The British Soap Awards 2011 – Make your opinion count!

Today sees the virtual and postal voting booth’s open for one of Soaps most prestigious award distributions, The British Soap Awards.

This first stage gives you the opportunity to short list your favourite stars and show, offering three nominations from each of the 5 mainstream soaps, Coronation Street, Eastenders, Emmerdale, Doctors and Hollyoaks.

This year there are 6 categories – Sexiest male, Sexiest female, villain of the year, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Soap.

Whilst every nominee has obviously earned their place in their individual soap, I urge you to consider some of the story lines surrounding each, and pay homage to some of the best acting and writing soap land has seen for some time.

Obviously sexiest male and female is absolutely down to each individual persons taste, I was pleased to see a few nominee’s in particular in the running.

Chris Fountain, a new Corrie star, about to appear on our screens as Tommy Duckworth, but a firm favourite of those of you who like Hollyoaks and Dancing on Ice, and certainly one of mine. Danny Miller, Emmerdale’s Aaron Livesy, who has not even begun to receive the amount of credit he deserves for this last year. Finally, Emmerdale’s James Thornton, who plays farmer John Barton. Who could not have developed a soft spot for him after his AMAZING Let’s Dance for Comic Relief tap dance routine?

For sexiest female you have the usual suspects, but it was nice to see Natalie Anderson, Emmerdale’s Alisha Gallagher and Kylie Babbington, who pays Jodie Gold in Eastenders. Both are beautiful and strong characters, the type we want to succeed and be happy.

When it comes to villain of the year, for me there was only one choice, Lyndon Ogbourne, who played snide Nathan Wylde in Emmerdale. A villain is someone who can make you detest the site of them, the type of actor who can make people believe their nastiness, and Lyndon ticks all the boxes. His portrayal of Nathan had me cheering when Cain kidnapped him, and made me scream at the TV, his character never wavered or lost any strength, the sign of a true evil genius!

When it comes to Best Actor and Actress, I implore you to look at the list of candidates and eliminate those who are there simply because they are popular, think of the story lines they have been nominated because of, and that, hopefully, will leave you with a different type of short list than we are used to seeing.

For me, best actor could only go to one person, and that person is Danny Miller. Danny, who is only 19, plays homosexual Aaron Livesy in Emmerdale, and has had three very big story lines, intertwined with each other this year. He has developed his character in front of our eyes, turning him from a dismissable thug, to a deeply intense and misunderstood young man, who by finally realising who he is, has slowly changed his whole persona.

Also in the running is Shane Richie, who has played his character, Alfie Moon, in the centre of one of Eastenders most controversial story lines, the baby swap saga. It is easy to be angry with Eastenders for this story line, and whilst I do not entirely agree that it should have been produced, the actors involved deserve a lot of credit for being able to portray such tragedy and despair amidst all the chaos and criticism surrounding them.

Which brings me to Best Actress and Jessie Wallace, who plays Alfie Moons wife, Kat in Eastenders. Her grief has plucked the heart strings of every parent in the country, and must have been so traumatic and harrowing to research, let alone act, yet she has maintained her part flawlessly.

Also nominated for Best Actress is Jane Cox, who plays Emmerdale’s Lisa Dingle, who is currently caught in the aftermath of her rape by a trusted colleague. Jane was more than believable in her role, and all of her performances have been breath-taking, the story line was handled brilliantly and the right actress was definitely chosen for the challenge. Her portrayal was haunting with such humble humility and bravery, in my opinion this award has her name all over it.

The final vote is for Soap of the year, like sexiest male and female, this is entirely an individual preference, and I would never try and influence anyone with my own thoughts and opinion. All I will say, and I know I have said this before, is please use your vote wisely, if the same people and shows get the same awards year after year out of habit, how will the others know they are doing things right? Consider not just the story lines you applaud, but also the ones you haven’t and remember your vote does not include any exceptions.

To vote, visit and cast your votes to short list for the main awards.

Make your opinion count!