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Critical coming to Sky 1! Is this the lovechild of ER and 24? Lennie James stars in “real-time” drama!

Lennie James

There’s to be a new kid on the drama block in the form of Critical, which will air on Sky1 + HD starring screen legend Lennie James, whose credits include roles in more or less anything that’s ever been worth watching ever, such as The Walking Dead, Line of Duty, Lie to Me and Human Target…

And according to the pre-production blurb, Critical might be what would happen if we could mate ER and 24, given that like 24, it will shot in real-time and cover the incredibly short span of one hour. Read more & comment »

Arrow spoilers: creator excited about new Seth Gabel villain

Arrow co-creator Andrew Kreisberg has hinted at fringe actor Seth Gabel’s upcoming “phenomenal” appearance on the show.

The star is set to appear in the series as a new enemy for Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell, based on DC Comics villain Count Vertigo.

Read more & comment »

Ross Kemp reveals some of the horrors he’s seen for new series of Extreme World, especially in Glasgow!

As fans of former EastEnders star Ross Kemp will most likely know, he’s back on our screens on Monday with a new series of Ross Kemp: Extreme World, which airs on Sky1 at 9pm.

And ahead of the new series, Ross has told TV Biz that of all the war-torn and dangerous areas of the world that he’s visited while filming for the show, he found Glasgow to be by far one of the “toughest places”.

Which is going some, given that he’s been on the front lines in Afghanistan, and spent time with deadly drug lords and gang members…

However, Ross revealed that in one scene for the new series, he met with an alcoholic who pulled off his own toes and put them in a jar!

Of the shocking incident, Ross said, “The man who came to the door looked like he was about to die. He was my age, 47.

“He said he couldn’t get out to claim his money and said, ‘I pulled my toes off’… Read more & comment »

Angela Griffin reveals drug horrors of Sky1’s ‘Emergency’ call outs

Angela Griffin, who’s formerly starred in Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Holby City and Mount Pleasant, joins paramedics on the frontline of emergency health care for Sky 1 series, Emergency, which is now airing its second run…

And in an interview with TV Biz, Angela has revealed that the horrors of see the results of alcohol and drug abuse are more upsetting than watching someone die.

Angela, who’s traveled all over Britain recording editions of the show, said of seeing drug users, “I watched a woman overdosing. She was literally on the edge of death.

“She’d injected a ten quid bag of brown into her arm. If we’d have left her, she’d have just died because her heart was so slow.”

And of how the patient reacted to being saved by paramedics, a shocked Angela said, “She was angry that she’d been brought back to life because we’d ruined her ‘high’…” Read more & comment »

Ross Kemp finds being shot at by snipers for Extreme World 2 a bit of a giggle really!

As Grant Mitchell in EastEnders, Ross Kemp was of course playing the role of a hard man who laughed in the face of danger, and it seems that in real life, Ross does exactly the same, even having a little giggle when fired at by snipers!

Since he left ‘Enders, Ross has become synonymous with hard hitting documentaries and has traveled to some of the world’s most dangerous areas to film his Sky shows; from infiltrating drug smuggling gangs to standing shoulder to shoulder with troops on the front lines in war torn Afghanistan, it seems nothing much fazes Ross.

And a report in TV Biz today confirms his possibly blasé – but undoubtedly brave – world view after he recalled an incident in which he and his Sky TV colleague, cameraman Jonathan Young, laughed after being fired upon by a sniper.

The terrifying incident occurred while Ross and his production team were in Karachi filming for his latest series, Extreme WorldRead more & comment »

Ross Kemp hopes Sky1 series The Invisible Wounded will “help those suffering the haunting trauma of war”

Ross Kemp, who of course shot to fame as hard man villain Grant Mitchell in EastEnders, has said that he hopes his new Sky1 series, The Invisible Wounded, will help educate viewers about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition which often affects soldiers.

Ross, who has of course traveled the globe while making hard-hitting documentaries for Sky – and has embedded himself with forces on the front lines of war torn regions – said of the new show, “For over a decade, the nation has witnessed the very visible scars and damage war has had on troops and support workers…

“But this is not the case of hidden effects of post-traumatic stress disorder and associated conditions.

“The haunting trauma of war can be carried with these people for many years.

“I hope this documentary made for Sky 1 will go some way to address the issues, stigmas and ways in which we can help those suffering, safeguarding them for the future.” Read more & comment »

Downton Abbey star Brendan Coyle talks new Sky1 comedy drama, Starlings

Next Sunday, May 13th at 8pm on Sky1, we’ll meet the Starling family, which is headed up by mum and dad Terry and Jan Starling, who are played by TV legends Lesley Sharp and Brendan Coyle.

Brendan has of course most recently appeared on our screens as Bates in Downton Abbey, and at the end of the last series, Bates was in prison and awaiting his fate as he was of course charged with his wicked wife Vera’s murder.

And Lesley has of course also had a prolific career on-screen, including her role in hit drama Scott & Bailey, but for me, her most memorable role was as psychic medium Alison Mundy in ITV drama, Afterlife.

However, Starlings is set to be an infinitely more light-hearted affair for both actors, and given that it was co-written by Alan Partridge’s alter ego, Steve Coogan, we’re guaranteed some laughs… Read more & comment »

The Kumars at No. 42 is coming back to TV on Sky!

After a six year absence from our TV screens, The Kumars at No. 42 is coming back, and will be aired on Sky1.

The hit sitcom, which originally aired on BBC2, will be back in a “credit crunch setting” and therefore, the family will now be living in flat in Hounslow.

