The Bachelorette 2013 spoilers: Desiree Hartsock returns to find the man of her dreams, but has the winner already been revealed?


The new season of the Bachelorette is fast approaching, and with that comes a whole host of teasers and spoilers.

Desiree Hartsock is looking to find her true love on the show as ABC looks to find its true ratings. True love sometimes doesn’t happen, so you never know about the ratings…

In the first look teaser released by ABC, Desiree is shown welcoming a whole host of guys, which she will have to whittle down until she finds “the one”. And well, if “the one” isn’t part of the group, she’s screwed.

Fans of The Bachelor will know that Desiree competed for Sean Lowe’s affections on the latest series of The Bachelor, but it didn’t work out as she finished in fourth place. But, as a car door slams shut in your face, you open a million others looking for the right guy on the new season of The Bachelorette – at least, that’s how I think the saying goes.


In the trailer that has been released, one of the hopefuls says: “She’s just absolutely beautiful.”

Hartsock comments: “I’m ready to find the man of my dreams”.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, sources have leaked who the final four are. According to these sources, the final four stands as:

–          Brooks Forester, 28, Salt Lake City, Utah.

–          Zak Waddell, 23, San Antonia, TX.

–          Drew Kenney, Scottsdale, AZ.

–          Chris Siegfried, 27, Seattle, Washington

She is set to take the final four to the Caribbean in which she will whittle them down one by one until she is left with the last man standing.


However, it has been reported that Forester is to be Desiree’s “one”. So after reading this article, you needn’t even bother tuning in when the season premieres later this month – there goes the quest for ratings!

The Bachelorette returns on May 27th on ABC.