Sherlock stars confirmed for Comic Con & Oscar panels, but which one will Benedict Cumberbatch be on?

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As excitement mounts ahead of next month’s San Diego Comic Con, the powers that be over at Sherlock have finally confirmed that they will be sending over a panel! The annual fan based convention has released its complete schedule for the 2015 SDCC and Sherlock’s team have been confirmed as making an appearance on Thursday July 9th. Show co-creator Steven Moffat will be there, and will be darting between this panel and the one for Doctor Who, along with his wife and show executive pr

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is a daddy! What have he and Sophie Hunter called their Cumberbaby?

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Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is today settling into what will surely be his most challenging role to date; being a daddy! He and wife Sophie Hunter welcomed their baby boy into the world yesterday, and the couple’s rep says that they are “delighted” with their no doubt gorgeous son. In a statement to the press, the couple’s spokesperson added, “We would kindly ask everyone to respect the family’s privacy during these next few precious weeks.” The couple wed earlier this year

Sherlock news: Benedict Cumberbatch’s CBE controversy & Sir Ian McKellen turns detective!

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One of this country’s biggest and most loved exports, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch, is to be awarded a CBE from the Queen! This may seem like a natural progression to the star’s gazillions of fans out there, but the news that Her Majesty will honour the actor with the award, one below a knighthood, during her birthday honours this Saturday has caused a bit of controversy as it is never usually dished out to someone as young as our Benedict. The Queen must be a fan! The Sun newspaper re

Sherlock Spoilers: Have Irene Adler & Sherlock been seeing each other this whole time? Steven Moffat says….

Ever since Irene Adler made an appearance in the first episode of the second series of Sherlock, fans have been calling her for return with every new series that is announced. Of course, in the original books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Ms Adler, or ‘The Woman’ as she is affectionately known, only ever made that one appearance in A Scandal in Belgravia, so the chances were never likely, if the show was to follow the books to the letter. But now, Sherlock showrunner, Steven Mof

Sherlock Series 4 Spoilers: Film date, air date & more! Could Victorian Special be Doctor Who crossover?

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With the filming date for the fourth series of Sherlock now confirmed, we thought that we would recap what we know so far, and explore the possibilities of what may be ahead… Almost as soon as the third series of the hit BBC detective series came to an end in January last year, we were eager for a release date for the fourth outing of our favourite drama, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as the iconic London crime-solving duo, Sherlock and Watson. The series was broug

Sherlock Spoilers: Steven Moffat reveals why the one-off special is Victorian!

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When it was announced that this year’s one-off Sherlock Special would be set in the Victorian era, we were all more than a little bemused. Don’t get us wrong, we can thoroughly appreciate the quirkiness of taking the modern-day twist show back to its original roots, but did wonder just how on earth it would fit in to the hit BBC detective series we have all come to know and love. Well, the clue was probably in the title one-off, meaning that it didn’t necessarily have to fit in

Sherlock: Series 4 filming date confirmed as Benedict Cumberbatch gets snubbed at BAFTAs – See full winners list here!

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It is the news that all Sherlock fans have been waiting for – Series 4 has been given a filming date! But don’t get too excited because, unlike many early reports had suggested, the new series won’t be being filmed this year, but spring 2016! Now we all know that the cast and crew have been filming for the one-off Sherlock Special, expected to be aired this Christmas, but we had all kind of hoped that filming for the fourth series would happen later this year with perhaps a vie

Sherlock: Andrew Scott is over being a villain & watches TOWIE!

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All you have to do is take one look at Sherlock star, Andrew Scott, and the fear of god is instantly upon you, even if you have never heard him mutter a word as Moriarty – the actor just has villain written all over him! This has been the case even before his days on Sherlock, as Scott has been explaining in a recent interview with Radio Times. According to the star, who is set to make a return to the hit BBC detective series when it airs its one-off Victorian Special later this year, he h

Benedict Cumberbatch told to get Cumber-BUFF for Dr Strange role!

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It is every little boys dream to play a Marvel comic hero, but not everyone is right for the part, as Benedict Cumberbatch has just discovered. The word superhero suggests a certain type of person – One who is tall, built like a brick outhouse with rippling muscles and pecks bursting through their very tight, Lycra costumes…… With not a deer stalker hat or a mac in sight! So of course when Sherlock star, Benedict Cumberbatch, accepted the role of Dr Strange for the new upcoming

Sherlock being cancelled? It’s up to Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman…

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Ever since Sherlock first hit our BBC screens five years ago, the detective series, and its two main stars, have become a global phenomenon. But with such popularity comes fame which in turn leads to demand, as Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, who play the crime fighting duo of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, have discovered. The pair now have diaries that are probably blocked out until 2080 at least, with more blockbuster films under their belts than they can shake a stick at. And i

Doctor Who’s new monster, a Sherlock crossover & Benedict Cumberbatch special teased!

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We can’t wait for the new series of Doctor Who, and to raise the excitement levels through the roof, those lovely people over at BBC have revealed that we will be getting a new monster as part of the deal. Series nine of the hit BBC Family sci-fi series is already shaping up to be one to remember, with guest stars including Rufus Hound and Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams so far confirmed as joining The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara (Jenna Coleman). Now the Daily Star newspaper has

Sherlock Spoilers: Moffat reveals series 4 hasn’t even been WRITTEN yet, but will put fans “through the mill”

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Ahead of the one-off Sherlock Special which is scheduled to air later this year, we simply cannot contain our excitement about the fourth series of the hit BBC detective show that will follow it. And to help get us even more in the mood, one of the show’s co-creators, Steven Moffat, has been giving us a few teasers about what we can expect. In possibly one of his most detailed interviews regarding the new series, the writer told Entertainment Weekly that he and fellow co-creator Mark

Sherlock / Doctor Who crossover? Steven Moffat may consider it…. & Doctor Who renewed for 5 years!

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Ever since current Doctor Who show runner Steven Moffat branched out to co-creating the hit BBC detective series, Sherlock, there have been talks of the super-power shows crossing paths. Of course, the very nature of each show has presented quite a few obstacles, the main one being that whilst one show relies on delving in to the realms of fantasy, the other’s MO is to prove reality beyond all reasonable doubt. By our reckoning this means that it could only ever be Sherlock (Benedict Cumbe

Is Sherlock gay? Steven Moffat confirms Sherlock Holmes sexuality…..

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It has been one of the biggest questions of all time – Is Sherlock Holmes gay or straight? – And now it has finally been answered! Throughout the century that people have been reading the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series of novels, there has been no real suggestion of any sort of sexual partner in the iconic London detective’s life. This was made even more apparent when Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis reinvented the show with a modern day twist, with som

Sherlock: Steven Moffat reveals Christmas Special spoilers? Mark Gatiss talks Mycroft inspiration

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Now that filming has officially begun for this year’s Christmas Special of Sherlock, we can all finally accept that it is really happening and start to get excited about it. Especially now that co-creator Steven Moffat has been feeding us teasers about it… So far, all we had really known about the 2015 Sherlock Special was that it was being filmed ahead of the highly-anticipated fourth series, and that it was set in Victorian England. It was also mooted that it would be shown at Chri