The Big Bang Theory Season 7: Premiere episode promo photos released; Sheldon & Penny become close whilst Leonard is away

by Nick Barnes


The premiere of the seventh season of The Big Bang Theory is slowly approaching and today, a series of promotional photos from the premiere episode of the forthcoming season have been released online.

The one thing that really caught our eye when looking at the photos was that Sheldon and Penny share one of their rare hugs together… and they’re rare as they don’t happen that often at all.

As we know by now, Leonard is away living it up on a boat in the middle of nowhere for four months. In the season six finale, he told Penny that he was going to go away for four months for a once in a lifetime work opportunity and for once, they decided not to split.

However, when the show returns for its seventh season at the end of September, it’s going to be a testing time for Penny and Leonard as life upon the boat is less about thinking and more about drinking, according to E! Online.


“In the first episode back, we’ll get a peek into Leonard’s life, and let’s just say that things aboard the ship are less about thinking and more about drinking. When Penny & Sheldon reach out to call their beloved experimental physicist, Leonard is making waves and partying it up with multiple ladies” the outlet writes.

Meanwhile, TBBT executive producer Steve Molaro has spilled more beans about the forthcoming season, and we find out that Penny & Sheldon begin to get close whilst Leonard is away – but that will all end when Leonard returns during episode two.

Molaro said: “[Penny and Sheldon] share a couple of intimate secrets about each other. They have some really sweet scenes together”.


In the premiere episode, Amy and Bernadette head off to a work conference, without Penny following behind.

Mayim Bialik who plays Amy told TV Guide: “It’s supposed to be Bernadette and Amy talking shop, but they end up talking boys”.

It sounds like we have a great premiere episode ahead of us – not to mention it’s an hour long!

The Big Bang Theory returns to CBS on September 26.

Check out the full set of promo images, below: