supersize vs superskinny

Supersize vs. Superskinny: Emma Frost vs Scott Hastie

In the feeding clinic, it’s a battle of wills as stubborn calorie counting health freak 38 year old Emma Frost faces up to 23 year old Scott Hastie, the non stop eating midnight muncher. Emma, who weighs in at just 6 stone 1 pound, is so obsessed with her ‘healthy’ diet that she’s wasting away. Trying to cut out ‘unhealthy’ food, she’s actually starving herself of what her body actually needs to stay fit. And Scott who snacks constantly between his gigantic meals is now 25 stone 7

Supersize vs Superskinny returns to Channel 4 this spring

Supersize vs Superskinny, the magazine show that highlights Britain’s dysfunctional relationship with food is back for a new season. Dr Christian Jessen and Anna Richardson return to front the programme, which tackles the dangerous effects of extreme dieting, morbid obesity and eating disorders.

Channel 4 commissions My Big Fat Diet Show

Channel 4’s features department has ordered Cheetah Television, an Endemol company to produce a brand new diet show fronted by Anna Richardson, which will air in January 2010 to help viewers shed the post-Christmas pounds. My Big Fat Diet Show features Anna Richardson (The Sex Education Show, Supersize vs Superskinny) as she grabs the nation by its love handles to show us how to lose weight fast.

Supersize vs Superskinny – what did you think of it?

Dr Christian Jessen and Anna Richardson returned last night for a second run of the diet magazine show which tackles the nation’s relationship with food. This series is to investigate eating disorders, morbid obesity, extreme diet regimes and body dysmorphia. Last night we met Gillian and Philippa who are both nurses with weight problems.