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Line of Duty Episode Five: Keeley Hawes & Mark Bonnar shine in this penultimate instalment

Line of Duty
So who’s guilty then? That’s the question most of us will be asking ourselves after that thrilling penultimate instalment of Line of Duty. Writer Jed Mercurio definitely kept us waiting for the arrest of Mark Dryden, but when it did come the resulting interview was masterfully executed. But, as he has done all series, Mercurio continues to put doubt in our heads with that final shot of Lindsay. It’s unclear how much she knew but suffice to say that Dryden’s arrest is part

Line of Duty Episode Four: Vicky McClure shines in this exhilarating instalment

Line of Duty
As somebody who watches a lot of hours of TV drama a week, it’s very rare that an episode leaves me gasping for breath. However, by the end of tonight’s episode of Line of Duty, I was physically exhausted, as the programme presented us with a final ten minutes that had me on the edge of my seat. After two episodes that were filled with character development, tonight’s instalment really delivered on the promise made by that exhilarating opening chapter.

Line of Duty Episode Three: Keeley Hawes continues to shine as more secrets are revealed (Spoilers)

Keeley Hawes Vicky McClure
One of the elements of Line of Duty that I love so much is that you are constantly changing your opinions of the characters. Jed Mercurio has made it so we never know what to make of Lindsay Denton and I for one thought she was as guilty as sin until some doubt crept into my mind in the dying moments of last week’s episode. Tonight, and arguably for the first time, Mercurio presents Denton in a completely sympathetic light as she faces time in jail for a crime she still claims she didnR

Line of Duty: Keeley Hawes continues to shine in another brilliant instalment (Spoilers)

I stand by my view that last week’s Line of Duty was one of the best hours of television of the past year. The exhilarating ride of episode one started from the opening ambush scene and continued right up until that amazing final moment. But tonight, Line of Duty proved that it wasn’t a programme that would rely on shock moments alone and we got a fair bit of character development laced throughout the episode. At the heart of the show is Keeley Hawes’ Lindsay Denton, a police o

Line of Duty: Keeley Hawes shines in this brilliantly gripping crime drama (Spoilers)

Line of Duty S2Ep1
I personally believe that this has been a poor year so far for TV drama with even the great and mighty Sherlock being somewhat disappointing. Though I enjoy some aspects of a lot of the programmes currently showing nothing has really grabbed. That was until I watched the first episode of Line of Duty’s second series which drew me in from the very first scene and didn’t let go till the end. This was a programme that didn’t just rely on shock value but instead featured incredible

Broadchurch Final Episode: Closure is finally achieved as Danny’s killer is revealed

So, after eight weeks of clues and guess-work tonight’s episode of Broadchurch finally revealed who killed Danny Latimer. ITV have been promoting this final episode all week, telling us that closure will be achieved and making this finale seem incredibly important. Indeed I’m struggling to remember the last time that the final part of a TV drama really felt like a must-watch event especially a murder mystery drama such as Broadchurch. So it’s really a testament to ITV and write

Broadchurch, ITV Ep 6 review: Hardy (David Tennant) places Paul Coates under suspicion & Susan’s past is revealed

Reading the comments under my weekly reviews or Broadchurch, it’s clear that some of you feel that the programme is being dragged out too long. I personally think that the drawn out nature of the investigation is something that is a credit to the show and I like how it isn’t rushing through the suspects. Indeed that sense of frustration plays into tonight’s episode as eight weeks have now passed since the death of Danny Latimer. With police resources now being cut back it appea

Broadchurch star Vicky McClure says fans will be shocked to find out who murdered Danny Latimer!

Fans of ITV drama Broadchurch are of course eagerly awaiting the big reveal about who murdered schoolboy Danny Latimer, and while speaking to the People about the whodunit, Vicky McClure – who plays journalist Karen White – has revealed that fans will be “shocked” by the outcome. The latest episode of Broadchurch – the sixth of its eight episode run – airs tonight at 9pm, and in it, we’ll see that there are still no new leads or witnesses, and that the case is stalling while morale

ITV’s Broadchurch Episode 5 review: Jack Marshall’ spills all to Hardy (David Tennant) & boat owner is identified

In my previous review of Broadchurch I noted how Danny’s murder had made the seaside town a particularly hostile place. Despite the ominous tents now being moved from the beaches, there’s a mood of distrust in the air and that definitely manifests itself in tonight’s episode. As we saw last week, newsagent Jack Marshall’s past was brought up and the police have marked him out to be one of the lead suspects.

Broadchurch Episode 4 review: More suspects are revealed as Hardy’s health continues to deteriorate

As we approach the halfway point of Broadchurch it appears as if everybody has their own idea of who the killer is. The last couple of episodes have built up Mark Latimer as the lead suspect in the death of his son Danny. However it was revealed last week that Mark’s flimsy alibi was an attempt to cover up an affair with hotelier Becca Fisher. With Mark now seemingly out of the picture, a number of different characters are being lined up as the potential murder. This fourth instalment sees the

Broadchurch ITV Ep 3 review: Mark is under suspicion while Karen reveals her true motives in another gripping episode

Those who read my review of last week’s edition of Broadchurch knew that I thought it was a bit of a let-down. After a stunning opener, Broadchurch lost some of its realism by introducing a psychic telephone engineer and a plot involving cocaine. Thankfully I felt tonight’s episode was a return to form even though it did feature the telephone engineer once again. It also felt fairly focused this week as it mainly featured the investigation into whether Mark Latimer killed his son.

Broadchurch to be released on DVD May 2013!

Last night saw the premier of the exciting new ITV thriller, Broadchurch, starring former Doctor Who David Tennant, and if you are already hooked, as most of the country appears to be, then you can get the whole 8-part series on DVD! Tennant, who held the position of BBC world saving Time Lord Doctor Who prior to its current leader Matt Smith, plays out-of-town Detective Inspector Alec Hardy investigating the mysterious death of an 11-year-old boy on a beach at the foot of a cliff at the seaside

Doctor Who’s David Tennant & Arthur Darvill join Vicky McClure in new ITV drama Broadchurch

A new eight part ITV ensemble drama series, Broadchurch, led by David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Vicky McClure will explore what happens to a small community when it suddenly becomes the focus of a major event and is subjected to the full glare of the media spotlight. Broadchurch will also feature an amazing array of British acting talent including Jodie Whittaker as Beth, Andrew Buchan as Mark, Will Mellor playing Stephen Turner and Arthur Darvill as the town priest Paul Coates.

True Love Starring David Tennant & Vicky McClure: Episode one review – it all feels organic and Tennant really star shines!

When a film or TV series claims to be mainly improvised I often find myself trying to guess the moments when the actors are creating their own dialogue rather than reading from a script and this was something I found myself doing a lot while watching True Love. The BBC drama features five stories all set in and around the seaside town of Margate which, as the title would suggest, are all about true love which in some cases has already been found but in others are tested such as in episode one.