Taylor Swift plans special BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge! DETAILS

by Martin
Taylor Swift
Are you excited to hear Taylor in the Live Lounge?

Are you excited to hear Taylor in the Live Lounge?

American songstress Taylor Swift is going to be performing a very special Live Lounge this coming Thursday (October 9th) for BBC Radio 1.

The ‘Shake It Off’ beauty will be in London for a special challenge at The Shard in London for Capital FM and has somehow managed to squeeze the BBC into her busy schedule.

The announcement arrived earlier today but that’s all we know. As expected with the live lounge performances, the tracks are kept under wraps until the time has come.

BBC Radio 1 confirmed the news to the world and tweeted: “We can now reveal that @taylorswift13 will be in the Live Lounge for us on Thursday! Are you excited?”

Excited was an understatement as the internet went into meltdown as performing on the live lounge is something most artists love doing – especially when you hear them cover someone else.

Taylor Swift recently spoke exclusively to British Vogue and admitted that changing her direction musically was a big decision to make because the Nashville scene is something she feels tied to.

“This time around I’ve chosen the brave and bold way of going about things. Because with this album I’ve completely changed the sound of everything I’ve done until now.”

“So it’s interesting to not be afraid of that. You know, I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, I don’t want to betray Nashville, whatever, but essentially it comes down to challenging yourself as an artist.”

Taylor has changed her musical direction but it wasn't easy!

Taylor has changed her musical direction but it wasn’t easy!

Taylor Swift and dating for whatever reason is always a talking point because of her prior high-profile relationships and in the same interview she confessed she doesn’t really have any interest in it all right now.

“I don’t know how a guy is supposed to walk next to his girlfriend when there are 20 men with cameras, and he can’t protect his girlfriend because that’s the life she chose.”

The beauty went on to explain that she doesn’t really think about it all because she can’t see how it would work.

She continued and said that she doesn’t think that any guy would want everything that comes with being with such a high profile artist.

So will you be tuning into BBC Radio 1 this Thursday to hear Taylor perform in the Live Lounge? What do you think her cover will be? Sound off in the comments below!