THE HOTEL: The Proposal – The Damson Dene

From the team behind Bafta-winning One Born Every Minute, this new documentary series reveals life in a British hotel as it’s never been seen before.

Nestling in the five-star setting of the Lake District is The Damson Dene, a typical three-star British holiday hotel. In charge are Jonathan, the suave owner; Kirk, the creative chef; and Wayne, the ambitious general manager. Underneath them are a staff of 20 waiters, chambermaids and housekeepers, nearly all of whom come from Eastern Europe and are still learning to speak English.

The Hotel documents life both upstairs and downstairs over a busy summer season as the worlds of the staff and the guests collide. In the first episode Dan and Liz, a happy young couple from Essex, check in for a quiet break. What Liz doesn’t know is that Dan has brought her here to ask for her hand in marriage. He thinks he’s found the perfect spot to pop the question – the bridge over the hotel’s duck pond – and asks manager Wayne to hide in the bushes with a chilled bottle of champagne. As the day progresses, anticipation builds as Dan’s nerves steadily grow.

Brian and Julie, another couple, are still in love after 49 years of marriage but Brian is waiting for the results of a crucial test for cancer. The loving couple try not to dwell on it, but as the test result comes in, they both know that this could be their last holiday together.

Meanwhile, the hotel’s latest Eastern European recruit is general assistant Amos, who has come to the Lake District from Romania, dreaming of a better life. He’s willing and eager to please, but seems unable to get anything right.

Sunday 17 April 2011, Channel 4, 8PM

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