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Doctor Who Spoilers: What is under the bed? New ‘Listen’ trailer unveiled – WATCH!

doctor who robot of sherwood 7

As the eighth series of Doctor Who continues to keep you all glued to your tellyboxes every Saturday evening, the good people over at the BBC have released a new trailer for this weekend’s instalment.

The teaser trailer for the next episode of the hit family sci-fi series, Listen, hints at a scary force under the bed as several scenes show a hand coming out from underneath to grab peoples ankles.
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Doctor Who Series 8 Spoilers: Steven Moffat being replaced by Anthony Horowitz?

doctor who robot of sherwood 8

Is it even possible to imagine Doctor Who without show runner Steven Moffat being the man behind it?

We certainly didn’t think so, but it seems some of you could as rumours have been flying left, right and centre about the possibility of novelist Anthony Horowitz being brought in to replace Moffat as Doctor Who show runner.
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Sherlock: Martin Freeman found out he won Emmy via text – Then went back to sleep!

sherlock watson

Well, it was obvious that none of the people behind the hit BBC detective series, Sherlock, were expecting to win anything at Sunday night’s Emmy Awards, as hardly any of them turned up – But we would have thought that the news that they had might have been a bit more exciting for one of them.
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Sherlock spoilers: Benedict Cumberbatch moved to tears by ‘darker’ script’

sherlock drugs

We have had firmly sealed lips from the powers that be over at Sherlock HQ, ever since the last series ended, but now it seems you can’t shut any of them up!

Of course the sudden burst of enthusiastic sharing from the likes of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss is more than likely a direct result of the show’s massive triple win at last weekend’s Emmy Awards, during which both of the shows main stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, picked up the top prizes for Outstanding Actor and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries for their portrayals of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, respectively.
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Sherlock Spoilers: Moffat reveals “devastating” plan for series 4 “practically reduced cast to tears”

sherlock benedict cumberbatch martin freeman

As we reported earlier today, BBC detective series Sherlock scored a hat trick at last night’s Emmy Awards, with both the main stars and the show writer picking up highly prestigious awards.

And to thank fans for the massive triumph, co-creator, Steven Moffat, let a few hints about the next series loose to help whet our appetites, and boy were they juicy!
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Emmys: Sherlock & Benedict Cumberbatch win big & Billy Crystal’s Robin Williams tribute!

sherlock benedict cumberbatch martin freeman his last vow

Well it certainly was a good night at the Emmy’s for Sherlock last night, the show picked up three of the most prestigious awards.

We all know how much our American friends love the hit BBC detective series based on the original works of Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, with a Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss modern-day twist – But not even those people at the heart of the show were expecting such a triumph – In fact the show’s two stars weren’t even there to pick up their awards!
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Sherlock Series 4: Release date & Christmas Special details revealed?

sherlock johns stag do

Ever since it was announced that the hugely popular BBC detective series, Sherlock, was getting a one-off special ahead of its fourth series, there has been wide speculation about the details.

The general consensus was that the Special, which had been rumoured to have been expected to start filming next February, would hit our screens on Christmas Day 2015, with the fourth series following in the New Year of 2016.
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Doctor Who: New spin-off show DOCTOR WHO EXTRA & here’s what it’s about!

doctor who new pics 1

With the nation getting as excited as ever for the first episode of the eighth series of Doctor Who this weekend, the BBC have revealed that the show will get its very own spin-off show, Doctor Who Extra!

This new, behind the scenes show will feature interviews and footage of new Doctor, 12th Time Lord Peter Capaldi, and will be available on iPlayer and Red Button after each episode of the new series has aired.
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Doctor Who Series 8 Spoilers: New Time Lord is “frightening” & Clara gets Emmerdale boyfriend!

doctor who the day of the doctor peter capaldi

With the new series of Doctor Who now only a week away, showrunner Steven Moffat has spoken out about the dramatic effect The Doctor’s regeneration will have on the show, and he reckons the difference is “frightening!”

Ever since Peter Capaldi was named as 11th Time Lord, and therefore Matt Smith’s replacement on the hit BBC family sci-fi series, everyone has been wondering just what sort of changes are in store.
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Doctor Who Spoilers: New fan-made title sequence & episode 2 synopsis hints at Dalek demise!

doctor who daleks 2

With a new Time Lord and series, the new era of Doctor Who is also coming complete with a fancy title sequence….a title sequence that has been inspired by one of the shows fans!

Billy Hanshaw, a motion graphics designer from Leeds, created his own version of what he thinks the opening title sequence of the hit BBC family sci-fi series should look like and uploaded it to YouTube.
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Doctor Who Series 8 Spoilers: Director Rachel Talalay teases “emotional” finale!

doctor who series 8 3

The first episode of Doctor Who series 8 hasn’t even hit our screens yet but already we have been given a hint of what the finale has in store.

We were all more than a little excited when it was announced that Rachel Talalay was to head up the two-part series finale of the hit BBC family sci-fi series when it comes to the end of its 12 week run later this year, and then rose to the over the moon stage when we learned that the episode had been written by show runner Steven Moffat too.
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Doctor Who: Steven Moffat up for Sherlock crossover & Capaldi praises David Tennant!

sherlock doctor who steven moffat benedict cumberbatch matt smith

There has been talk of a Doctor Who crossover with Sherlock ever since the hit BBC detective series first hit our screens, but this may be the most promising bit of news to suggest that it might well happen!

Fans of both shows will know that the same man controls them both, Steven Moffat, and it is he who has recently come out to say that he would indeed be up for the two shows crossing paths!
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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi’s Doctor to be “terribly rude” & no romance for Clara!

doctor who empire mag

August is the month of Doctor Who! Not only are special screenings of the brand new series premiere taking place later this week, the show will return to BBC One at the end of this month, and we can’t wait.

Over the past couple of weeks, in the lead up to the brand new series, little subtle hints have been dropped about the new Doctor – played by Peter Capaldi – and what the new series has in store. Today, we’ve learned that Capaldi twelfth Doctor isn’t going to be that friendly…
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Doctor Who: Steven Moffat admits it’s hard to notice when it’s time to “get rid” of a Doctor!

doctor who new pics 2

Doctor Who returned to our screens back in 2005, and since then, we’ve had three doctors at the helm. Well, four if you count the upcoming series of the hit drama, with Peter Capaldi in the limelight.

There’s good reason why we’ve only had four doctors in the past nine years, and that’s because they’ve been of such amazing quality, and Doctor Who showrunner, Steven Moffat has recently admitted that it’s hard to notice when change needs to be made.
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Doctor Who Spoilers: Peter Capaldi worried he was too old for ‘stick insect’ The Doctor

doctor who new pics 1

When Matt Smith was announced as being David Tennant’s replacement as Doctor Who back in 2010 he was the youngest Doctor ever appointed, at the tender age of just 26, which raised many eyebrows.

After all The Doctor, in all his previous forms, had been always been older, in some cases considerably so, which meant that Smith had a real challenge in front of him to win over the hearts of the nation and prove them all wrong.
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