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Vampire Diaries season 6 spoilers: Exec producer teases AMAZING things to come & 6×03 pics

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Things are about to get very serious in The Vampire Diaries, and we can’t wait as we fast approach the sixth season debut on our TV screens.

It’s set to be a different sort of season for the hit show though, as it’s something of a reset on what we’re used to seeing previously… Read more & comment »

Vampire Diaries season 6 spoilers: Steroline, the new big bad, Alaric’s demons & MORE

The Vampire Diaries

The new season of The Vampire Diaries is just under a week away now. It’s set to be a majorly exciting season and with characters like Alaric returning on a full time basis we can’t wait. While there will be the lingering question on what has happened to Damon and Bonnie and just when they will be back in the land of the living. Sooner rather than later we hope!

Ahead of the new season, we have all the scoop on the new big bad of the season, Steroline’s relationship, how Alaric will be coping on his return and this mysterious Tripp fella, who has a connection to Mystic Falls.

Head on inside to find out…

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Nina Dobrev in new show! What about Vampire Diaries? SPOILERS

2014 InStyle And Warner Bros. 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party - Arrivals

Nina Dobrev is reportedly making a departure from The Vampire Diaries and has landed herself a guest appearance on a brand new show, but don’t worry Elena fans, she isn’t leaving Mystic Falls just yet!

It’s been revealed that the brunette beauty will be showing up on the forthcoming second season of The Originals, a Vampire Diaries spinoff show, which centres around the Mikaelson siblings, Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Rebekah (Claire Holt).
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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 spoilers: Check out this brand new sneak peek!

The Vampire Diaries

We’re counting down the days until The Vampire Diaries returns to our screens and a new sneak peek ahead of the season six premiere has been released. Recently, we saw Alaric back in the classroom and had a glimpse of how Elena will be dealing with her grief following on from the events of season five.

In this sneak peek, we get a different dynamic as it shows Caroline and her Mum having a very in depth chat about the events of the last few months. Could Caroline and Elena’s relationship suffer in season six?

Well head on inside to find out….

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Nina Dobrev SPOTTED in LA spending time with Derek Hough – Ohh err!

2014 InStyle And Warner Bros. 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party - Arrivals

Nina Dobrev tried (and failed!) to go incognito during a recent trip to LAX airport in Los Angeles.

Arriving at the famous airport, the ‘The Vampire Diaries’ star did her best to shield her face as she had her hood up, sunglasses on and her brunette hair over her eyes.
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Vampire Diaries Season 6 spoilers: 6×01 sneak peek & Damon / Elena promo pics


It won’t be long now until The Vampire Diaries returns to our screens for its sixth season. Ahead of the new season, CW have been heavily promoting one of their most popular shows, including a sneak peek from the premiere episode “I’ll Remember” while also releasing brand new promotional pictures of the cast – who are looking as amazing as ever!

Head inside for all the details…

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Vampire Diaries spoilers: Michael Malarkey’s new song! Enzo rules!

vampire diaries Michael Malarkey

It’s safe to say Enzo was the highlight of our season five. The vampire and old friend of Damon Salvatore really won our hearts early on in the fifth season, he was eventually upped to series regular and we explored his complicated past with Damon himself – plus his love life.

If you didn’t know already, Michael is multi talented and is a singer songwriter too alongside his acting work. He has often tweeted in the last few months – particularly during the TVD hiatus – that he was hitting the studio and recording his EP. Now that EP is soon arriving and you can own it too!

Head inside to listen to ‘Feed The Flames’ and all the latest on his musical exploits..

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The Vampire Diaries season 6 spoilers: ALL the latest on Jodi Lyn O’Keefe’s character & Ian Somerhalder gets snappy!


We’re thrilled to see Alaric Saltzman back from the dead and Matt Davis back as a full time cast member on The Vampire Diaries, as lets face it we’ve all missed him, right?! Its been teased heavily that Alaric was set for a new lady in his life since Comic Con and the latest TVD spoiler news revealed a picture of Alaric and the mystery woman.

Where will they meet? Well, it seems they won’t meet in Mystic Falls after the spell Markos and the Travellers put on the town, making it basically a supernatural free zone.

So head on inside to find out what makes Alaric’s new lady tick and what Ian Somerhalder has been up to on set…

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ spoilers! Who’s Alaric’s new love interest?


It looks like Alaric Saltzman will be getting a new love interest in the new season of ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

Alaric certainly hasn’t been having the best time when it comes to his love life in the past few seasons of the The CW show, but it looks like that may all change in the upcoming 6th season of the hit.
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Vampire Diaries spoilers: New trailer! No Damon but Elena is ‘consumed’ by love!

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Big news for ‘The Vampire Diaries’ fans!

Things are really ramping up for the sixth season of The CW show, and to get fans extra excited, the show have released an all new trailer for the upcoming season. And by the looks of things, it’s going to be an emotional one.

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The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder calls out Nikki Reed haters on Instagram!


IAN SOMERHALDER TO THE RESCUE! The Vampire Diaries actor came to the defence of his lady love on Twitter recently, like a knight in shining armour.

After fans started posting some less than positive comments about Nikki Reed on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ star’s Instagram page, he was quick to shut down the negativity.
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Vampire Diaries spoilers: Ian Somerhalder IS in 6×01 & Stefan’s love interest revealed!

ian somerhalder

All Vampire Diaries fans know by now that Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennent won’t stay dead for long in the upcoming sixth season of the hit show. However, just when they will return or how has been something of a mystery and has involved much speculation amongst the TVD faithful.

Now, Ian has cheekily gave away some spoilers on Instagram that confirm in one way or another Damon Salvatore will be in the season opener – but how? We also have all the scoop on a new lady in Stefan’s life and sadly it’s not our Caroline!

Head inside for all the details….

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Vampire Diaries & Supernatural spoilers: Steroline scoop, season 10 poster…

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Ahead of The Vampire Diaries season six, which we’re counting down the days towards, new behind the scenes photos have been released that show Bonnie and Damon, an amused Stefan and Caroline and Alaric, in an exclusive pic from TVLine, looking like they’re in a VERY intense conversation. We wonder what that’s all about? Meanwhile, we have the scoop on Caroline’s budding romance with Stefan too.

A new poster has hit the internet of Supernatural, which teases the upcoming demon storyline viewers are set to see with Dean following on from the season nine finale.

So head inside for all the exciting details!

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Vampire Diaries spoilers: Enzo in make out scene, Damon & Stefan to win back Mystic Falls?


While there’s still another month or so to go until The Vampire Diaries season six starts, we have all the latest news ahead of the new series. Including; who will Enzo be locking lips with? The potential for the Salvatore brothers to team up together and the official synopsis for 6×01 – which indicates how much time will have passed after the finale.

So head on inside for all the latest exciting news!

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Vampire Diaries spoilers: Nina Dobrev wants a “tall, ripped mocca boyfriend”

2014 InStyle And Warner Bros. 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party - Arrivals

Nina Dobrev is ready for a new man, and she’s ermm… ordering him from Starbucks?

‘The Vampire Diaries’ star took to Instagram to post a hilarious screen shot of a conversation she had with friend on Thursday, which she captioned, “HAHHAHAHA #awko-taco. Best StarBucks order ever. If only…”
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