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Vampire Diaries spoilers: Is Caroline about to reach breaking point?

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In this season of The Vampire Diaries, we will say goodbye to baby Gilbert as he heads off for pastures new, as producer Julie Plec confirmed previously. It’s been an emotional time for Jeremy over the last season or so, heightened by Bonnie’s current predicament as she finds herself stuck in Mystic Falls 1994. However, more information has been released on the February 12th installment of the show entitled ‘Stay’ and there’s drama for pretty much everyone in the to

The Vampire Diaries: Jeremy’s last episode date confirmed!

Steven R McQueen (Jeremy) left ‘The Vampire Dairies’ fans up in arms when he decided to leave the The CW show to pursue other interests, and now, his final appearance on the show has been confirmed. is spilling the beans on exactly when we can expect to see Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) brother take his final bow on the show, and it’s probably earlier than you think.

Vampire Diaries 6×13 spoilers: Enzo interferes in Stefan’s life & Jeremy considers leaving Mystic Falls for good

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This season we’ve seen Enzo hell bent on destroying Stefan’s life, mostly after he made some rather shoddy decisions like treating Caroline like garbage and running away. Now, things are about to step up a gear as Enzo discovers the truth behind Sarah Salvatore, but how will he use this information to his advantage? Also, when the February 5th installment comes about it’s Bonnie’s birthday and the Mystic Falls residents are keen to celebrate. While Jeremy has some key dec

Vampire Diaries spoilers: Sarah Salvatore is in BIG trouble & will Kai survive past this season? Julie Plec spills..

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Rejoice one and all, as there’s just a few days to go now until Vampire Diaries returns to our screens on the 22nd January and boy, there’s drama ahead for the Mystic Falls residents. One of the most intriguing parts of this season is Sarah Salvatore, while we met her imposter in the process Stefan revealed how much he’s been looking out for the real one over the years and essentially keeping her away from the supernatural madness. In exec producer Julie Plec’s latest int

Vampire Diaries 6×12 spoilers: The merge IS happening but can Liv and Luke be saved?

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One of the most interesting parts of Vampire Diaries this season is the situation twins Liv and Luke find themselves in. The twins must merge but neither wants to fight the other – that’s where Jo and Kai come in. If these two were to merge it would save the pair, but the big worry is whether Jo will come out on top against their psychotic brother. Well, new information has been released ahead of the 29th January installment of the series “A Prayer For The Dying” and that

Vampire Diaries spoilers: Kai continues his deadly games & what has Enzo got planned for Stefan?

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Now, we were bracing ourselves for some Delena related disappointment after exec producer Julie Plec had previously warned us. However, we weren’t expecting the way it came about at all. While Elena still has no memory of her relationship with Damon, the pair were growing closer especially after all Damon was doing to get Bonnie back from Mystic Falls 1994. Of course in the mid-season finale, everyone was able to get back into Mystic Falls once again thanks to Kai, but as Elena headed to t

Vampire Diaries spoilers: Annie Wersching to recur & Ian Somerhalder to direct an episode?

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Annie Wersching is one actress in demand right now! Alongside her return on Castle as Dr Nieman, the actress has also booked herself a recurring spot on this series of Vampire Diaries. There’s new cast members and a new face in the directors chair on the show too. While Paul Wesley has tried his hand at directing previously and producer Julie Plec too for that fact, it has been confirmed Mr Smolderhalder himself is about to step behind the camera! So for all you need to know, head on insid

Vampire Diaries spoilers: Steroline is a go & Jeremy’s study choices may surprise you!

Do You Remember The First Time?
Vampire Diaries is yet another show to go on hiatus until January, but never fear as we have all the latest spoilers in one neat post to keep you going until then. There’s something for everyone too, so if you’re dying to know the latest on Stefan and Caroline’s relationship or perhaps Jeremy Gilbert’s well being is more the cause for your concern, executive producer Julie Plec has been teasing it all on social media.

Vampire Diaries 6×10 spoilers: Get ready for a ‘heartbreaking’ death…

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Fans of The Vampire Diaries know that nobody is safe in the show, no matter how important their character is! While it was teased previously that there will be more disappointment ahead for Damon and Elena fans, now there’s set to be ANOTHER death. For our run down of the mid-season finale and what Paul Wesley has been discussing head on inside…

Vampire Diaries spoilers: More disappointment for Delena fans? Uh oh…

It’s been a rocky old road for fans of Vampire Diaries’ popular pairing of Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore. They’ve got together, broke up and there’s basically always been a snag in their relationship. However, this season was different when Damon ‘died’ in the season 5 finale, viewers saw early on that Elena was not dealing with his death well at all. This led to Alaric compelling her memories away, for Damon to make his way back from 1994 Mystic Falls and

5 Christmas episodes we can’t WAIT to see! Castle, Chicago Fire, Arrow…

Well here we are into December and the holiday period will soon be upon us once again. It’s that time of year when high street stores are giving us all ridiculous offers, we panic about what to get people and often leave our present buying FAR too late (oh how we’ve been there). However, in the land of fiction some of our favorite US TV shows will air their festive installments and some of them sound like absolute crackers – pun intended. There’s something for everyone, w

Vampire Diaries 6×10 spoilers: Bonnie is all alone at Christmas & Stefan breaks some devastating news to Caroline?

The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
We love Bonnie Bennett but she truly is breaking our hearts in this season of Vampire Diaries. Of course, she’s stuck in 1994 Mystic Falls but originally she had Damon for company – now she’s stuck there with only psycho Kai. Sacrificing herself to make sure Damon got home. Sniff. In the December 11th installment of the series, which is entitled ‘Christmas Through Your Eyes’ it will see Bonnie reminisce on happier times and there’s set to be some pretty big St

Vampire Diaries spoilers: Damon and Alaric friendship problems & is Bonnie reaching breaking point?

The Vampire Diaries: Bonnie & Damon
When Alaric made it back from the other side and Damon came back from the mysterious 1994 version of Mystic Falls, we were very excited to see one of our favorite bromances in Dalaric reunite. They have such a fantastic chemistry on screen together, despite their two characters being polar opposites of each other – we still love them anyway. There’s been a little tension between the pair following on from when Alaric compelled Elena to forget she ever loved Damon. Now, Damon faces an

Vampire Diaries spoilers: Friendsgiving, Gemini Coven & Jo’s painful past!

Fade Into You
It’s Vampire Diaries day! Tonight’s episode is entitled ‘Fade Into You’ and will see Friendsgiving at Whitmore College, Tyler helping Liv and Luke out and we’re also set to learn more about Kai and his murderous past. In the producers preview, they’ve been talking about what fans can expect while Julie Plec has been spilling on that memorable Delena rain kiss from last week’s episode. So for all the latest head on inside…