Taylor Swift said a “very firm no” to another country album, but why?

by Emily H
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Taylor Swift has well and truly made her move from a country star to a pop star with her new album ‘1989,’ and now she’s revealed all about the big transition.

In a recent interview, the former country star revealed why she chose to move from county music to more of a ‘pop’ sound, but what did her record label think?

Speaking to Billboard magazine as their ‘Woman of the Year’ the ‘Shake It Off’ singer admitted that it was firmly her decision to cut out the country, much to the dismay of her record label.

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Swift revealed to the music magazine that she refused to compromise on any aspect of her new project, including her lyrics, the album title, the cover artwork, or her choice of backing music. She also admitted that when she revealed to Big Machine Records, which is predominantly a country label, founder Scott Borchetta that she wasn’t planning on releasing another country album, “he went into a state of semi-panic” and a lot of the label execs over at Big Machine thought her new direction involved some “weird” choices.

Those “weird” choices involved not including any remotely countrified sounds. The singer recalled being asked if they could “put a fiddle on ‘Shake it Off'” and if she could add three Country songs “just to keep the peace.” However, the tall beauty admitted that all her “answers were a very firm ‘no.'”

Taylor Swift at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last year

Taylor Swift at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last year

But why did the superstar turn her back on her country roots? “Because it felt disingenuous to try to exploit two genres when your album falls in only one,” she admitted to the magazine. Though she’s not writing Country music anymore, if she found a great track written by someone else, would she sing it? Probably not. When asked if she’d ever sing someone else’s music, she simply replied, “I wouldn’t be a singer if I weren’t a songwriter. I have no interest in singing someone else’s words.”

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