds of a Feather’ is making its return to our screens though there will be one big difference to the show. After the original version aired from 1989 until 1998 on the BBC the renewed series will now air on ITV. The series which stars Linda Robson, Lesley Joseph and Pauline Quirke ran on the BBC for 102 episodes but apparently the BBC rejected the new concept for the show.

Birds Of A Feather: ITV release photos from new series (PICTURES)

In the build-up to the comeback series of popular 90’s sitcom Birds Of A Feather, ITV have released pictures of the cast. Birds Of A Feather first hit our BBC screens back in 1989 following the lives of sisters Tracey Stubbs (Linda Robson) and Sharon Theodopolopodos (Pauline Quirke) as they adapted to life in Chigwell whilst their husbands, Daryl and Chris, served lengthy prison sentences for armed robbery.

Broadchurch Episode Seven Review: Susan and Nige’s connection is revealed while Hardy sheds light on the Sandbrook case

You may have noticed that my Broadchurch review is a little later this week. That’s because there are no preview copies of the last two episodes of Broadchurch available to journalists. While it means I can’t release my review right after transmission, it does mean that I can experience all of the revelations along with everyone else. After watching tonight’s instalment I can see exactly why there were no advance previews as this episode was crammed full of revelations.

Broadchurch, ITV Ep 6 review: Hardy (David Tennant) places Paul Coates under suspicion & Susan’s past is revealed

Reading the comments under my weekly reviews or Broadchurch, it’s clear that some of you feel that the programme is being dragged out too long. I personally think that the drawn out nature of the investigation is something that is a credit to the show and I like how it isn’t rushing through the suspects. Indeed that sense of frustration plays into tonight’s episode as eight weeks have now passed since the death of Danny Latimer. With police resources now being cut back it appea

ITV’s Broadchurch Episode 5 review: Jack Marshall’ spills all to Hardy (David Tennant) & boat owner is identified

In my previous review of Broadchurch I noted how Danny’s murder had made the seaside town a particularly hostile place. Despite the ominous tents now being moved from the beaches, there’s a mood of distrust in the air and that definitely manifests itself in tonight’s episode. As we saw last week, newsagent Jack Marshall’s past was brought up and the police have marked him out to be one of the lead suspects.

Broadchurch Episode 4 review: More suspects are revealed as Hardy’s health continues to deteriorate

As we approach the halfway point of Broadchurch it appears as if everybody has their own idea of who the killer is. The last couple of episodes have built up Mark Latimer as the lead suspect in the death of his son Danny. However it was revealed last week that Mark’s flimsy alibi was an attempt to cover up an affair with hotelier Becca Fisher. With Mark now seemingly out of the picture, a number of different characters are being lined up as the potential murder. This fourth instalment sees the

Broadchurch ITV Ep 3 review: Mark is under suspicion while Karen reveals her true motives in another gripping episode

Those who read my review of last week’s edition of Broadchurch knew that I thought it was a bit of a let-down. After a stunning opener, Broadchurch lost some of its realism by introducing a psychic telephone engineer and a plot involving cocaine. Thankfully I felt tonight’s episode was a return to form even though it did feature the telephone engineer once again. It also felt fairly focused this week as it mainly featured the investigation into whether Mark Latimer killed his son.

Broadchurch to be released on DVD May 2013!

Last night saw the premier of the exciting new ITV thriller, Broadchurch, starring former Doctor Who David Tennant, and if you are already hooked, as most of the country appears to be, then you can get the whole 8-part series on DVD! Tennant, who held the position of BBC world saving Time Lord Doctor Who prior to its current leader Matt Smith, plays out-of-town Detective Inspector Alec Hardy investigating the mysterious death of an 11-year-old boy on a beach at the foot of a cliff at the seaside

ITV announce air date for new David Tennant drama, Broadchurch! (VIDEO)

ITV have now announced that “powerful” drama Broadchurch will debut on Monday 4 March at 9pm, and we have a first look video for you after the jump. The drama boasts an impressive cast line-up that includes former Doctor Who actor David Tennant as well as Olivia Colman, Andrew Buchan and Jodie Whittaker. Arthur Davrill also stars in the series as vicar Paul Coates, while Vicky McClure plays a national journalist with a special interest in the case. Former Emmerdale star Pauline Quirke takes

Emmerdale: Pauline Quirke on leaving the show and her amazing weight loss

As fans of Emmerdale will know, Pauline Quirke is about to leave the show and her role as Hazel Rhodes… And Pauline has been telling the TV Times that she’s going to find it incredibly sad to say goodbye to her co-stars. She also discussed the astonishing weight loss that’s transformed her shape. First, on leaving the show, Pauline said, “I will be very, very sad to go and there have been lots of tears. “This has been the happiest 18-months of my life and if my family weren’t 200 mil

Emmerdale: Hazel Rhodes will find Amy Wyatt’s baby boy in a phone box!

This week in Emmerdale, Amy Wyatt (Chelsea Halfpenny) is going to give birth to a little boy, alone and terrified in the village graveyard… When the baby is born, Amy, in a blind panic, wraps him in a sweater and leaves him in the village phone box, keeping watch from a safe distance to see that someone comes along and finds him. And that someone is Hazel Rhodes (Pauline Quirke). Pauline has been telling Soaplife about the dramatic storyline, and what happens when her character discovers the n