Teen Wolf Season 5 Spoilers: Holland Roden teases cast shake-up & Tyler Hoechlin talks Braeden and Derek

by Sarah Jones
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The Teen Wolf season four finale ended without a major character death, which was a relief after Alison’s death just before the end of last season. As the fourth installment drew to a close, Peter was locked up and Chris had gone to find his sister Kate, which seemed to leave everyone in Beacon Hills able to sleep a little easier.

However, HollywoodLife recently interviewed Holland Roden, who plays our favorite banshee Lydia, and she dropped a major spoiler bombshell that someone isn’t returning for next season. Who could it be?

Meanwhile, Tyler Hoechlin has talked about his character’s progression over season four and how he may have finally got his love life in order with Braeden. Also, what advice does Tyler himself have for his brooding character Derek Hale?

Even though the Teen Wolf finale ended without serious bloodshed, there’s still plenty of avenues that the writers can explore for season five. These include; The Desert Wolf, what supernatural character Jordan Parrish is, and what the deal is with the three-eyed man Peter is shacked up with in Eichen House.

In her latest interview, which you can view at the end of this post, Holland Roden has hinted that one of the characters WON’T return! Say what?

“It’s sort of a toss up of who’s not coming back for season five but someone is not coming back. I don’t know if that’s safe to say, maybe we are I can’t say anything!” The actress teased.

Of course, Chris went off with the Calaveras at the end of season four, and alongside Alison’s death, in addition to his hunt for Kate, is there much keeping him in Beacon Hills these days? Although we’d be seriously sad to see JR Bourne not return, if it was him!

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It was an eventful finale for Derek Hale. Kate sapped away his werewolf powers in an extremely mysterious fashion earlier on in the season, and he was attacked by a Berserker in the finale, “dying” in the process. Well, you don’t get rid of Derek Hale that easily folks and it was revealed that he had evolved and became very strong.

The resident hottie of Beacon Hills hasn’t had the best luck when it comes to the ladies in his life. However, he has grown very close to resident hunter – and a character fast becoming one of our favs – Braeden. Tyler told MTV in the Teen Wolf after-show that he thinks Derek might just have found a relationship that’s good for him. Remarking that he’s “proud” of his character for making the adjustment into a stable relationship, he just hopes he’s got it all figured out this time!

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Finally, what advice would Tyler give to Derek? “Smile more — he never has any fun but he hasn’t had a lot of time for fun.”

What did you think of season four? Who do you think won’t return for season five? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below..


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