Team GB champs Dani King, Laura Trot, Beth Tweddle, Gemma Gibbons and Nicola Adams transform into the SPICE GIRLS (PICTURES)

by Lisa McGarry

Of all the medals won by the fantastic Team GB in the 2012 London Olympics, over a third were won by women. It was girl power in action, right there in front of our eyes.

This week’s heat magazine celebrates our favourite lady medallists – cycling gold champs Dani King and Laura Trott; bronze gymnastic legend Beth Tweddle; Gemma Gibbons, who won silver in judo; and the first-EVER women’s boxing gold medallist, Nicola Adams by dressing them as the original girl-power icons, the Spice Girls.

Laura Trott, 20, Cycling (Baby Spice)
“I was a crazy Spice Girls fan! I saw them when I was eight or nine, and I watched their reunion at the O2. Baby Spice was my favourite! I used to be jealous of my sister, because her name’s Emma. I was like, “Why did Mum and Dad give you the cool name?”Asked about the craziest thing that happened at the Olympics, Laura replied: “Watching volleyball with Prince Harry – not many people can say they’ve done that. I met David Beckham the same night. That whole day was nuts.”

Beth Tweddle, 27, Gymnastics (Sporty Spice)
“I got to meet Kate Middleton and Prince William. I was sitting next to her throughout the gymnastics final and she was asking questions. She’s so down to earth. I felt like I was chatting to a friend!”

Gemma Gibbons, 25, Judo (Ginger Spice)
“On the morning of the day I fought, I had 600 Twitter followers; after my fight, I had 12,500! Olly Murs tweeted me and then I met him at the V Festival, which was really cool.”

“I watched the Spice Girls at the Closing Ceremony. Everyone was looking forward to seeing them, and it was great to be there when they got back together.”

Nicola Adams, 29, Boxing (Scary Spice)
“I wouldn’t need a head guard in the ring with this much hair! And I’m not sure about the shoes, but I like the make-up. I wasn’t massively into the Spice Girls when they were big – I’m more of an R&B fan – but I saw them at the Closing Ceremony and I thought they were great.”

“I’ve had loads of girls come up to me in the street and send me messages on Twitter, telling me they’re getting into boxing after seeing me fight, which is amazing. But it’s not just sports, it’s about fighting for equality in everything. It’s so important and I’m really proud of the part
I’ve played in that.”

Dani King, 21, Cycling (Posh Spice)
“Kids knock on my door asking for autographs now and I’ve been to a party with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell”

“I miss everything about the Olympics and I can’t wait until the next one!”

The full feature appears in this week’s heat magazine, on sale now (Tuesday).