Sanjeev Bhaskar – who writes and stars in the show, and who is married to fellow cast member, Meera Syal – told the Daily Mirror, “It’s incredibly exciting to revisit these warm, oddball characters and to be given the opportunity to bring them up to date.

“We’ve tried to retain what viewers loved about the original show and to inject new characters and elements in a slightly new format that we hope will appeal to an even broader audience…” Read more & comment »

Ruth Jones’ comedy Stella gets a second series, as does The Café

Fans of Ruth Jones’ new Sky1 comedy Stella will doubtless be pleased to hear that the show will be back next year with a second series.

Ruth of course stars in the show as a struggling single mum, and the project has been her first major new TV series since Gavin and Stacey.

Speaking to the Sun about the second series of Stella – which will be comprised of ten episodes – Ruth said, “I’m over the moon that Sky want more Stella.

“I’m looking forward to getting back to Pontyberry, even though the place doesn’t exist…” Read more & comment »

See spoiler video for The Simpsons Christmas episode, Holidays of Future Passed

This year’s Simpsons Christmas special airs on December 18th at 6pm on Sky1, but ahead of it, we have a sneak peek clip for you after the jump.

Set thirty years into the future, the special episode sees Simpson kids Bart and Lisa all grown up with kids of their own.

In the style of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, in Holidays of Future Passed, we’ll see Bart is not only a dad, he’s divorced, and far from the cheery, cheeky kid he used to be as middle age gets a grip of him.

In fact, in this episode, Bart is described as a “lousy, deadbeat dad who actually lives in the school, which is now condos, and Skinner is his landlord…” Read more & comment »

Stars line up to play roles in Ruth Jones’s new show, Stella

Ruth Jones is of course arguably best known for her role as Nessa in Gavin and Stacey – which she of course co-wrote with James Corden – but in the New Year, we’re going to see her starring in Stella on Sky1.

Ruth, who plays the title role of Stella, describes the new series as, “an authentic slice of the working-class Welsh valleys”.

Based around the trials and tribulations of a 40 year old working mum, the show is to feature a stellar line up of actors, including James Corden, but will also star Welsh rugby ace Shane Williams and coach Warren Gatland, as well as boxer Joe Calzaghe in his first major acting role.

Speaking on Xfm recently, Ruth said, “I won’t tell you what Joe does exactly, I’m keeping it a surprise. But it does involve a punch.

“He’s really good actually. I was impressed with his acting. He had to go away and learn a script, which he did… Read more & comment »

Ralf Little, Craig Cash and Michelle Terry talk new Sky1 comedy, The Café

On November 23rd, Sky1 will air the pilot episode of a new comedy entitled, The Café, and ahead of it, Ralf Little, who co-wrote the show, and Craig Cash, who produces and directs it, have been telling TV Choice magazine all about it.

In The Café, Ralf stars as Richard alongside Michelle Terry as Richard’s wife, Sarah. They’re joined by a host of other stars, such as Jack Roth, Kevin Trainor and June Watson.

Set in, not surprisingly, a café, Ralf and Craig also discussed how the new show differs, or is similar to, The Royle Family, in which they starred as Anthony Royle and Dave Best.

First, Ralf explained, “All the people [in the café] are a close-knit group of friends of different ages that are very much a part of each others’ worlds… Read more & comment »

Ross Kemp reveals that he agrees with some of the Taliban’s points of view!

Former EastEnder and current investigative TV presenter Ross Kemp has revealed that he isn’t entirely unsympathetic to some of the points members of the Taliban have made to him during the course of his research for his new show, Ross Kemp Back on the Frontline.

The new series, which debuts on Sky1 on Monday, November 14th, will see Ross back in Afghanistan, where he’s previously cheated death, including one incident in which a bomb went off near Ross, killing a British soldier.

Back on the Frontline documents Ross’s third visit to the war torn county for Sky, and once again, he joins British and American soldiers in the thick of the fighting, as well as talking to representatives of the Taliban.

Speaking to What’s On TV, Ross said, “I’ve spent lots of my life there [in Afghanistan] now and I’ve seen young men lose their lives there.

“I’m very passionate about the place.” Read more & comment »

Barbara Windsor to star in festive special, Little Crackers!

Former EastEnders star Barbara Windsor is to star in a Sky1 festive special entitled ‘Little Crackers’ in which she will describe how she used to hate her boobs!

Barbara, who is of course also famous for her numerous appearances in the Carry On films, will be seen describing how her first bra fitting as a teenager changed her life.

Barbara told The Sun’s TV Biz, “People will be shocked to learn that I wasn’t always the confident, feisty blonde that I am today…

“And how two of my greatest assets were the bane of my life.

“After more than 74 years on this planet, how do you choose one moment that changed your life? There have been so many.”

But Barbara added: “Little Crackers has given me a chance to reveal one of those moments.” Read more & comment »

Robert Lindsay talks about his new role in ‘Spy’

Former My Family actor Robert Lindsay has been telling What’s On TV about his role in Sky1HD’s new comedy ‘Spy’, in which he plays ‘The Examiner’.

Of the role, Robert said, “He doesn’t have a name, which I love, and he inhabits a very dark, mysterious world full of shady characters.

“The main character, Tim (Darren Boyd), comes to meet me having applied for what he thinks is a job with the civil service…”

And when asked, “What’s the real job?” Robert replied, “The Examiner hands him an AK47 and says, ‘You’ve got the job, you’re a spy’… Read more & comment »