The Crash

BBC 3 The Crash Ep 2 review: This emotionally draining final feels very realistic indeed

Despite The Crash not being heavily promoted by BBC it appears that quite a few people ended up watching it. Judging from the comments under last week’s review it seems that most of you loved it and were quite emotional by the final scenes. I do worry for those who were overcome with emotion after last week’s instalment as this week’s conclusion is truly heartbreaking.

BBC3’s The Crash review: Sacha Parkinson & Lily Loveless have some unbelievable dialogue but it has a brilliant final act

If there’s one thing you can say about BBC Three it is that they always try to pitch their programmes at their target audience. This has been seen most recently in their excellent documentary Growing Up Poor and their enjoyable docusoap People Like Us. Now they attempt to do this again with new drama documentary The Crash which is said to have been inspired by true events. Though those true events are never revealed the drama itself revolves around a group of friends who are involved in a car