Taylor Swift plans next tour as ‘Shake It Off’ breaks US record!

by Martin
Taylor Swift also performed her new single at the VMAs

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift recently confirmed her plans for her next album ‘1989’ – named after the year she was born – and she quickly premiered the official video for its first single ‘Shake It Off’.

The single, in comparison to her previous releases, was a huge change and the general feeling was that it paid off – but after seeing the video, we can’t help wonder what her next tour will be like.

We all know that for years the ’22’ beauty has written songs about love, heartbreak and relationships but ‘Shake It Off’ goes in a completely different direction.

‘Shake It Off’ mocks what people have been saying about her since she was young and she makes fun of herself throughout the video – which can be seen below.

While the album has only just been announced (set for a 27th of October release) fans are already waiting to hear more news on a tour.

Speaking to Capital FM the singer revealed that her mind is always on live shows and in particular especially when she’s finishing writing a new song.


“I’m always thinking about that because it’s my favourite element of things, when you put out a song and then you get to look out at the crowd at the O2, singing the words back. It’s a pretty surreal moment.” she said.

In her home country Billboard have confirmed that ‘Shake It Off’ has became the highest new entry on their chart ever, debuting at number nine on their Adult Pop Songs Chart.

The single is also at number twelve on the Pop Songs list which puts her in line with Mariah Carey for the highest placed debut on that chart.

On their main Hot 100 list Billboard are expecting the track, which also received considerable praise from Ed Sheeran to debut at number one.

While we’re on the topic of Sheeran and his praise, speaking with Hollywire about ‘Shake It Off’ he said: “I think it’s brilliant. It’s very inspirational.”

If you haven’t seen the official video for ‘Shake It Off’ yet then check it out below and let us know what you think – is it a step in the right direction?