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Wedding for Neighbours 25th anniversary show

Aussie soap Neighbours are to feature a wedding during its 6,000th episode.

The Herald Sun reports that Donna Freedman and Ringo Brown will marry in the episode, and the paper added that Margot Robbie and Sam Clark who play the couple have already filmed the ceremony.

Margot told the paper, “It’s been fun, but it hasn’t given me a taste for getting married – especially if my wedding day goes on for this long!

“We’ve been filming the episode all week so I’ve been in the dress all week… Read more & comment »

Sam Clark: “Erin’s doing a great job”

Neighbours star Sam Clark has told Holy Soap that he thinks the actor brought in to play Declan Napier is “doing a great job.”

Erin Mullally joined the Aussie soap to carry on the character of Declan when James Sorensen left the show earlier this year to join the army.

While discussing the difficulties actors face in taking on an already established character, Sam said, “[Erin’s] doing a great job. He has to work with babies and start up a relationship that has already been going on for a while that James set up…

"He's got a massive ask on him, as well as winning over the fans of Declan, so it's a really strange one.

“But hopefully everyone can understand why it's happened and accept Erin as the new Declan."

However, Sam – who plays Ringo Brown in the show – added that casting Erin in the part meant that Declan would be "different in a lot of ways".

Neighbours star to launch UK music career

Actor and musician, Sam Clark, who plays Ringo Brown in Neighbours, has revealed that he intends to spend a few months in the UK later this year in order to promote his music.

Sam had a hit single with his debut work, Broken, and it seems that his follow-up track, Send Me A Sign, is to be debuted on the show later this year.

Speaking to the PA about his plans to tour the UK and how his Neighbours role will work alongside his music career, Sam said, “I’m not sure when it will all tie up for me, if it ever will… Read more & comment »