The World Wide Vet follows Dorset vet Luke Gamble as he travels the world treating animals in need. Visiting countries as diverse as INDIA, GRENADA, MALAWI and MEXICO to name but a few, the five part

Lost returns for season 6 this February!

Back in 2004, JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof wrote a pilot for a TV show centered around the idea of a plane crashing on a remote island. Six years later and LOST is a multiple award-winning phenomenon,

Brand new FUTURAMA coming to Sky1

FUTURAMA, the quick-witted animation from the mastermind behind The Simpsons, makes a much anticipated television return on Sunday 30th August at 6pm only on Sky1. Set in the 31st century, Matt Groeni

Last Night’s TV – The Take

I’m a big fan of Martina Coles’ work and despite the fact that I have a pathological loathing of anything to do with the ‘80s and nostalgia from the period, the excellent performances by the cas