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TV Spoilers roundup: The Vampire Diaries run-in, Hemlock Grove season 2 premiere date & The Following showdown

The Vampire Diaries Elena

From the latest trailer that has been released, it looks like Damon and Elena are going to have a bit of an awkward run-in with each other on this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Meanwhile, the second season of Hemlock Grove has been given a premiere date by Netflix, and Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll are finally going to come face-to-face on The Following. For all the latest scoop, head on inside…
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The BEST 4 episodes of The Vampire Diaries season 5 so far…SPOILERS!

Resident Evil vampire diaries 4

Not to worry Vampire Diaries fanatics – just ONE MORE WEEK until the dramatic happenings of Mystic Falls are back on our TV screens (make sure to check out UnrealityTV’s summary of what’s going on in ‘Resident Evil’ before then). So the round out this two-week hiatus, here’s my countdown of the top four episodes of season five so far!

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The Vampire Diaries spoilers: Stefan & Elena heating up on Resident Evil?

Resident Evil vampire diaries 3

Author: Zoe Ambrozewska

‘Resident Evil’ APRIL 17TH

Is anyone else feeling the distinct lack of mystic-goodness this week? Don’t you fret! We have some spoilers to tide you over until our next visit to Mystic Falls. Here are six things to look forward to when The Vampire Diaries returns on April 17th with ‘Resident Evil’


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TV spoilers roundup! Vampire Diaries, Game Of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, Orphan Black…

The Vampire Diaries Elena

It has been a busy day in the land of US TV news as Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder have wrapped filming on The Vampire Diaries, Isaiah Washington is back on the set of Grey’s Anatomy, and Isaac Hempstead-Wright reveals his dream Bran storyline!

There’s a whole host of shows also set to appear at the forthcoming ATX festival. Head on inside to see who will be attending the Netflix-sponsored event.
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The Vampire Diaries spoilers: Julie Plec teases the season 5 finale will have “a lot of goodbyes”

vampire diaries stefan caroline

It has been quite a busy season over on The Vampire Diaries, and it’s only going to step up even more toward the finale of the fifth season.

Showrunner Julie Plec has teased that there’s going to be quite a few “goodbyes” on the drama. ‘Goodbyes’ doesn’t necessarily mean that some of our favourite characters are going to be killed off, but those characters who are already dead will most likely stay dead…
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The Vampire Diaries ‘Resident Evil’ Spoilers: Elena has weird “sex dreams” about Stefan!

The Vampire Diaries Elena

Well, Well, Well… what do we have here? It looks like the Elena-Stefan-Damon triangle is going to get a tad messier over the next couple of episodes. That’s if it could get any more messy, that is.

In the promo video that has been released ahead of the next episode, Elena and Stefan will have their emotions toyed with as Elena discovers she keeps having weird dreams about her future.
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The Vampire Diaries spoilers: Stefan & Caroline getting it on?

Candice Accola The Vampire Diaries

Stefan’s love life has been a complicated affair from day one on The Vampire Diaries and things aren’t set to calm down any as we near the end of season five.

Already this year the handsome Salvatore brother was almost tricked into sleeping with Katherine (again) after she inhabited Elena’s body for a few episodes. Now we know that his next love interest will come along very soon and guess what? It won’t be Ms Gilbert!

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Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Nina Dobrev says Elena will turn ‘lesbian’ over Damon’s mind games!

While You Were Sleeping

Nina Dobrev has teased that Elena Gilbert will become a lesbian, because of all the problems she has had with the Salvatore brothers on The Vampire Diaires.

Throughout five seasons of the hit CW drama, storylines have centred around the constant love triangle between Elena, Stefan and Damon and actress Nina thinks it’s time her alter ego took herself out of the equation altogether.

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The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Nina Dobrev says Elena should be a lesbian!

The Vampire Diaries: Katherine

The Vampire Diaries star, Nina Dobrev, has revealed that after all her character has been put through by the two main men in her life, she should become a lesbian!

Dobrev, who used to be in a relationship with one of her main co-stars Ian Somerhalder, made the remark jokingly at the recent PaleyFest where she, and several other members of cast and crew, were interviewed.
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The Vampire Diaries recap: Elena gets sexy again with Damon in While You Were Sleeping – Spoilers!

While You Were Sleeping

Last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was a long time coming and after two weeks of teasers, spoilers and promos we finally got to see what happened when Elena returned.

The poor cheerleader just wants life to go back to normal but even with Katherine out of the picture, it just doesn’t look like she’s going to get her wish.

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Vampire Diaries NEW spoilers: Jeremy torments Damon, who kisses Elena in While You Were Sleeping

vampire diaries while you were sleeping 7

The Vampire Diaries returns to our screens this Thursday and we have a few new sneak peeks for you fans to enjoy.

The CW have been tormenting us as late, by airing new episodes every two weeks instead of one but finally, on the 20th of March, we are set to get some brand new content.

In an episode titled While You Were Sleeping, as we previously reported, Damon and Elena will finally be reunited in a kiss and the encounter has been described as “just the beginning” of something “so much more intense”!

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Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Elena and Damon share another kiss & will Elena’s hallucinations send her over the edge?

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries returns with a new episode next week, While You Were Sleeping, and is set to be a corker with snogging and hallucinations galore!

Despite the virus and conditions it has caused, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) are set to lock lips again in While You Were Sleeping, in what the synopsis describes as being “just the beginning” of something “so much more intense”!
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The Vampire Diaries: Fans are RAGING over Katherine’s exit & Ian Somerhalder posts ADORABLE baby picture!

The Vampire Diaries: Katherine

As fans will have seen on last night’s episode, Katherine exited the show in quite a shocking way and it’s had fans raging.

The problem is, none us saw it coming so that’s why the characters exit from the show was so shocking, but we did know that she wouldn’t be used all that much in the current season.
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Ian Somerhalder leaving The Vampire Diaries? Reasons why we LOVE him…in GIFS


It was reported this afternoon that Ian Somerhalder is considering leaving The Vampire Diaries, and we have to admit, if it was true, we’d find the news pretty gutting.

The 35 year old actor and model is of course best known as Damon Salvatore from the hit CW drama, but shot to fame originally as Boone Carlyle in the TV series Lost.

The star was pictured at Harvard University desk over the weekend and soon rumours started doing the rounds that Ian was planning to do an Emma Watson and give up his showbiz career for a period of re-education.

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The CW renews Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Arrow & more

The Originals Klaus

In a couple of months time,  we’ll start hearing whether our favourite TV shows from the fall have been renewed or not.

The CW has jumped straight in by announcing that a number of its fall dramas including The Vampire Diaries and The Originals will return for the 2014/15 season, later this year.

In total, the network has announced that five of its dramas will return including: Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Arrow and Reign.
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