Tegen Roberts wins £250,000 on Deal or No Deal

by Lisa McGarry

In one of the most emotional and dramatic episodes in the show’s history, Tegen Roberts became the fourth person ever to become a quarter-millionaire in today’s Deal or No Deal on Channel 4

Tegen, from Cornwall played a courageous game, turning down a final offer of £77,000 in an attempt to take home the elusive £250,000.

Tegan, who lives with her mother and step-father in a caravan whilst they are renovating their house, was last year diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. Tegen then went through six months of chemotherapy treatment and was given the all clear shortly before taking her place on the show. The 21 year old wore a wig during her time in the dream factory as her hair had not yet grown back after her treatment.

Tegen’s game got off to the perfect start as she eliminated the 1p with her first box and by her second offer she only had five blues left in play, leaving her with one of the strongest boards in Deal or No Deal history.

However, things were looking less rosy when the £100,000 and £35,000 were both taken out and an offer of £33,000 seemed very tempting. But encouragement from fellow player Duane encouraged Tegen to continue and the very next box to go was Duane’s which revealed the last blue on the board!

As Tegen whittled down the boxes, she was left with £20,000 and £250,000 in play. Turning down a final offer of £77,000 and refusing to swap her box, Tegen could have potentially lost thousands of pounds, but as Noel revealed the contents of the box, the confetti fell and the Dream Factory erupted in celebration as Tegen became only the fourth person in the history of Deal or No Deal to take home the top prize of £250,000.

Tegen said: “Being on Deal or No Deal was an amazing experience and I met a fantastic group of people. I can hardly remember anything from my game as it was all such a blur! I haven’t spent much money yet as I wanted to wait until people found out what I’d won. But I have bought myself a car!”

Since Tegen’s time on the show, the Hodgkin Lymphoma returned, but she is now in remission and hopes to donate some of her winnings to the charities that have supported her through her illness.

For the first time ever in the programme’s history Deal or No Deal is going out live starting 4pm, Monday 10th October on Channel 4