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Doctor Who – The Power of Three: Amy and Rory consider their options in this interesting episode with some treats for older fans

As all Doctor Who fans know this run of episodes will conclude with the last time we’ll see companions Amy and Rory and over the past few weeks hints have been dropped to why the couple will want to depart the Tardis. Over the past three episodes we have seen The Doctor visit the Ponds on a less regular basis, while they seem more eager to get back to their regular lives commenting at the end of last week’s mission that their friends will be wondering why they are rapidly aging. These themes come to a head at the start of this week’s episode, which is narrated by Amy, as Rory points out that they have two lives – regular life and Doctor life with the former not really getting a look in with the couple realising that they have to choose but just not straight away. We are told though that this was the only time that The Doctor stuck around as it was the year of the slow invasion.

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Doctor Who: See four new and awesome poster art images for series 7 episodes!

This morning the t’interweb is flooded with four newly released poster art images that promote the forthcoming seventh series of Doctor Who, which of course begins on BBC One at 7.20pm on Saturday the 1st of September. So naturally, we have them all for you – as well as the one above – after the jump.

As you’ll see, the new cinematic posters tease episodes two to five of the new series – the debut episode is of course Asylum of the Daleks – which are, Dinosaurs On A Spaceship, A Town Called Mercy, The Power Of Three and The Angels Take Manhattan.

And of course, the series of Doctor Who is leading up to the show’s highly anticipated 50th anniversary special, which is set to be a 90 minute extravaganza that celebrates the show from its inception to present day… Read more & comment »