Taylor Swift having dating issues because of her success?

by Martin

Taylor Swift has had some pretty public relationships with some fairly big names and for whatever reason it’s given her some pretty bad press.

Despite having it all – a career, looks, and a talent that many would be jealous of the beauty has spoken about why she hasn’t met the perfect guy.

Taylor Swift is one of the most successful musicians to date and she’s only 23 and some would even say that she’s used previous breakups to come up with her latest smash hits but she recently spoke with HELLO! and revealed all.

One of the main reasons she believes she has been unlucky in love is because men find her success intimidating.

Taylor 2 Swift

“I suppose [my success] might be intimidating,” she says. “It’s not like I would look at a guy and say, ‘Hey, are you intimidated by me?’ I think that would be highly uncool on my part!”

The songstress also confessed that when it comes to dating she keeps things old fashioned and admitted that she prefers when guys talk to her first.

That way if he approaches her then he’s definitely interested but she’ll always let him take the lead.

The star also spoke about writing love songs and how difficult she finds the process.


She said: “I do tend to write more songs when I have a broken heart, though, because when you’re in love, you’re just so fascinated by the fact you’re in love,” she said. “You don’t take the time to write down everything that you’re feeling.”

Taylor Swift is coming to London next year for a series of shows at the O2 Arena but the singer-songwriter has already professed her love for the country in an interview with The Sun:

“Anywhere I spend a considerable amount of time, I think about maybe getting a place. But it would have to be the perfect place. I definitely love it over here, so I’ve always thought about what it would be like to be here more.”

“I’m going to be here a lot starting with some shows in February at The O2 in London, then more and more. I love the fans, I love talking to the people, I really do love everything.”