The Challenger – New BBC Factual Drama about The Challenger space shuttle disaster


The Challenger is a new BBC Two factual drama about American physicist Richard Feynman and his determination to reveal what truly caused the 1986 Challenger space shuttle disaster.

When the Challenger space shuttle exploded after just 73 seconds of its flight on the morning of 28 January 1986, it was, and remains, one of the most shocking moments in the history of American space travel. Immediately after the disaster, a Presidential Commission was convened to figure out what had gone wrong, but with the complexity of the space craft and so many interests involved in the investigation, it was nearly impossible to discover the truth.


One truly independent member of the investigation was Richard Feynman. He was one of the most accomplished and best scientists of his generation, working on the Manhattan Project to develop the first atom bomb and winning a Nobel Prize for his breakthroughs in the field of quantum physics. Feynman used his amazing integrity, charm and scientific logic to reveal the secrets of the disaster and, in the process, make the US Space Programme safer for all involved.

Tonight, 9pm, BBC Two. Leave your comments below.

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