The Apprentice 2011 results: Ellie Reed and Vincent Disneur fired!

Ellie Reed and Vincent Disneur became the fifth and sixth victims of the boardroom, in a shock double elimination on last night’s ‘The Apprentice’.

The unlucky pair ended up in the hot seats, after they failed to deliver on a pet food creation and advertising task. After fronting a campaign for a dog food aimed at every breed, size and age of the canine population, Ellie and Vincent battled it out in the boardroom in the hope that Lord Alan Sugar would keep one of them on and let them stay in the running to become his new business partner.

Disneur thought he was safe, when Ellie was initially fired for “piping up at the wrong time”, however the Amstrad boss then turned his caustic tongue on self-proclaimed lothario Vince and fired him on the spot for being “too in awe” of other people competing in the BBC One show.

Today Reed has claimed that Vincent would have been ok if he’d kept his mouth shut and she thinks the self-assured sales manager Vince was sacked because of his “cocky reaction” to her firing.

Ellie told BANG Showbiz: “He should have just fired Vince. He certainly didn’t smooth talk me or any of the other girls in there and I don’t think Lord Sugar is the type of person who can be smooth talked by someone like Vince.

“I think he thought he was too smug when I got fired and just decided off the cuff to fire him as well. I don’t think it was decided in advance, it was just Vince’s cocky reaction and thinking he’d escaped it that landed him in it.”

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old software expert admitted he didn’t think Lord Sugar would be pointing the finger at him.

Vince added: “The hair flung back and I thought I would be OK. I thought he was going to send us back to the house, have a go at me and say, ‘Pick it up’ and go from there, but he made the decision to fire me as well.”