The Killing 2: Episode Five and Six Review

by Lisa McGarry

So the bodies start mounting up in this series of The Killing which has spun out into a conspiracy that plays into the upper echelons of the government and possibly even up to the Prime Minister. First to go was Lisbeth Thomson who avoided last week’s attempt by the mystery killer but failed to heed Jens’ warning and got blown up on her motorboat. Then at the end of episode six we got two deaths as the priest, who paid the price for lying about meeting Anne Dragsholm, was finished off with the customary dog tag next to his body. Meanwhile we find out that Frode Monberg hadn’t suffered a heart attack but indeed had committed suicide and had come round only to be confronted by Buch and then finish himself off for good, or was he murdered as well? And what of Sarah Lund well she was taken off the case by Brix after his girlfriend/lover Ruth said that Lund’s involvement wasn’t good for the police however as we know that’s never stopped her. After meetings with Buch, roses from Jens and a meeting with the mother of ‘Perk’ she had once again got her mojo back and chased after whomever it was who attempted to bump off the priest.

The Investigation: What we know so far.

Anna Dragsholm visited Monberg, Thomsen and the priest to tell them that new evidence had come to light regarding their case saying she wanted to reopen it after she’d found the man responsible for the murders of the civilians.

Officer Perk was in fact Per K Moller a lieutenant who had died in an explosion three months before the events in Afghanistan took place. Sogaard and the priest both accompanied the body back telling his mother that they didn’t want her to see his body. Although this was Perk somebody had been using his identity and his dog tag and was probably the man that 3-2 Alpha team came into contact with.
Sogaard was involved in taking the statements of the 3-2 Alpha Team as the colonel was involved in a meeting at the time. They told him the story that they were under fire for 48 hours and that the man claiming to be Officer Perk killed the civilians but Sogaard found no evidence of Perk or civilians living or dead.

Jens was about to be let out of the institution due to a bill passed by Monberg but after consulting with Defence Minister Rossing he changed his mind and Jens stayed in the institution. This was obviously the reason that Jens’ parole was denied in episode one.

The Politicians

That brings me nicely to this week’s instalment of the politicians as Buch started to do his own investigatory work following the discovery that Monberg received documents from Anne telling him to reopen the trial. Buch also learnt from Rossing that Buch and Anne had had a relationship in the past but whether we should believe him or not is another story. In fact Rossing became a prime suspect after Monberg’s warning to Buch that he didn’t know what the Defence Minister was capable of. The holding off the anti-terrorism bill continues to thwart Buch’s political career however it seems the Prime Minister still has faith in him evidenced by the fact that he held off the People’s Party for a couple of days in order for his Justice Minister to investigate the case. Buch and Sarah’s first meeting was also well done in a noisy hotel corridor and I’m sure they’ll meet again.

As well as Buch’s woes we also saw the relationship between Karina and Plough develop this week. He is obviously disgusted after her revelation of an affair between herself and Monberg but it was just a case of two lonely people, who were both separated from their partners, finding each other. There seems to be more to Karina and Plough’s past than meets the eye as he mentions that she forgot everything he taught her and she chastises him for not asking about her personal life. It did start me wondering if these two are actually related in some way.

The Raben Family

With Jens on the run and Sogaard currently being questioned by the police it was all about Louise’s relationship with son Jonas and her trying to cope since she told her husband she didn’t want to see him anymore. However this hasn’t stopped him from popping up and following both of them and their final confrontation under the bridge was heart-breaking as Jonas almost failed to recognise his father. I do wonder if Louise’s father, the colonel, actually wanted his daughter to marry Sogaard as he saw him as a better match than the unpredictable Jens. However I began to see the colonel in a new light this week as he was basically cleared as a suspect when he asked Sogaard if they had done enough regarding the incident with 3-2-Alpha and the alleged killing of Afghan civilians. As the colonel coaxed his daughter out of the house to the cadet’s ball her husband was still following behind and it will be interesting to see where this story ends.

Questions that need answering:

Who was the man posing as ‘Officer Perk’? Is he the killer or is someone related to him?

In my mind the colonel is cleared but Sogaard is being set up as a major suspect here but I’ll say it again what about Bilal? And while we’re at it what about Fellow Believer?

What is Rossing’s involvement in the case and in particular with Jens? He obviously wanted Jens imprisoned in the institution for as long as possible, but why?

No mention of the final supposed dead member of 3-2-Alpha, HC so I have to ask again is he dead? I’ve learned to assume anything on The Killing and this was such a throwaway line from the priest that I feel there is something more sinister afoot.

How did Jens know where Sarah’s mother’s wedding was in order to send her the flowers alerting her to the importance of the dog tags?

Did Monberg actually overdoes or was he forced into it? And once again did he fall or was he pushed at the hospital?

Who are the officers who have access to the vault from which the explosives were stolen? We know Bilal, Sogaard and the Colonel all had the password as well as the late Myg but that still leaves three other possible suspects.

Why did Jens go back to Afghanistan when Jonas was born? Is it as he said because he didn’t feel worthy of Jonas or was it something attached to the case?

Random Observations and Queries

I have to say I still don’t trust Bjorn. I know I say this every week but this week we were given actual proof of his involvement. At the wedding Mark told Sarah that Bjorn used to be in the Territorial Army and as Kodmani said last week Fellow Believer could’ve been a former military line. This fact about Bjorn couldn’t be said just for the sake of it and his military background has to be essential in some way even if he’s not involved in the actual deaths.

I do enjoy seeing Sarah trying to fit in with normal social situations and her mother’s wedding was the perfect example of this. From her uncertainty about what to do with the bell in her role as Toast Master to her struggling to keep up with the song the rest of the guests were singing this was a nice departure from the corpse exhuming and political intrigue that was going on elsewhere.

Ulrik Strange can certainly rock men’s autumnwear as we saw in the opening scenes in Sweden especially liked how his scarf just swept completely over him. I didn’t like the fact that there wasn’t more banter between he and Sarah this week but I am reliably informed that this will resume next week.
Buch’s unstable relationship with food continues this week as he started to scoff the chocolates he bought in for Monberg as a distraction. I do fear that when Rossing inevitably tries to bump him off that they could cover it up saying that it was heart attack bought on by Buch’s over-eating.

I noticed this week that the Prime Minister told Home Secretary Kahn that he should refrain from swearing after he used bloody as an expletive. As we know this series the subtitles have toned down on the explicit language so I wonder if Kahn’s word was a bit more vulgar than we were led to believe.
Again there were lots of great shots in this double bill as Jens continues to be framed behind bars every time he is following his family. I also love the scenes in the church as the detail is magnificent and Sarah’s discovery of the priest’s body was expertly done.

And finally I felt a little uncomfortable with the amount of male genitalia on display when Sarah went to confront Sogaard in the locker room. I did enjoy the sequence as a whole but I felt that the camera could’ve stayed at torso level.

What are you theories? Who do you think did it? Leave your comments below and join in the discussion.

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