Uh oh! Taylor Swift’s label didn’t like 1989’s Pop vibe!

by Martin
Taylor Swift (Credit: Facebook)
Taylor Swift will release '1989' next week!

Taylor Swift will release ‘1989’ next week!

Taylor Swift is a matter of days away from releasing her new album ‘1989’, the follow up to her 2012 fourth studio album ‘Red’.

The songstress yesterday confirmed the entire tracklisting for the record which if you hadn’t worked out yet is also the year she was born. It turns out though, the pop theme wasn’t loved by all…

You’ve probably heard ‘Shake It Off’ by now – and if you haven’t then you really should check out her Live Lounge rendition – and at first fans were surprised by the new vibe to her tunes.

When Taylor first became big news in the music industry she was all about country music and Nashville through and through and it sounds like her label wanted that theme to remain when she released her fifth album. However Tay Tay was keen to diversify.

Speaking in a new interview with The Sun newspaper Taylor explained that label bosses initially weren’t thrilled by the news that she was devoting the entire album to the pop genre.

“The decision came directly from me.” she explained. “I had to plead my case with everyone and certain people at the record label. I had to really campaign and get everyone on my side.”

The tracklisting for '1989' is here!

The tracklisting for ‘1989’ is here!

The 22 hitmaker added “that this was the creative decision and artistically there was no other option than to boldly hone this album for what it is.”

Swift added that her record label in Nashville was really impressed with the album in the end, but one boss did try to push at least two country tracks on at the last minute. The young singer stood her ground.

“I explained it would change the solid cohesiveness of the record, so he agreed. He’s happy as a clown now as we then got our first Hot 100 No.1 with ‘Shake It Off’.”

What do you think? Has Taylor made the right decision? Is she moving in the right direction or will you miss her country roots?

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