Taylor Swift reveals how pleased she is with Ed Sheeran’s success

by Martin

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are close friends there’s no doubting that, they’ve collaborated together, they’ve toured together and recently they performed ‘Everything Has Changed’ during one of Sheeran’s shows at Madison Square Garden.

Swift though has revealed in an interview how pleased she is when it comes to Ed Sheeran and his success.

Speaking with Capital FM the 22 year old spoke about Ed and her guest appearance at his concert in New York’s famous Madison Square Garden.

The beauty said: “I was almost tearing up because he introduced me and we’re standing there in front of a screen in front of a sold out Madison Square Garden crowd and they all bought tickets with his name on it. I was so proud of him.”

The singer is also predicting the future for Ed Sheeran saying his fame will continue to grow worldwide: “I think for him, success worldwide is inevitable. That’s going to happen. He’s amazing, he’s talented, he’s got an amazing record.”

Sheeran himself recently took to Twitter to talk about his career and how much success he’s achieved so far: “1st date of MSG is today, then two more, then the two and a half year tour for this album is done. what a way to end it.”

“Thanks to the 175 people who came to the first date at Southampton Joiners, everyone at the gigs in between, and anyone coming to these.”

Taylor, in an interview with Capital FM also spoke about her new material and how she can’t wait for fans to hear it:  “Now that I’ve written a lot of songs for the next album – I’m dying for people to hear it. It’s so weird to be still promoting ‘Red’ – I’m so proud of ‘Red’ [but] I’m creating something that’s so different from ‘Red’.”

“It’s so cool because I’m so appreciative of the success of ‘Red’ but I know that if I want to have success with something else I can’t make ‘Red 2.0′”

She concluded: “I have to make something completely new and something that if you were to hear a song from it you’d go ‘Oh, that’s not from ‘Red’, that’s from the new one’. So that’s what I’m doing.”