The Choir That Rocks coming to ITV1

In the first episode of this brand new three-part documentary series, Caroline Redman Lusher, Rock Choir founder, introduces the biggest contemporary Choir in Britain. With their wide repertoire of rock, pop and gospel music, Rock Choir is a choir for everyone – no auditions needed, just a lot of enthusiasm.

In five months time Rock Choir is putting on its biggest performance ever. Caroline has booked Wembley and now has the immense challenge of filling the 10,500 seated arena!

Choir devotees Michael Childs, a plumber by day and Rock Choir Leader by night; extremely talented teen star Rachel O’Brien; and Cliff Richard fan Brian Wilding, all reveal how Rock Choir has changed their lives.

However, despite existing members’ clear dedication, new recruits are still needed and the cameras follow two new Rock Choir leaders Nic Slack and Stef Conner as they take on the challenge of starting two new choirs in Yorkshire. Handing out leaflets in the streets doesn’t seem to bring in the punters, so Caroline pulls in her crack squad of singers from Farnham, Surrey where she has the biggest and original Rock Choir group, founded when she started Rock Choir six years ago.

Choir members including Chris and Issie Martin and Farnham Town Crier Jonathan Jones learn the moves to Dancing In The Street and, with 57 other eager members, they take the long trip to York. They carry out a flash mob in a designer shopping outlet whereby they appear to be members of the public but gradually start singing and dancing in time with each other, shocking the shoppers!

Will the flash mob get new members to join the Yorkshire Choirs and will Caroline be able to fill Wembley Arena?

Thursday, 16 June 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM ITV1