Taylor Swift talks passion and why she doesn’t believe a ‘happily ever after’ exists for her

by Martin
Taylor Swift (Credit: Facebook)
Taylor Swift performing 'Riptide' in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge (© BBC)

Taylor Swift performing ‘Riptide’ in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge (© BBC)

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is undoubtedly one of the most popular musicians on the planet right now, and especially so following the release of her latest album ‘1989’, which is proving to be one of the bestselling albums of the year.

And as fans of Taylor’s will know, many of the tracks on it have real meaning to the star, who never shies away from opening her heart via the medium of song. But that said, she’s always been charmingly candid on the subject of her private life during interviews too.

But of course, being as globally famous as Taylor is can’t be easy, what with having people follow your every move, taking photos of you whereever you go, and being the subject of rumours that most often have no basis in actual truth must be horrible.

However, as mentioned above, during interviews, Taylor is always open about her private life and often talks about her relationships, and particularly those that have inspired hit tracks.

Taylor Swift performing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last year

Taylor Swift performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last year

During a recent interview with Lucky magazine the ‘Shake It Off’ beauty revealed that there’s one passion that she’d love a potential partner to share with her.

“Coffee’s a big part of my life. Skinny caramel lattes are a daily thing that I get excited about and I never stop being excited about,” she explained.

She added: “If I could just find one person who I felt that way — the way I feel about coffee — then I think I’d be in a content relationship.”

Well, while we thought she’d go down the route of hankering after someone who shared her passion for music or travelling or something like that, her love of coffee just goes to show that bottom line, she’s just a normal person!

Also during the interview, the ‘Blank Space’ songstress revealed that she doesn’t really believe in the whole ‘happily ever after’ fairytale anymore.

She remarked: “I really used to think that happily ever after was a thing…

“That you find the one and that’s it: Nothing’s difficult after that. But then again, I know nothing…”

She added: “I know nothing about lasting relationship experiences because I don’t have them.”

Taylor Swift is having a huge amount of success with her new album

Taylor Swift is having a huge amount of success with her new album

What do you think? Do you think ‘happily ever after’ exists or is it just a fairytale, pure and simple? Let us know your thoughts below.

Also, check out this video of Greg James and Taylor Swift on how they worked their ‘Blank Space’ lip syncing video for BBC Radio 1, followed by the final product.


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  1. AdamFajic3 on November 22, 2014 at 12:14 pm

    I think there can be like an happily ever after. I think there are some that get it to, a lucky few. And good on them. I kind of think a happily ever after would be crap. Happy all the time that would have to get a bit boring lol.

    I think taylor swift is a wonderful women and she is right most of the time with what she says.

    I”d love to meet you Taylor. Sorry Miss Swift.

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