It Takes A Thief To Catch A Thief – Richard Taylor & Will Davies hit Romford & Derby for Channel 5

It Takes a Thief to Catch a Thief

It Takes a Thief to Catch a Thief

Reformed master thief Richard Taylor and policeman Will Davies continue to show retailers how to foil the light-fingered brigade who are stealing their profits, as this brand new anti-crime series continues. This week, they hit the high streets of Romford and Derby to help two retailers reduce attacks from petty pilferers and organised gangs.

This week, Richard and Will visit a designer clothing chain that badly needs their advice. From mums using kids to steal to organised gangs swiping entire rails of garments, the company has suffered repeatedly from professsional shoplifters who trot out every trick in the book. One store has even been forced to close! Retail and security staff need an update on what to look out for, if more are not to suffer the same fate.

To show just how easy it can be to deceive retailers, Richard goes on a shoplifting spree across the chain using accessories such as de-taggers and a security-proof pram – perfect for stashing stolen goods. He finds that Romford is the chain’s most vulnerable store, run by Amber and Lou. They may be feisty, but they are no match for the gangs of thieves who clobber the shop every week, and there is no CCTV to deter them. Richard and Will deck the store out in the latest high-tech security gadgets, then organise a professional hit to test the girls and the shop’s defences.

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In Derby, shopkeeper Vip and his wife are at their wits’ end. Young tearaways, some just little kids, are eating away a huge chunk of his profits, hitting their convenience store in packs and pinching anything they can get their hands on. It may only be cans of drink and sweets to the gangs, but to Vip it is money coming straight out of his pocket. So how can he stop them?

Vip needs to see just how easy it is to steal from his shop, so Rich sends in his own gang of artful dodgers before pointing out ways to combat the problem in a lesson that small shopkeepers all over the country should take to heart.

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